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Okay I felt that I needed to say this, so I'm sorry if you thought this was an update. It's not, I'm sorry.

In the Rolling Stones article, it said how Michael was dealing with "depression, low self-esteem, and loneliness" (plus insomnia but that wasn't mentioned in the article, he tweeted about it himself) and he was partying every so often to find some happiness.

But everyone is focusing on how it talked about Luke and others having sex

The sex part didn't bother me that much, what really bothered me is what Mikey is going through.

The poor guy is dealing with depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, and insomnia. And he's been fucking partying to get some happiness in him. Plus, he has been taking sleeping pills often it people fear he may accidentally overdose

Or overdose on alcohol since he's been drinking a lot, maybe drink and drive, or maybe mix alcohol and the pills on accident and cause a fatal reaction in his body.

And someone keeps leaking videos from his private Snapchat.

A video of him getting a vitamin drop at the hospital for drinking a bit too much one night after the AMAs was leaked from it, but the video has been deleted so don't go searching for it.

Okay, I am literally crying because he is dealing with these.

He is so amazing and sweet and kind

He doesn't deserve anything like this

And people are sending him fucking hate for this

I just.....I don't even know people who could find it in their hearts to do that

I've dealt with all the issues he's got right now

I have trouble showing my body to others

I have trouble sleeping often (I don't take any meds tho)

I feel alone often

I am dealing with depression and have been for around a year or 2

I'm fighting my demons

Michael is at least trying to fight them and I hope he does

I'm actually proud of him for doing that photshoot, showing of his whole body like that despite his insecurities takes major guts.

I'm proud of him and I love him and I hope he gets better soon

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