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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs. Sorry if it's short, hope you enjoy :)
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"Rach, you okay?" Michael asked as he walked into their shared bedroom, seeing his girlfriend laying under a blanket with a bright red nose, in her black sweats and Coca-Cola tshirt, her hair in a bun, a box of tissues and Nyquil on the bedside table . "No." She sniffled and Michael frowned, sitting next to the ill girl and pulling her in for a hug. "What happened to you?" He asked and kissed her hand as he held it, "Your bassist gave me his cold or whatever." Rachel laughed, coughing gently. "I'm gonna kill him." Michael joked and Rachel chuckled, then Michael turned his head and burped into his hand, "Excuse me." He mumbled, "Drank too many sodas?" Rachel smirked as she lifted up his shirt, showing his bloated tummy and tickling him. "Heyyyyyyy." He giggled and tugged his shirt down, then pulling her onto his lap and nuzzling his face in her neck, "I'm too sensitive." He mumbled and kissed her neck, burping with his mouth closed as he turned his head, "Sorry." He mumbled and she scooted off his lap, coughing gently. "I don't wanna get you sick." She lied, when in reality she didn't wanna hear him burping in her ear, "You're worth getting sick over Rach." He cooed and felt her forehead, feeling a little fever. "Just being careful." She mumbled and he tried to hug her, but she moved away. "Rachel, what's wrong? You always love cuddles." He frowned, wondering if there was something else wrong with his baby girl. "I just don't want you burping in my ear, it's kinda gross." She mumbled and Michael frowned, "Okay, I'll let you get some rest then." Michael mumbled and kissed her forehead, "Feel better sweetheart." He cooed before leaving the room, burping as he shut the door. Rachel could hear his burps from downstairs as she tried to sleep, but she was missing the warmth of her boyfriend when they cuddled, needing his long arms wrapped around her waist, playing with her hair as she slept. It took her about an hour before she finally gave in and got up, trudging downstairs and seeing Michael on the couch, just staring off into space. "Miiiiiiikeyyyy." She called and he looked up, getting up and walking over to her, "Princess, you need to be in bed." He cooed, "I can't sleep without you." She mumbled and he smiled, "What about my burping?" He asked, "I miss my Mikey cuddles too much to care anymore." She smiled and he chuckled, picking her up so she wouldn't have to walk upstairs (he's just that much of a fucking sweetheart) and laid next to her in bed. He wrapped his arms around her waist and turned his head to let a small burp out before nuzzling his face in the crook of her neck, "Feel better baby girl." He smiled and kissed her neck, before they both fell asleep. It took a couple days until Rachel was back to normal, but she felt better the same morning Michael woke up with his nose bright red and stuffy.

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