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-Sub! Michael
-sex toys (again I know)

I added smut, because smut is smexy and I wanted to make it longer (but you can always tell me if you don't want it lol)

And I changed it a tiny bit

Shitty ending I'm sorry

Guys, just thought I'd tell you I've been 295 days clean!!!

Rather proud of myself because it's been pretty hard at times and I was so close to relapsing, but now, I'm okay.

Hopefully I keep this going forever!!


{1253 words}
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Rachel and Michael were laying in the bed their hotel room bed, having just flown to Tokyo on vacation after months of not being each other and both of them feeling rather jet-lagged, in need of some sleep. Michael was laying in her arms, his head resting on her chest as they both slept soundly and stayed cuddled together. After a few hours of rest, Michael had woken up with Rachel next to him, a smile spreading on his face and he kissed her nose, stroking her cheek and she slowly woke up with a smile on her face. "Hi kitten." She smiled and kissed him softly, which Michael gladly returned and the kiss became heated really quickly, the two hadn't seen each other in so long that they had time to catch up on. Rachel began kissing down his neck, leaving lipstick stains behind and he whimpered, needing her to make him feel good. "I brought your favorite toys." She whispered in his ear and his breath hitched, "U-use them, pl-please?" He whimpered out and Rachel smirked, making a hickey before going into her suitcase, pulling out a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs, a bottle of lube, and a lilac strap on. Rachel stripped down to her panties and put on the strap on, waltzing over to Michael, who was already turning red in the face from how sexy she looked to him. Rachel slowly undressed him and smirked as she saw his hard on, his chest heaving up and down as he was breathing fast. "Calm down baby, I'm getting there." She smiled and Michael's breathing slowed to a normal pace and she lubed up her fingers, sliding in two and he gasped, moaning as he thrusted her fingers in and out of him, stretching him enough for the faux cock to fill him. "R-Rachel, I-I-I n-n-" Michael tried, but pleasure was overiding his brain, causing him to be unable to form a sentence. "You need me to fill you up baby boy?" Rachel cooed and Michael rapidly nodded, bucking his hips and pushing against her fingers, causing her to rub his prostate and he screamed in pleasure. She removed her fingers and lubed up the faux cock, slowly sliding into Michael so he could get used to the stretch and he scrunched his face up as she fully inserted the toy into him, waiting do him to give the okay to start moving. He gave a small nod amd she started thrusting her hips, moans slipping past Michael's lips as she quickened her pace, his head lolling backwards as he moaned in pleasure. "Mmmmmmmmm." He moaned as she went faster, moans leaving her as well at the sight of her boyfriend in front of her. Love bites on his neck and chest, hair disheveled from sweat, moans slipping past his pretty pink lips, hands cuffed to the bed to keep him from touching himself, eyes scrunched closed as pleasure flooded his veins. "R-Rachel, I-I-I'm-" Michael tried, but he couldn't choke out the words. "Cum for me baby, I know you wanna." She cooed and he screamed as sparks blinded his vison, hot spurts of cum leaking from his stiff cock and onto his chubby tummy and meaty thighs, this causing Rachel to come undone in her panties and he rode out their hoghs, pulling out slowly, making Michael yelp in pain and she shushed him, pulling out and then cleaning him up, then uncuffing him and he collapsed onto the bed, Rachel pulling him into her chest as she laid down next to him and played with his sweaty blue hair. "Go to sleep baby boy, you need it." She cooed and Michael nodded, falling asleep in her arms and she feel asleep too, waking up to something she wasn't expecting. The Spanish girl heard loud retching from the bathroom and she went into the bathroom, seeing poor Michael hunched over the toilet in just boxers and retching violently. "Oh my poor baby." Rachel cooed and went beside him, "I-I-I'm fine." He mumbled and a rough gag hit him, "Mikey no you're not just." She cooed, "Just some dry" Michael mumbled, burping in between words as he spoke and she immediately knew it was his period. "Aw sweetie, are the cramps bad?" She cooed as Michael stood up, not bringing anything up. "One of the worse cramps ever." He groaned and shuffled to the bed, flopping down onto it and laying flat on his belly, "Mmmmmm." He moaned into the white pillow his face was smushed into, "You sure you wanna lay like that?" Rachel asked and Michael slowly rolled onto his back, cuddling up to her as she sat next to him, resting his heavy head in her lap. Her small hands rubbed soft circles in his squishy stomach, feeling the air bubbles bounce around inside his gut and she knew it didn't feel good to him at all. They spent the rest of the day cuddling because he obviously couldn't do much else, which she was a little down about. It's their vacation, they should be sightseeing and stuff, right? Well the next day they at least went to lunch at a nearby Ramen place that Michael wanted to try, which was actually really tasty. They were eating and Michael kept burping, his period still in high gear and being rather irritating, "Mike, please stop." Rachel asked and Michael looked down at his steaming bowl of soup and noodles, "I can't......" He trailed off and burped quietly, eating his meal whilst burping in between and they were getting louder too. "Michael at least muffle them." She sighed and he looked down, not saying a word and just continued eating and belching, ticking Rachel off. He's not even trying. They went back to the hotel room and Michael was heading towards the bathroom, but stopped. "Wanna take a bath together baby?" He asked, rocking on his feet a little and she just stared st him for awhile. "Seriously Michael? After what just happened, no." She mumbled and he nodded, quietly going into the bathroom and taking his bath. After a few minutes, Rachel heard a low groan from the bathroom and she walked in, curious and laughing a little as she saw Michael position in the tub. He was laying on his belly, arms folded over the side hilt his head rested in them. "Babe, what the hell?" She laughed, "My tummy hurts shut upppp." He whined with a small smile and she walked over, kneeling infront of him and he smiled weakly. "After I get out, we're gonna do a little sightseeing okay?" Michael smiled and Rachel rapidly nodded, pecking his lips in joy and he giggled. And after that, let's just say it was filled with selfies, kisses, and lots and lots of hugs.

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