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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs. (One of the prettiest girls ever I swear)

Kinda focuses on Mike in the beginning

Okay, idk how groupies really work so I apoligize for getting anything wrong.

I don't really follow up with that stuff so

(awful) Kinky Smut warning

Submissive Michael (slight pet play)

It's so hard for me to write straight smut lol


The flashback is in italics fyi


{2169 words}
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Michael woke up in his hotel bed, turning his head to the side and smiling as he saw Rachel asleep next to him, bright purple marks littering her skin from their actions the night prior. He rolled onto his side and traced circles on her bare stomach, smiling at how soft her skin was and just how beautiful he thought it was. His calloused fingers traced up her stomach, up her chest and neck, circling around the marks he left on her skin, then his tattoed fingers tracing her jawline and he smiled, taking in her beauty. Rachel has been one of Michael's groupies for awhile now, one of the couple he has taken a special liking too. He wasn't usually one to just grab a girl and have his way with her, honestly he was kinda against one night stands, thinking all relationships should have some feelings in them, he's never had just a fling with a girl, always having some feelings towards her whenever they were together. If Michael told you he didn't have a tent in his pants every time he thought of Rachel making his bum turn bright red from smacking him when he was a bad boy or that he didn't think about just how beautiful her eyes were from time to time, he'd be lying. He was honestly beginning to maybe love her, did that seem like too much? He didn't know, he just knew he wanted to call her his girlfriend. As he was lost in his thoughts, he felt a pair of lips come in contact with his head, making him glance up and see Rachel now awake. "I wore you out last night huh baby boy?" She whispered and he felt his manhood stiffen from the thoughts of last night's actions, "You felt so good mistress." Michael smiled, closing his eyes as he played with his soft blonde hair, "So good." He mumbled as she pressed a kiss to a bright purple mark on his collarbone. "I'm surprised you lasted as long as you did baby boy. Making a mess 5 times." She smirked and Michael bit his lip, "Although you did make one while I was punishing you and that's a bad thing to do." She whispered as she sat him up, trailing her fingers down his bare torso and tracing shapes on his soft tummy, "But, you were a good boy after so I guess I could maybe give you a little reward before you off to work." She whispered and stroked his hard on through the pink panties Rachel made him wear, making him moan. "No sounds baby boy, we don't wanna wake the others now do we?" She whispered, referring to his bandmates who were at the room next door, not knowing of him and Rachel just yet. Michael balled his fists up in the sheets and biting down on his lip as she rubbed her thumb over his tip, she saw sweat begin to form on his forehead as she twisted her wrist and slowly moved her hand up and down his throbbing cock, "C-can I c-cum mistress?" Michael whimpered and Rachel shook her head, pulling her hand off and Michael groaned. "For making a mess without permission last night and while getting punished, you're going to the studio like this kitten." She smirked and kissed him hard, making him moan. "And you better not touch yourself there." She whispered as she pulled away and stood up, getting dressed. "I hate you do much." Michael whined as he rolled out of bed, making Rachel laugh before she slipped on her shoes and left. Michael huffed as he got dressed and he heard the door open just as he put his jacket on, seeing his bandmates. "Does knocking mean nothing to you 3?" He scoffed as they left, "No, but we know what that means." Calum smirked as he pointed out the tent in Michael's pants. "Shut it." Michael mumbled as they got in the car, "Dude, you could of solved that problem before you got out here." Ashton laughed. "I can't." Michael mumbled, "Why? It's not like anyone is telling you not to." Calum shrugged and Michael blushed, looking down. "Oh my gOD SOMEONE IS!" Calum exclaimed and Michael hid his flustered face in his hands, "Fuck off Calum." Michael mumbled, "Is she hot?" He asked and Michael took out his phone, showing Calum his homescreen of Rachel in a tight black dress one night when she came over because Michael was being bad. "Daaaaaamn." Calum smirked and Michael flicked his forehead, "Shut it." He scolded before shoving his phone back in his jacket pocket. Thankfully, they were at the studio and Michael rushed inside, feeling his phone buzz and he looked at it, big mistake. Rachel, in nothing but his snapback, oh god. That just made his problem worse. The day dragged on and Rachel was not helping Michael's problem, making it worse as she kept sending him things that he'd rather not say, he was so relieved when he got to their hotel room and saw Rachel standing infront of him, wearing a black bra and panties. "Mistress, I beg you to please help me." He begged as he slid down the wall, looking at her with pleading eyes and he sat on his knees, "I don't know baby boy, you were a bad boy last night." She mumbled as she locked the door. "I'm so so so sorry miss, I'll be good for you, I promise. I'll do anything to make you feel good, I just need help." Michael begged and Rachel bit her lip, loving how he was literally on his knees and begging for her to make him feel good. "I guess I could do something." She smirked and Michael looked up at her with pleading eyes, "What do I need to do miss? Please tell me." Michael whined. "Change into the outfit I got you last week and then sit on the bed." She smiled and he frantically got up, rushing to his suitcase and pulling out the black panties, kitten ears, and black vibrating kitten tail plug, then dashing to the bathroom and changing. He walked out and sat on the bed, the black contrasting with his milky white skin and dyed blonde hair, she waltzed over and sat on his lap, facing him and grinding her hips forward, making Michael let out a low moan as he laid on his back. "What do you need me to do kitten?" She whispered as she kissed his neck, "I-I need to be inside you miss, I need you to ride me." Michael whimpered as she continued rocking her hips forward. She smirked and took her bra and panties off, Michael licking his lips at the sight of her as she took his panties off, Rachel cradled Michael's erection and pumped him for a bit, getting a moan from him as she pulled a condom out from under a pillow, she rolled it on and then lowered herself onto him, not needing prep as she had taken care of that before he arrived and sent him the video of her doing so. "M-may I touch?" He asked and she nodded, allowing him to grab onto her hips as she rocked back and forth, guiding her as he moaned out in pleasure, closing his eyes and the kitten ears sliding off his fluffy head slightly from the movement, beads of sweat forming on his forehead as she quickened her pace and rotated her hips, "F-fuck miss." Michael moaned and bucked his hips up a little, his tummy fluttering with butterflies when she moaned at his nname, it rolling off her tongue perfectly. She came without warning and Michael gripped her hips, "C-can I c-cum mistress? Pl-please?" Michael whimpered out and she tapped his tummy to tell him he could, Michael immediately releasing into the condom with a scream of her name, his whole stiffening as he climaxed, than he collapsed onto the bed, panting. Rachel got off and took off the condom, cleaning Michael up and laying next to him after taking the vibrating plug out so he didn't cum again. "R-Rachel?" Michael asked as he rolled onto his side, looking into her eyes as he pulled the cover over them, "What kitten?" She asked. "I was wondering if maybe you wanna go out to dinner with me tommorow or something?" Michael mumbled, acting shy. He was always like this when wanting to take her to dinner, getting shy and blushy for no reason, "When have I ever said no Michael?" She giggled and he shrugged, pecking her lips and smiling. Michael started playing with her hair, "Pretty." He mumbled and she giggled, "It's 3 in the afternoon! Are you animals?!" Luke shouted through the wall and Michael almost fell out of the bed from surprise, then getting up and putting on boxers and jeans before going over to his bandmates room to get a few words in, only coming back with a flustered face. "They made fun of the damn ears!" Michael groaned as he pulled off the kitten ear headband, tossing it into his suitcase before laying down with Rachel. Michael wrapped his arms around her and blushed when feeling her hand on his pale belly, rubbing it a little as he fell asleep. The next day, Michael was rather nervous, wanting to impress Rachel even though they had been on dates before, he still wanted her to think he was a gentleman, which he was let's be honest. He wore his black skinnies, Metallica tshirt, and leather jacket, looking good in his opinion and hopefully Rachel's as well. He grabbed his wallet and keys, opening the door and seeing Rachel about to knock on the door, "Okay then." She chuckled and Michael giggled, smiling as her outfit was casual like his, skinnies and a rather flattering blouse. "C'mon kitten." She smirked and he walked out, "Don't give me a problem nowwwww." He whined as they walked to the car, making Rachel laugh. The date went smoothly as usual, a nice pizza parlor followed by ice cream is always perfect, and it pouring rain as soon as they got to the hotel, both of them getting soaked and they ran inside to try and dry off. After a little loving and getting into dry pajamas, they were laying in Michael's hotel bed, cuddling close. "I think I ate too much, blah." Michael grimaced, Rachel putting her hand on his small bloated belly and rubbing it, making Michael smile and kiss her head. Suddenly, a flurry of burps escaped Michael's lips, making Rachel look up at him strangely, "Sorry, it happens." Michael mumbled. "What do you mean?" She asked, "Like, when I'm really full or kinda nervous and shy, I start burping like crazy and I can't control. Sorry, but you may hear a lot of that." Michael explained and Rachel gave an understanding nod, continuing to rub his tummy for him. As he kept talking and letting out burps occasionally, always excusing himself afterwards, she realized that it had happened before. Like, on dates in the past he's burped a lot, not as loud as he is now, but he did. She remembers it happening on their first date and he was honestly being super cute about it. They were walking home from their first date and Michael had his hand on his belly, it puffed out a little from the food he had consumed prior. "I think the fans are really gonna like this album, it's very deep and talks about the important things, instead of just dating people ya know?" Michael smiled and Rachel nodded, "Yeah, I heard a couple of verses you sang and I'm really excited for it." She smiled and he blushed a little, "You think I'm that- BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" He belched and threw his hands over his mouth, going redder than his hair and Rachel snickered. "Oh my god I'm so sorry." He blushed, "Mikey, chill. It's okay." Rachel cooed and he removed his hands from his mouth, casually putting them in his pockets and then they continued walking and talking, Michael's cheeks still bright red. Rachel heard Mikey snore and she looked up, seeing the pale boy fast asleep with his mouth hanging open slightly, she giggled and kissed his cheek, pulling the covers over them and cuddling up to them. "Goodnight kitten." She smiled as she fell asleep next to him.

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