Kim Possible

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Request by michaelsxhair.

Based off of the episode of Kim Possible called Grande Size Me

I've only seen this episode once or twice so I apoligize if I get anything wrong.



Ashton- Kim

Calum- Jim (not in often)

Luke- Tim (not in often)

Michael- Ron (obviously)

I apoligize if I get the brothers mixed up lol

And sorry for making you wait so long for something so crappy

Hope you like it though ❤❤❤


{1506 words}
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Michael groaned as trudged over to Ashton and he slumped against the lockers, "What's wrong?" The curly haired lad asked the red head, "I have to take health." He huffed, "Why didn't you take that freshman year?"  Ashton asked as he shut his locker and turned to the senior. "Because it's health!" Michael whined, "Ugh, I gotta go." He groaned and walked off, sitting in the very back of the class and slumping into his seat, as he stared at the board with the food pyramid. A teacher got up infront of the class and started talking about health, "Well, I know a lot of you teens like to hang out a places like Chow Cow and Buano Nacho. But let me tell you something." The teacher rambled and Michael sat up, "Oh no he didn't." Michael cursed. Later that day, Michael and Ashton were at Buano Nacho, the red head devouring a bowl of nachos. "Then he had the nerve to ramble on about how bad this place is." Michael mumbled as he talked crap about his new health teacher, "Michael, he's not entirely wrong." Ashton shrugged as he ate his taco, "What do you mean?" The pale boy asked, "Seriously Michael, this is called junk food for a reason." He chuckled, "This isn't entirely bad for you." Michael mumbled, "Look, there's tomatoes and onions and lettuce in here." Michael shrugged, "On top of greasy chips, processed  meat and cheese." Ashton giggled, "You and Mr.Health Freak are wrong! I'm going to eat Buano Nacho every day from now on!" Michael exclaimed as he stood up, going up to the register, "Number 5 and grande size me." Michael smirked as he got his order. He decided to film himself going grande sized  day by day, although he was oblivious to it taking a toll on his frame. The pale boy's thighs were getting thicker, his face was getting fuller, his double chin was beginning to get more visible, his chest was sagging slightly as well as his arms, and of course his belly was getting round and soft. Michael's pants weren't buttoning well anymore, looking like the tabs would split apart with the slightest touch from the pressure his belly was causing, his tshirts were beginning to show the bottom part of his belly. Michael walked into health class and sat down, blushing a bit in embarrassment as his health teacher walked up to him, "What is happening to you kid?" He snapped and Michael looked down, shrugging. The teacher pulled him to the front of the room and Michael was confused, "I'm not any diffrent!" Michael exclaimed, "So, you're telling me that you haven't put on any weight at all?" He smirked and Michael nodded, "So you're clothes haven't been getting a little snug? You haven't been out of breath more?" The teacher asked and even poked Michael's gut, making him gawk at him. "I'm not putting up with this." Michael scolded asked he grabbed his backpack, stomping out of the room and his belly jiggling with each step he took, going straight to Buano Nacho and ordering his usual, sitting sown and devouring his 5 meals in minutes. "Michael!" Ashton shouted and the red head jumped, "What?!" Michael snapped as he left, wiping the food off his face. "Get in the damn car!" Ashton groaned and Michael got in, knowing something was happening as Ashton was driving as fast as possible and then the chubby boy was pulled inside, tugging on his black sweater before crawling into the vent, out of breath. "What's going on down there?" Michael asked as Ashton looked through the vent, observing the group of villains attending an auction.  "Hush." He scolded, "When did vents become so snug?" Michael grunted, feeling cramped in the small space, "When you started packing on a gut." Ashton retorted, "Hey, I'm perfectly he-" Michael began, cut off by a loud creak and then he fell through the metal, falling into a tank of a sludgy orange yellowish liquid. "Mike, you alright?" Ashton asked as he hopped out, "I'm fine." Michael mumbled as he got out, sucking the butterscotch tasting liquid off him. "What in heavens name?!" Someone shouted and Michael got up, his belly shaking as he jumped up, "What are you doing to yourself lad?" The villain asked as he gestured to Michael's bulging belly, "I'm fine!" Michael snapped,  "Why does everyone keep saying that?!" He screamed angrily and then rushed out to the car, leaving Ashton to fight for himself like a good friend truly would and Ashton was a little pissed, but got over it quickly. No matter how many times Ashton and the curly haired lad's brothers tried convincing Michael to stop, although Ashton was also putting on a little weight, it was still nowhere near the amount Michael was gaining, he had to be near 250 pounds if not more. The strange thing was, he was getting taller too, confusing Ashton and everyone else extremely, but Michael was convinced it was because of the fast food crap he's been binging on, pointing out it had its benefits. "See, being healthy is pointless. I'm getting taller from eating nachos!" Michael exclaimed as they walked into Buano Nacho, "Whatever Mike, I'm still not convinced." Ashton chuckled, "But I'm walking, breathing, living proof!" Michael exclaimed with a wide smile as he ordered basically the whole menu, except for the salads, yuck. Ashton's phone rang and he sighed, "I gotta go, I'll catch up with you later." He mumbled and Michael nodded, sitting down with all his food and gorging out on it all, feeling his clothes tighten more against his belly and he let out against deep burp against he finished the last plate of nachos, rubbing his gargantuan belly am he looked at the last taco on the table. "Hello beautiful." He giggled as he ate and then his belly made a couple strange rumbling noises, then Michael began to grow out a alarming rate, his pale skin turning a faint orange and his clothes ripping at the seams, the now 50 foot tall monster letting out a scream and making people shriek and run. He grabbed the soda machine, chugging down all the sodas from him and then throwing it across the room, stomping out of the building and around town, searching for food and he wasn't having much luck, only finding a sign with a donut on it and trying to eat it, getting angry when he noticed it wasn't real. "Donut make Mikey mad!" Michael roared as he threw the spherical structure, then beginning to chase it. "Come back to Mikey donut!" He shouted ass he tried grabbing it, seeing Ashton's car drive out infront of him and he began running after it too. He opened his mouth to scream, but instead got a mouth full of whole wheat pasta and bran muffins, swallowing them and grimacing at the taste, getting a tiny pain in his belly but ignored it as he continued chasing the car. As he kept running, Calum and Luke were shooting more healthy foods into his mouth from the back of Ashton's car, having eaten fruits and meats already, the 3 boys trying to get vegetables into the big boy's mouth. They wondered onto the mini golf course and Michael smirked as he saw Calum, Ashton and Luke standing ontop of one of the structures, running towards them and screaming. "BON APPÉTIT MICHAEL!" Luke, Calum, and Ashton screamed as they shot and array of vegetables into his mouth, Michael swallowed them and then fell to his knees, holding his now aching belly. "Mikey have tummyache." He groaned and he began to shrink back to his normal size, his skin going back to its original tone. Ashton rushed over to Michael, picking the chubbier boy up and noticing he only had a ripped tshirt and boxers on. "Mikey you okay?" Ashton asked, "Mikey...tummy...hurt." Michael mumbled out as he passed out cold in Ashton's arms, the mutation had made him exhausted. Ashton carried him to the car and brought him home, getting him to bed. "And, what have we learned from this?" Ashton asked as he and Michael walked home, the red head was still rather chubby, just not and sleds heavy as before, but some of the weight stuck on him. "To avoid giant tanks of chemicals that cause mutation." Michael smirked, "And?" Ashton asked, "To eat right." Michael sighed in defeat, making Ashton laugh. 

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