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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS

Warning, Mikey is gonna have surgery as well as some other intense medical issues

So, don't read if you're sensitive to that stuff

Lots of cussing btw


{2059 words}
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"Guys! Let's go!" Their manager shouted and the 4 boys ran out onstage, the crowd screaming and Michael put his guitar on, "How are we feeling tonight Boston?!" The pink haired boy exclaimed into the microphone and the crowd screamed louder. "I can't hear you!" He shouted and they screamed louder, "There we go! Okay, we're gonna have fucking fun tonight so get your voices ready for some fucking singing and screaming!" Michael beamed and they started playing End Up Here, the pink haired boy having tons more energy than usual, thank you RedBull. It was about halfway through and they were performing Permanent Vacation, Michael was running around and jumping, so he didn't see the electrical as he ran across stage. His foot got caught under the black cord and he tripped, he felt his right leg bone snap clean in half as he fell backwards, "SHIT!" He screamed as he clutched his leg, biting his lip to try and hold back tears, Ashton jumped up from his drum kit and ran over to the younger boy, "Mikey, what's wrong?" Ashton asked. "Well, Dr.Irwin, I believe my leg is fucking broken!" Michael snapped as a few tears slid down his cheeks, "C'mon Michael." Ashton cooed as he and Luke lifted Michael up, "Ow! Don't touch my leg you idiots!" Michael screamed in pain. "Calm down Mike." Luke cooed as they set him down, "I'm sorry, it FUCKING HURTS!" Michael screeched, "Calum, call an ambulance." Luke muttered, "No shit sherlock." Michael grumbled and then he couldn't hold his tears snymore, bursting into sobs of pain. "Hey, Mikey it's okay. Don't cry." Luke cooed as the ambulance arrived, "I-i-it h-huuuuuuuuuurts!" Michael shouted, "I know Mikey, I know. Let's get you into the ambulance, so they can fix it alright kitten?" Luke cooed and Michael nodded, Luke and Ashton helping him onto the gurney and one of the paramedics accidentally pushed his leg, making him sob and scream. "FUCK!" Michael sobbed, Calum giving him a gentle hug before he was loaded onto the gurney and his bandmates climbed into the back, riding to the hospital with their pink haired bandmate. They arrived at the hospital and Michael was taken to the casting room, his bandmates holding his hand, playing with his hair, and drying his tears that were pouring down his cheeks like waterfalls, his jeans were removed and now a blanket covered him from the hips down. "I'm so sorry guys, so so so so so sorry." Michael sniffled as they waited for a doctor to come in, "Don't apologize Mikey, you didn't see the chord." Ashton cooed, "But, I-I ruined the show." Michael whimpered. "No, Mikey you didn't. Don't worry about it." Luke cooed and a doctor came in, removing the blanket from Michael's right leg and she lifted it up a bit, making Michael yelp in pain. "I'm sorry sweetie, but I have to put the cast on so it's gonna hurt a bit." She cooed and then started casting Michael's leg, Michael smiling when he saw it was neon pink like his hair. "All done honey, just rest here for a bit and let the material dry." The nurse cooed after she finished casting Michael's right leg from the knee down, "How long will I need it?" Michael asked, his voice a little raspy from crying. "4 months. It was rather nasty break so it will be able awhile and you are being put on strict bedrest, unless you want your leg broken more then you keep your butt in bed." She ordered and then she walked away, "Fuck." He muttered, putting his face in his hands. "Don't be upset Mikey, it's okay. Time will fly by and you'll be performing again before you know it." Luke cooed, "But, who's gonna perform for me? Will you postpone all the concerts?" Michael sniffled, "No, Mike, we'll get Casey or Rena to fill in for you on guitar and vocals." Calum cooed. "Okay good, at least I didn't ruin everything." Michael mumbled as Ashton helped him get onto a wheelchair, propping his leg up on the foot rest and a pillow before they wheeled him out of the hospital. "You didn't ruin anything kitten." Luke cooed, "I still feel bad for making the show end halfway through." Michael mumbled as he took out his phone, "What're you doing?" Ashton asked and they helped him into the car, "Apologizing." Michael mumbled as he turned on a Twitter video. Calum took the phone from him and Michael smiled at the camera, "Hey guys, so um, I kinda broke my leg and I won't be able to leave my bed for 4 fucking months." Michael pouted, "But, don't worry, Casey or Rena will perform for me so you can still enjoy shows and stuff. Anyway, I love you guys." Michael smiled and then the video ended, "Let's see, I can't leave my bed, so that means no moving and just eating and playing video games, so I'm gonna get obese, lovely." Michael chuckled, "You won't get obese." Calum laughed, "Yeah, that can't happen in just 4 months." Michael chuckled as the car stopped and they helped him out and into the wheelchair, taking him inside and Ashton carrying him upstairs to his bedroom, laying him down and Michael yawned, closing his eyes as Ashton propped his cast covered leg up on a couple pillows and then laying the fluffy comforter over him, kissing his forehead before leaving the room. When Michael woke up, his belly growled like a wild animal and he tried getting up, supporting his weight as he leaned against the wall and stood on one leg. "Woah! What're you doing?" Luke asked as he walked in, "I was just gonna get something to eat." Michael mumbled as he tried to wobble forward, but no dice. "The doctor said to stay in bed, unless you need to use the toilet, so you lay your ass back down mister." Luke demanded as he made Michael lay against the headboard and propping his leg up on a couple pillows. "I'm a big boy, I can do iiiiiiiit." Michael whined, "First of all, you sound like your 2, and second of all, you're you're a big boy with a bright pink cast and has to stay put." Luke stated and Michael groaned. "Fiiiiiiiiine." Michael huffed, "Now, what do you want to eat?" Luke asked, "Panda Express." Michael mumbled. "I'll be back okay?" Luke smiled and Michael nodded, the blonde giving the pink haired boy a hug before leaving. Michael took the remote off his nightstand and turned on the TV, settling for Man VS Food and eventually getting bored with it and turning on his PS4, playing COD whilst he waited. About 2 hours later, Luke came in with 2 bags and set them down next to Mikey, "Thanks Luke, which one's mine?" Michael smiled as he paused his video game, "Both of them." Luke mumbled. "I can't eat all of that!" Michael exclaimed, "One's for now and the other is for later. So you don't try and get up again." Luke smiled and kissed his cheek, making Michael scrunch his nose up and Luke left the room, Michael took out the first of what he thinks was 5 boxes and he gobbled it up, he was starving, he felt like his belly was gonna implode. Mikey finished the first box and he was kinda full, like he was satisfied, he looked at the other containers of the delicious Chinese food, it was taunting him. "I guess another box wouldn't hurt." He mumbled as he took out another box. Before Michael knew it, he had eaten all of the food and now his belly was like a soccer ball and drum tight. His pale hands rubbed circles in his protruding belly, letting out a small groan from being so stuffed, "Did you eat it all?" He heard Luke ask as he walked inside the room and Michael blushed, he probably looked like a pig. Empty containers littered the floor and his gut was firmly resting on his lap, "Yes." He blushed, "Hey its okay, we all have a binge sometimes." Luke cooed and Michael nodded, then muffling a burp. "Just sleep it off okay?" He cooed and Michael nodded, pushing all the containers onto the floor and pulling the blanket over his body, falling asleep as he rubbed his belly slowly. That's how it was for the next 4 months, Michael stuffed himself whenever he got food, his bandmates gave him a little bell to ring if he needed anything, he didn't shower or shave, resulting in being kinda smelly and having an inch of scruff, and he packed on the pounds, becoming 500 pounds by the end of the 4 months. His bandmates had to help him bathe before they went to the doctors because they didn't want the hospital to smell, it being a little difficult with his cast but they managed. They got him downstairs and in an extra large wheelchair, then into the car before driving him to the hospital and wheeling him inside as well, they took him to a room and the doctor's eyes widened at the sight of her patient. "I must have the wrong patient." She mumbled as she took in Michael's new figure, "This is Mikey, just bedrest has effected him quite a lot." Ashton chuckled and the doctor was shocked, making Mikey blush a bit. Well, his figure had changed drastically. Michael's belly was sticking out like a beach ball, his arms were sagging, his love handles tripled in size, his cheeks were squishy, his double chin was beginning to make some of his neck disappear, and his thighs were like tree trunks. When the doctor walked over with the saw she was gonna use, Mikey began to panic, "What is that?!" He exclaimed as his breathing quickened, "It's just a dull blade." She shrugged. "Blade?!" Michael snapped and then he got very very pale, he was beginning to sweat, and his breaths were labored. "Mikey, you okay? You don't look too good." Ashton mumbled and Michael chuckled, "I'm f-OW!" Michael screamed as he clutched his chest, causing all the people in the room to go wide eyed. His eyes closed and he fell backwards into the cushions, "MICHAEL!" Ashton shouted as they shook him and then 4 doctors came in, putting am oxygen mask on his face before rushing him off. "He's having a heart attack from too much on his heart, we need to remove the fat immediately." The nurse stated before rushing off and Ashton sat down in attack plastic chair, "This can't be happening.....Mikey....heart attack....." He mumbled, only some words coherent. "Ash, it's okay. Mikey's gonna be fine." Calum cooed, "He-he-he's having having a heart attack Calum." Ashton panted, "It's okay, he's gonna be okay. Just take deep breaths." He cooed and Ashton took deep breaths, calming down. 3 hours later, Michael was successfully out of surgery and 300 pounds lighter, the doctors couldn't remove all of the fat so they had to leave 20 extra pounds on. All his bandmates were waiting for him to wake up, the pink haired boy breathing through a tube in his nose and then his eyes fluttered open, then they went wide as he looked at his body. His belly was onto a little fleshy bump, his thighs were thinner but still rather thick, his arms only sagged a tiny bit, his double chin and cheeks were smaller, and his love handles were smaller and less squishy, plus his cast was gone. "Wh-wha-what happened?" Michael stammered, "You had surgery because your body couldn't handle the amount of fat on you so they had to remove it after you had a heart attack." Calum mumbled, "WHAT?!" Michael shrieked and they all jumped up, trying to calm him down, "I h-h-had a heart a-attack?" Michael panted as he calmed down, "Yeah, but you're okay now." Calum cooed and Michael nodded, earning a hug from all his bandmates.

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