Behind the scenes

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For @Writeroftommorow.

Based off of Michael talking about
Ashton in their documentary video

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Michael sat down infront of the camera, his curly haired boyfriend giving him a thumbs up and a smile. "Ashton is still very mature. He's very ruggedly handsome." Michael smiled and Ashton blushed, "He has luscious hair, muscular. " Michael went on and then sighed, "Everything I'm not." He sighed as he got up, walking out the camera view, Ashton felt his heart sink at the black haired boy's words, he saw Michael go into his dressing room and he followed, his boyfriend laying down on the couch and staring up at the ceiling. "What was that?" He asked as he closed the door, "What was what?" Michael shrugged, acting like nothing happened. "What you said about me?" He asked and Michael sat up, "Did I offend you?" The pale boy mumbled, worried a bit. "No, not at all. But, you did offend someone." Ashton sighed as he bent down infront of Michael, "Wh-who?" He stammered, fiddling with his pale fingers. "Yourself." Ashton stated, "I only spoke the truth." Michael shrugged as he looked down at his lap, "I mean...I'm not muscular at all, I don't have rugged features like you, my hair isn't soft like yours. You are everything I'm not." Michael mumbled and gave his soft belly a poke. "Mikey, just because you aren't muscular doesn't mean you aren't gorgeous." Ashton cooed as he held his smaller hands, "It's just that....I'm the only one in the band that doesn't have a flat stomach, like in the Hey Everybody video my belly was visible 90% of the time, the singlet was so damn tight on me and the bubble wrap was making it hard to breathe." Michael whimpered and Ashton pulled him onto his lap, the pale boy wrapping his legs around Ashton's waist and crying a little into his neck. "I'm just so fat and ugly and-" Michael began, cut off by Ashton's lips on his and he kissed back, the older lad pulled away and stood up, standing Michael up and he put his hand on Michael's cheek. "Mikey, you are so gorgeous it's insane." He cooed and Michael blinked back tears, "Your hair is so pretty and I love to play with it when we cuddle, your skin is soft and pale and I love to mark it." Ashton kissed a fading hickey on Michael's collarbone, then bending down to Michael's belly. "I love your belly because it makes you a perfect cuddle buddy and plus, it's pretty fun in the bedroom." He winked and Michael blushed, giggling. Ashton stood back up and softly kissed Michael, their lips moving in sync and Michael wrapped his arms around the older boy's neck, Ashton pulling him closer and the black haired boy pulled away for breath, panting and smiling. "Look, I know everyone gets insecure sometimes, it's part of being a human. But, you are truly gorgeous Michael. Every single part of you is beautiful." He cooed and Michael blushed, hiding his face in the curly haired lad's chest. "I love you." Michael mumbled into his chest and Ashton kissed his head, ruffling his hair, "I love you too bug-a-boo." Ashton smiled and Michael giggled, blushing st the nickname.

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