Who's fatter?

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS, 1D and 5sos included
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5sos and 1D were hanging out in the 5sos L.A house, seeing a news report on the TV. "Niall Horan and Michael Clifford packing on a few pounds." A woman stated, "Look at those bellies." She smiled and pictures of when the 2 went to a buffet together and had left with bloated bellies, it was probably a bad idea for them to wear tight shirts that day. More and more pictures of Michael and Niall with tight shirts and round bellies appeared on the screen, but they weren't embarrassed at all. "I'm 10 times chubbier than you oh my god!" Michael laughed, "No you're not! Look at my gut." Niall smirked, "It's not even half the size of mine!" Michael exclaimed and paused the TV, standing up and pointing at his gut that would bulging out infront of him. "Mine could grow bigger than that!" Niall exclaimed. "Not in a million years!" Ashton laughed, "We can eat truckloads more than you guys!" Luke exclaimed, "Yeah right!" Harry retorted. "Is that a bet Styles?!" Michael exclaimed, "Damn right it is!" Harry smirked, "Ooooooh, its on!" Michael exclaimed and then 1D left, driving straight to a buffett down the street. "We have to win." Niall mumbled as they walked in and they filled their plates high with the most fattening foods they had, stuffing themselves. But, after only about 5 plates each, they felt stuffed. "I'm so full." Niall mumbled, "We have to eat more to beat them." Harry huffed and forced himself to eat more, "I can't eat another bite." Liam sighed and rubbed his tummy, "I'm gonna explode." Louis mumbled. "C'mon guys, we can't them them win. I don't care how stuffed we are, we have to win this thing." Harry smiled and the other groaned, but continued eating until they had huge beach ball guts and had to roll outside. Meanwhile, 5sos was eating pizza they had ordered whilst watching the news, then seeing 1D leaving the restaurant on the media, seeing how huge they were. Michael actually dropped his pizza slice, "There is no way in hell we can let them win!" Michael snapped as he pointed to the TV, "You have me on your team, I eat 5 times as much as Niall! We need to beat them!" He exclaimed. Michael then got an idea and smirked, "Let's give the fans a little gift." He smiled and grabbed the car keys, "Are you guys ready to do a rematch?" He smirked as they got into the car. "With what?" Ashton asked as Michael drove, "With food." Michael smirked. "We're redoing the food challenges we took and we're completing them this time!" He exclaimed as he pulled up to the burger joint they went to almost 4 years ago. The reverse skunk haired boy walked inside with his bandmates, they sent down and told the waitress their order, Michael had a smirk plastered on his face the entire time and it only got bigger when the food came, "They made it bigger." He smirked. As soon as Michael's quarter was put on his plate, he picked it up and shoved it in his mouth, putting as much as he could in his mouth. "We have to eat it all, no excuses." He mumbled, "You're so competitive." Luke laughed, "I'm not loosing to a bunch of Ambecrombie and Fitch models in a fat contest." Michael retorted as he shoved more food in his mouth, there was no way he would let 1D win, 3/4 band members basically had solid abs and he knew the 4 of them couldn't stomach as much food as he could alone, or that's what he says anyway. He saw his bandmates shoving food in their mouths and he smirked to himself, knowing he was basically forcing his friends to become pigs. He finished his quarter first and leaned back in his seat, rubbing his bloated tummy and burping, feeling pretty stuffed at this point, but he had to eat more after this. After they all finished and felt stuffed, they paid and left, but instead of driving home, Mikey went to the pizzeria they went to in 5sos vs food Pt.2. "Michael, you can't be serious." Luke huffed as the reverse skunk haired boy parked the car. "I am very serious, I'm not gonna loose." Michael mumbled and they walked inside, ordering the same pizzas that did back in 2013. "How are we gonna do this?" Ashton mumbled and Michael smirked, "We just will." He smiled before shoving 2 slices in his mouth that he sandwiched together and it was difficult for him to swallow, his belly already packed with the burger from earlier and now he was eating this huge pizza, he'd really gone far with this thing already and they just started it not even 4 hours ago. After he was done, with a gigantic food baby might he add, he noticed his bandmates were only halfway through with their pizzas and he was already done! "C'mon guys! You're pigs deep down! Eat it for fucksake!" Michael exclaimed with with a laugh, but then groaning as his tummy obviously disagreed with the amount of food that rested inside it, there was at least 15 pounds of burger and pizza in there. He sat up and shoved pizza into Calum's mouth, "Eat for god sake!" He laughed as he watched his bandmates eat the last of their pizza, Ashton couldn't seem to finish his so Mikey ate the rest of basically half a pizza, which was probably a bad idea considering he was now sweating and panting from eating so much. They had to roll to the car as they were too full to walk and Ashton drove since he was the least stuffed, "I'm gonna b-burst." Michael groaned as he rubbed his bulging belly, he really did feel that way, it felt like if you poked his tummy he would burst like a bomb. After a week of eating junk food and soft drinks, both bands had gained quiet a large amount of weight, as of now, 5sos was in the lead at 500 pounds each. 1D decided to pay 5sos a visit and when they knocked on the door, they were shocked at what they saw. "Hey guys." Michael smiled, who had changed quite a bit over the past week. His belly was bulging out infront of him, his love handles were gigantic, his thighs were like tree trunks, his arms and chest were beginning to sag, and his neck was beginning to disappear from his double chin. "Surprised much?" He laughed as they walked inside, Michael waddling to the couch infront of them. "So, how does it feel to be loosing?" He smirked as he stretched his body out on the couch, putting his hands behind his head and smirking at the boys, Michael's bandmates looked the same as him, just a wee bit smaller. "It's only like 10 pounds Michael." Harry huffed, "Still loosing." Michael smirked, "This bet is a fucking cake walk, you couldn't have thought of something a little harder." Michael mumbled and rubbed his tummy, which was bloated with soda and goodies from fans who were on the 5sos side. Earlier that week, the 8 boys had went on TV and told everyone about their little contest, telling then to pick and side on who they think would won, the fans that took 5sos's side had begun to send them goodies to fatten them up quicker, one girl sent each of them a cupcake basket along with dozens of candies. "We're gonna win! You'll see!" Niall exclaimed before they all left, "Jeez, what a sore looser." Michael scoffed and yawned, feeling sleepy as he slipped into a sugar coma. Meanwhile, 1D had gone out to the store and bought weight gain pills and powders that they could add to there food to make them get fatter faster. When they got home, they made gallons of milkshakes with tons of powder in them and they chugged them, they're bellies growing as they did so and afterwards, they were stuff full and had huge yoga ball sized bellies. But, they didn't know that Michael had put hidden cameras in their house and 5sos was watching the boys getting fatter, as soon as they saw this, Mikey was furious. "They're cheating! That's not fair! They can't do that!" He exclaimed, "Mikey, we never wrote any rules." Luke mumbled, then Michael's eyes lit up, then he waddled out of the room and came back with this box a fan had sent. "If they're gonna play dirty then so are we." Michael smirked as they he pulled out 4 boxes of pills, tossing them to his friends. "What are these?" Calum asked, "You know those pills astronauts use and when they put water on it, it turns into food?" Michael smiled as he sat down on the couch, putting four 2 liter sodas on the table. His bandmates nodded. "Well, a fan sent us some." He smiled as he opened his box with his chubby hands, "Dude, are you sue this is a good idea?" Luke asked as Michael took out a pill and opened a soda, "It seems harmless. It's just gonna stuff us." Michael shrugged and took one, washing it down with soda, then his belly rumbled and bloated up a little. "See?" He smiled and his bandmates each swallowed a pill, then Mikey put 5 in his hand. "Mikey I wouldn't-" Luke began but it was too late, Mikey swallowed 5 of the pills and chugged the rest of the soda. Michael's belly rumbled and he groaned, "Ooh." He moaned and rubbed his belly, "Michael, 1 pill equals 5 sundaes, 5 XL pizzas, and 20 burgers." Calum stated and Michael's eyes widened, "I-I took f-five." He stammered, then his belly gurgled loudly before it began swelling up at an alarming rate. "Oh-oh god." He panted as his belly expanded, it finally stopping at the size of a yoga ball. "U-uh oh." Michael mumbled as his gut made a weird noise, then he felt the huge air bubble creeping up his throat. "Get down!" Luke exclaimed before everyone ducked as Michael let out a monsterous belch that shook the house a little. "Ex-excuse me." He groaned and laid on the couch, his huge gut pointing to the ceiling as he rubbed it softly. "That really did a number on me, oh god I'm enormous." He groaned, "Sleep it off dude." Ashton chuckled, "Yeah right." Michael scoffed before he eventually did fall asleep. After 3 weeks, the bet was over and 5sos decided to visit there friends so they could be weighed. Michael knocked on the door and a manager opened the door, "They're in the back." He smiled and they nodded, walking to the back of the house and they noticed noticed how many wrappers, bottles, and cans littered the house, when they saw their friends, they're jaws dropped at how gigantic they were. They were twice the size of them and they were immobile. "Holy shit." Michael mumbled, "1000 pounds." Harry smirked and their jaws dropped. "This isn't fair! How did you win?! How come you weigh 100 more pounds than us?! I'm on this team and eating is what I do best!" Michael shouted, "We're just better than you." Niall smirked and Michael was fuming, they swear they saw smoke come out of his ears. "I demand a recount!" Michael snapped, "Not gonna happen Clifford." Louis smirked and Michael stomped out of the house, "Sore loser." Liam chuckled as 5sos left.

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