Rehearsal dinner

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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs. Bff Pt.15

I'm going straight to the rehearsal dinner

I hope that's okay :)

And you know what's next.....


Get ready for some drunk 5sos lol

Anyway, hope you enjoy

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"Where is she?" Michael asked in worry. "She said she'll be here soon Mikey, calm down." Calum cooed as Michael sat down at the bar. He and Rachel decided to meet each other at the venue they were having the rehearsal dinner and Rachel was a little late, 20 minutes to be exact and Mikey was worried. Worst case scenarios were running through his mind, what if she got into a car crash? Or someone took her? Or one of the worst happened.....did she bail on him? No, Rachel wouldn't do that, she loves her more than anything, he loves her just as much as she loves him.......right? "Shit, Calum. What if she bailed?" Michael gasped, turning to his best man with worried eyes and a scared expression. "Mike, why on Earth would she do that?" Calum asked and Michael muffled a burp with his fist. "That's-BRUUPPPP-why." He burped, resting his head on the bar. "Are you already drunk?" He heard a familiar Spanish (that's the correct word right?) accent and he turned around, seeing the love of his life in one of the prettiest black dresses he's ever seen on her. He stood up and kissed her, "You look stunning." Michael smiled, "Thanks, you look so handsome." She smiled as he looked at his tux. "Thanks beautiful. I dressed up for you." He grinned and kissed her again, holding her close. Michael's belly growled a little he pulled away, blushing a soft shade of pink, "C'mon, let's get some food." She smiled as she took him to the catering setup, "But food equals a full tummy which equals more burps." Michael pouted, "You're not starving tonight okay? You're gonna eat." Rachel smiled as she put a piece of sushi (Idk I just like that food a lot) in his mouth, catching him a little off guard and he turned his head a little, getting some of the contents of the roll on his face. "Thank you for the avocado facial." He smirked as he grabbed a napkin and wiped the avocado off his face, "You're very welcome." She smiled and kissed his cheek, getting pink lipstick on his pale skin. "Stop making me all messy." Michael whined and dramatically wiped the lipstick off his cheek, making Rachel laugh and he smiled wide, looking at her as she laughed. "Why are you staring at me?" She asked as she put her food down, "You're just gorgeous and I still don't know how you fell for me." Michael mumbled, "Mikey, we've been over this." She smiled as she put his arms around his neck, "I know, it's just surreal." Michael whispered, "Someone with beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, beautiful skin, beautiful smile, beautiful laugh, beautiful personality, just everything you have is beautiful. But me, I'm just some ugly pale boy with a weird burping disorder." Michael mumbled with a small frown at the end of his little speech, Rachel pulled him away from the food and to the corner of the busy room where no one was, "Kitten, you're the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. And don't even say 'but I burp', I don't care because everyone burps and just because you burp more often doesn't make it diffrent okay? You are the one that I love and don't plan on ever saying goodbye. I wanna wake up every morning to your beautiful face, your beautiful body, I wanna wake up and see you every day for the rest of my life. I wanna grow old with you, have kids with you, be with you forever. I'm wearing this ring for a reason baby." She smiled and Michael wiped his eyes, "Are you crying?" She giggled, "No, my eyes are just sweating." Michael sniffled and Rachel hugged him. "You're so precious." She smiled, and kissed his little button nose, making him scrunch it up in the kitten way he does. "Stop hiding and socialize with the people that are gonna come to your wedding!" Luke shouted and Michael blushed a bit, then being pulled to the table by Rachel and they sat down. Everyone talking, eating, and drinking either champagne or sparkling cider because some children and underage people were attending. "I believe the bride would like to make a speech." Ashton smiled and Rachel blushed, "She does it tonight and the groom does it tommorow." Luke smirked and Michael blushed this time, Rachel stood up and smiled. "When I met Michael, we were only 8 years old I believe, I saw him fall of the swings and he started crying because he hurt his knee, I went over and gave him a hug, then took him to the nurse." Rachel began and Michael couldn't hide the smile that was spreading across his face like across wild fire, "We were best friends for years, heck we still are, but I specifically remember a day about 5 years ago." She smiled and Michael froze, knowing the day she was talking about. Rachel looked at him, almost for permission to tell them and he nodded. "I saw Michael walking to his car with Karen, holding his stomach in pain and the next day I found out he had this burping disorder. When he got nervous it would act up and I feel bad because he's always scared that I'll leave him because of it. But you know what? I never will, because he's the one that I love and I don't plan on saying goodbye anytime soon. I wanna be with him for the rest of my life and I don't want this with anyone else out there." She finished and Michael wasted no time standing up, embracing her in a hug and putting their lips together, causing claps to echo the room. "I love you." Michael smiled, "I love you more." She whispered, "That's impossible."

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