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(Kindaaaa) Feeder Ash, Cal, and Luke

(Kindaaaa) Feedee Michael

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{1432 words}
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Michael walked down the street, hugging himself to stay warm and seeing his warm breath in the cold winter air. He walked past an alleyway and saw a purple glow emitting from the back, being the curious kitten he is, he walked over to it and saw a small creature that was emitting a purple glow. He bent down infront of it and noticed the purple and gold scales all over its skin as well as....dragon wings?! But dragons don't exist... do they? Michael put his hand on the curled up creature's back, making it jump and bite his arm. "Fuck!" Michael shouted as he held his hand, seeing the sharp tooth marks left behind by the creature and blood already rising up. Michael looked at the small dragon, seeing it sitting and looking at him with puppy eyes as if to say it was sorry. Michael smiled and put his hand on its head, petting it softly and it leaned into his touch, crawling over to him and resting on his lap, snuggling into his tummy and Michael giggled. "I'm squishy I know." Michael mumbled and stood up covering the small dragon with his black coat and he buttoned up the coat, the dragon resting against his chest and he smiled. "I'm gonna take you home, that sound good?" Michael cooed and the dragon cuddled closer to him, "I'll take that as a yes." Michael giggled and started walking, the wound he had gotten stinging a bit but he ignored it for the time being, planning on treating it when he got home. Michael walked through the door, "Michael you're bleeding!" Ashton gasped and rushed over to his boyfriend, the overprotective one of the four. "Babe, relax it's just from this little guy." Michael mumbled as he unbuttoned his coat, now cradling the dragon in his arms and it crawled onto his shoulder, "A fucking dragon?" Calum asked and the purple creature growled at him, "Easy Buddy." Michael cooed as he stroked the dragon's tail. "Buddy?" Luke asked, "Yeah, it just fits him." Michael shrugged and then winced at the now burning pain in his hand, Ashton took his un-injured hand and pulled him to the bathroom, Buddy hopping onto the counter and Michael sitting next to him as Ashton took out the first aid kit, cleaning the bite marks and Michael winced, causing Buddy to lick his cheek and give him puppy eyes, making Michael awe at the creature and then his belly growled loudly, making him blush a bit as Ashton wrapped his injured hand. "I'm starving." Michael mumbled as he got down, Buddy sitting on his shoulder again as he walked downstairs and went through the cabinets and fridge, grabbing random pastry snacks and eating them. "Damn, Mikey that's a lot." Calum mumbled as he saw the amount Michael had. 2 boxes of Oreos, 2 packs of mini donuts, 3 boxes of frosted sugar cookies, and milk. "Shut up I'm hungry." Michael mumbled and Buddy stole an Oreo, making Michael chuckle as he continued eating everything, the purple dragon occasionally eating a pastry out of Michael's hand. Michael walked, well kinda waddled from his bloated belly, and laid on the couch but realized he was still hungry as Buddy curled up onto his hill of a stomach. "Caaaaaaaluuuum." Michael whined and the tan boy walked over, "What baby?" Calum cooed, "Can you get me something to eat?" Michael blushed, "What? You just ate all of that." Calum chuckled, "I'm still so hungry." Michael whined with a dark red blush painted on his cheeks, "I'll order pizza, how does that sound?" Calum smiled and Michael rapidly nodded, then looking at Buddy curled up on his round belly and seeing his eyes had closed, Michael petting his head with his bandaged wrapped hand and kissed his head, sitting up against the armrest and stroking Buddy's scale covered back. Buddy's eyes opened and he looked at Michael, the purple haired boy noticing a kinda guilty look in his eyes and Michael was about question him, but the doorbell rang and he almost jumped up. "Pizza!" Michael cheered and Buddy hopped off his belly, allowing him to stand up and he went into the kitchen, seeing probably 5 pizzas and 4 buckets of wings, making his mouth water and then Buddy started cuddling up like a cat against Calum's legs, emitting that purple glow Michael saw earlier and he was a bit confused. "I guess he likes you." Michael chuckled as he sat down, immediately digging in as well as his boyfriends, of course he was eating a lot faster and a lot more then they were, making his gut stretch out and he had to spread his legs apart by the 2nd box he had devoured, too much pressure on his tummy for it to rest on his lap. "Mikey, you should stop." Ashton cooed and Luke nodded in agreement, Calum remaining quiet. "I guess I am overdoing it a bit." Michael mumbled, still hungry as hell even though he had dozens of pastries, 2 boxes of pizza, and a bucket of wings in his belly. "I'll help you to bed." Luke cooed and helped Michael stand, the pale boy holding his beach ball belly like a pregnant person. Luke laid his "stuffed" boyfriend down, kissing his forehead and Buddy crawled next to Michael, resting his head on Michael's chest as the boy closed his eyes, petting the mythical creature's head as he tried to fall asleep, but his belly kept growling every time he was close to falling asleep. Michael groaned and looked at the clock, seeing it was around 1 am and he sighed. "Why the fuck am I hungry?" He mumbled, rather upset about this whole thing, he didn't want his boyfriends to know and think he was a pig. "Don't tell." Michael whispered to Buddy as he got up and brought him downstairs with him, seeing no one was down there and he saw the leftover pizza on the table, immediately eating it and trying to satisfy his hunger, Buddy just sitting and watching him pig out. "Mike?" He heard Calum ask and he froze as the lights turned on, "Why are you still eating?" He asked as he walked over and Michael opened his mouth to speak, but just a small puppy like cry came out and he let out a sob, putting his face in his hands and leaning forward a bit, his gargantuan gut hanging between his legs. "Babe, don't cry. If you're so hungry you should eat." Calum cooed, "B-but, look at how big I am. H-h-how am I still hungry?" He hiccuped and Calum just shrugged, Buddy looking guilty as hell but neither of them noticed. "I'll feed you until you're satisfied okay?" Calum cooed and Michael sniffled, smiling and nodding as Calum grabbed pizza and shoved it into Michael's mouth, the hungry boy devouring everything Calum gave him and eventually there was no more left, but Michael was still starving. "HOW AM I STILL HUNGRY?!" Michael cried as he put his face in his hands, feeling his belly was almost hanging over his knees and that made him cry harder. "Baby, you need to calm down." Calum cooed and the other 2 came rushing downstairs, "Mikey, babe what's wrong?" Luke asked and Michael just sobbed. "He can't get full." Calum whispered, "I-I-I'm a p-pig!" Michael sobbed and they all hugged him tight, "Mikey, honey don't cry, it's okay." Ashton cooed, "Look at me!" Michael snapped as he roughly grabbed his gut, "I'm a fucking wh-" Michael began, stopping as he looked at his bandaged hand and his eyes widened. "Mike, what's wrong?" Calum asked and Michael unwrapped his hand, showing them his skin was turning purple and the color was spreading slowly. "Wh-wh-what's happening?" Michael whimpered and Buddy climbed onto Michael, sitting on his belly and emitting that purple glow once again, everyone watching as Michael's hand went back to its pale color and then suddenly Michael felt super stuffed, getting a bad tummyache. "Oh god." Michael moaned and Buddy looked at him apologetically, "Don't feel bad, you fixed it." Michael cooed and put a hand on his gut, "Let's get you to bed." Luke smiled and they all helped Michael stand, bringing him to bed and Buddy cuddling with him.

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