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Detention Pt.3

Bad boy! Mikey

This little muffin being all cute and soft

And his wittle acne is the cutest thing

Sorry that I haven't updated in a few days

I have no excuses

And this is bloody awful

I'm sorry


{1050 words}
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Michael sat down on the bed next to Rachel, a WII controller in both of their hands so they started Mario Kart. "You're cheating I swear." Michael mumbled as Rachel was beating him, "No, I'm just better than you." Rachel smirked and Michael poked her cheek, making her giggle and he smiled, pausing the game and then tackling her onto the bed, pressing his lips onto hers and kissing her hard, both of them smiling into the kiss and Michael pulled away, Rachel's hand resting on his tummy and he blushed, still insecure of himself despite all the times Rachel has told him how perfect he is. "You're a bloated today, your tummy feeling alright?" Rachel asked and Michael shrugged, still blushing as he laid down next to her. "It's one of those days where there are lots of bubbles inside me." Michael mumbled and out his hand on his belly, Rachel biting her lip to keep the grimace off her face as she knew he'd be burping most of the time they were gonna be together today. Rachel laid her head on his chest so he turned a diffrent video game of his on, playing it whilst she laid on his chest and he pressed his cheek against her head, causing it to smush a little. Rachel put her hand on Michael's tummy, something she normally did when they cuddled, then she started rubbing it softly like she did a lot, but as she did, a flurry of burps escaped Michael's lips, making him blush. "Excuse me." Michael blushed and Rachel shrugged, hiding her disgust as he burped more and more. His burps got more and more loud and wet, making her mentally cringe and grimace in disgust, his burps were actually bothering him. They hadn't really before, well not to this extent anyway, sure it was a bit annoying and kinda gross before, but now it was almost unbearable. Rachel scooted away from Michael, sitting next to him but not that close because the burps were getting on her nerves a bit. "It's so weird, I can feel them floating inside me." Michael laughed, referring to the air bubbles in his belly. "That's nasty." Rachel teased and Michael chuckled, thinking she was playing around. "It's nasty huh?" Michael smirked and rested his head on her shoulder, burping next to her ear and she pushed him off, chuckling to make it seem like she was playing around. "You're so nasty." Rachel mumbled and he giggled, "But you love me." Michael smirked and kissed her cheek, "Sadly, I do." She smirked and Michael pouted, the two continued playing and being silly about Michael's burping, although he took a little too far a couple times when he was messing around with the burping, but it was all good now, or so he thought. The whole time Michael was teasing and playing around, Rachel was struggling to hide her disgust inside and it was starting to get difficult, so she decided she should go home before she blew up in Michael's face and hurt him. He may act like a bad boy, but he's just a sensitive little squish. "Mikey, baby I think I'm gonna head home." Rachel cooed and Michael pouted, "Mikey, it's 9 pm and we have school tomorrow." Rachel chuckled and Michael sighed, "Can I least get a kiss before you leave?" Michael asked and Rachel pecked his lip, hugging him tightly before getting up and leaving. She walked home and went straight to her room, flopping and her bed and sighing as she stared at the ceiling. Did she feel bad? Of fucking course she did! Michael was her boyfriend and something terrible like this that he had to deal with made her feel disgusted enough that she went home early. Rachel loved Michael with all her heart and she wanted to be with him forever, she wanted to be able to get used to it and be able to handle it, but she would have to ask Michael for help on that, she decided to do that tommorow and she'd skip school to be with Michael, then Rachel decided to sleep after thinking this through for about 4 hours. The next morning, more like afternoon because she slept until 10 am, she got ready and went straight to Michael's house, knocking on the door and seeing her boyfriend open the door, the pale boy looking rather unwell. He was in just a sweater and tshirt, having his hoodie pulled over his head and his sleeves falling past his finger tips, he nose was a little red and he was breaking out a little from whatever illness he had. "Oh baby what's wrong?" Rachel cooed as she walked inside, "I'm just a little sick is all, don't worry." Michael smiled and she put her hand on his forehead, "Aw, babe you have a fever." She pouted and kissed his cheek, making him giggle and he coughed slightly. "Why did you come over anyways love?" Michael asked as he sat on the couch, Rachel sitting next to him. "Well, um, yesterday when your disorder was acting up, it kinda.......annoyed me." Rachel mumbled and she saw Michael's eyes become sad and his expression fell. "No, baby its okay. I'm not gonna break up for you because of that, honestly it's stupid. But, I just want to figure out how to deal with it. I want to become used to it." Rachel cooed and held his slightly shaky hand. "I-I don't know how to help you get used to it." Michael frowned, "I guess you'll get used to it over time, but I don't know how to help you immediately, I'm sorry muffin." Michael pouted and Rachel kissed his cheek, "Don't be sorry baby, I'll get used to it eventually." She smiled and Michael grinned, then sneezing into his sweater paw. "In the mean time, let me take care of you." Rachel giggled and Michael blushed, gladly letting her do so.

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