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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs. Fear Pt.3

I chose a funny picture to make some people smile and/or laugh :)

It's gonna be cute and silly in the beginning

Some hungover Mikey for ya

Kinda sucks and it's a bit short, sorry

Hope you like it :)

{851 words}
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"Raaaaaaaaach." Michael whined from their bedroom and she went upstairs, seeing him star fished on the bed. "I don't feel good." He pouted, but Rachel knew he was lying. "Really now?" She smirked and sat next to him, "Yessss, feel my forehead." He mumbled and she did, feeling it was warmer than normal but then she saw his 3DS next to him and she picked it up, feeling how hot it was and she turned it off. "Did you just hold your game close to your face?" She smirked, "No, I really feel sick." He groaned and she laid next to him, "Love-sick." He smirked as he hugged her, "Oh my god you're such a dork." She laughed and wiggled out of his grip, "I have to warn you, I drank a lot last night so I do feel awful." Michael groaned, he had gone clubbing last night with his bandmates for their end of the tour type celebration thing. "What did you drink?" She asked, "Vodka shots and beer." He groaned and then he frowned, "Fuck Rachel I'm sorry, I forgot that beers make me burp and-" He rambled on but she kissed him to cut him off, "It's okay baby, you forgot." She cooed and played with his hair, he shoved his face into the pillow and moaned, "I feel like shiiiiiiiiiiit." Michael whined. "There's asprin on the nightstand." She smiled and he went to grab it, opening the bottle and swallowing a couple. "I remembered from the legendary moonman hangover." Rachel smirked, "Oh yeah, that was fucking torture." He groaned from the memory. The "legendary moonman hangover" is when 5sos one their first award and they did some crazy partying that night, drink after drink and you could imagine what Rachel had to deal with from Michael the next morning, it was not a pleasant day for either of them. Michael suddenly got up and rushed to the bathroom, locking the door behind him and he let out a large burp that thankfully Rachel didn't hear thanks to sound proof doors. He got out and laid on the bed with a groan, "It wasn't a smart idea to run, uuuugh I feel gross." Michael whined. "Just relax Mikey, get some sleep and just drink water." Rachel cooed, "Sounds like a plan." Michael mumbled and cuddled into the pillows, falling asleep in the blink of an eye and she kissed his forehead, then he burped quietly in his sleep and Rachel was thankful it was muffled by the pillow. She went downstairs and sat on the couch, watching TV and she wrapped herself in a blanket. About an hour later, she heard a tiny burp and then someone sit next to her, laying on her lap flat on his tummy. "Well, hello there." She laughed, "I just puked for an hour." He groaned, "Awwww, sweetie." She cooed and rubbed circles in his back, then he rolled over, "Can you do that again but on my belly?" He pouted and she giggled, rubbing circles on his pale tummy and he moaned. "Don't burp on me." Rachel chuckled, "Of course not." He mumbled and Rachel smiled, kissing his nose and he turned his head, muffling a burp with the blanket. "Sorry." He frowned and she shrugged, "It's getting easier now." She smiled and his face lit up, "Really?" He asked and she nodded, "Yeah, it's not as scary anymore." She smiled and he almost tackled her in a hug. "I'm so happy for you." Michael smiled and kissed her cheek, "It's not like I've won award Mikey." Rachel laughed, "This is just as important to me." Michael smiled, "I don't have room worry about freaking you out and maybe our relation ship ending." He whispered the last part and he got off, "Ending?" She asked. "Well, if they got to scary for you, I would've broken it off so you could be with someone who doesn't scare you." Michael mumbled and wrapped the blanket around his shoulders, resting his hands in his lap. "Babe, don't worry about that okay? I'm getting over my fear and we'll be able to get through this okay?" She cooed and he nodded, pulling her onto his lap and playing with her hair, "I may feel like shit but I can still fuck you into oblivion." Michael whispered, "No, not tonight." Rachel mumbled and he whined, "Probably better off we didn't tonight." Michael shrugged and hugged her to his chest, kissing down her neck and resting his head on her shoulder, "I love you." He yawned, "Love you too sweetie." She smiled. He was holding her as close as possible and he rocked her side to side until he began falling back asleep, then he snore and she pulled the blanket over them, falling asleep in his arms.

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