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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs.

Look at this cutie laughing and being all jumpy and shit

This is short, I'm sorry love

Okay so the other day I was at my aunt's house for my grandmother's birthday and the party was pretty much over but my parents decided to stay awhile.

So I'm looking at this pic of Michael and I showed my mum and she says "He is so bald" and I was like "Omg stop"

Then she and my aunt started talking about the New Years Eve show where there was a camera angle and you could see how he has like no hair.

Then they talked about how he should get hair plugs and they asked me if his parents had thin hair and were saying "He was gonna be bald anyways"

I was fucking dying

So yeah, that's another one of my little stories for you


{1013 words}
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"Ice creeeeeeaaaammmm." Michael sang as he grabbed some chocolate ice cream, smiling like a child as he put the carton in the cart and Rachel smiled at him, the pale boy turning his head and connecting their lips, smiling into the kiss and putting his hand on the back of her neck, pulling away after they were both out of breath. Rachel giggled and wiped her red lipstick of his lips, making him blush a bit and he turned his head, muffling a belch. "Your tummy hurting again?" She asked and Michael nodded, a pout on his face as he wrapped his arms around her waist, "Should we go home?" She asked. "No, you can still go shopping like you wanted. I'll live." Michael smiled and kissed her cheek as they walked to the checkout, paying for their items and putting the groceries in the car before going to some nearby shops. "You'd look pretty in everything here." Michael whispered and Rachel blushed, smiling shyly and Michael kissed her cheek, putting his hand on his tummy as he felt it rumble slightly and he muffled a burp with his fist. "Mikey, we don't have to keep shopping if you don't feel well." Rachel cooed, "No, you get to have your fun. I'm okay, honest." Michael smiled and she walked around the store, Michael walking around with her hand in his and he noticed how quiet she was, or how she wasn't smiling often, wondering if she was alright and getting slightly worried, but not asking her about it in case she didn't want to talk about it. Michael wanted to make her feel better though. "Remember when we babysat your cousin?" Michael asked and Rachel nodded, "I have a fairy in my belly." He giggled and Rachel smiled, giggling a little and Michael's eyes lit up, continuing to make jokes about his "period" and his heart fluttering when Rachel giggled or smiled. After shopping for awhile, Michael got probably the worst cramp in his belly he has ever felt, this causing him to actually stumble back a little and sit down on a bench. "Mikey, what's wrong?" Rachel cooed, "H-hurts." He whimpered and Rachel's face fell. "Let's go home okay?" She cooed and Michael nodded, trying to stand up but the pain too much for him to do so, "After it passes." Michael mumbled and Rachel sat next to him after she set her bags down, his head falling in her lap and she put her hand on his side, massaging it slightly and he smiled as it helped ease the pain. After the pain subsided, they walked back to the car and drove home, Michael's hand intertwined with Rachel's the whole drive home. When they got inside and put all the groceries away, Michael flopped onto the couch and let out a long whine like noise, making Rachel chuckle slightly. "Can you help me get the fucking fairy to calm down?" Michael smirked and Rachel giggled, "Sure." She shrugged and Michael sat up, "Ooookay, what's wrong honey?" Michael asked. "You don't agree so fast like that, what's the matter?" Michael cooed and stood up, walking over to her and he saw tears well in her eyes, before she broke down and sobbed. "I-I-I don't kn-know." Rachel sobbed and Michael held her to his chest, playing with her hair and he laid down on the couch, holding her to his chest and she rested her head on his chest, "Time of the month?" He mumbled and she nodded. "Then I should be rubbing your tummy." Michael cooed and started rubbing her lower tummy, making her smile and she sniffled. "Feeling better?" Michael asked and she smiled whilst nodding, "Does some chocolate ice cream sound good to you?" Michael giggled and she nodded once again, making Michael get up and get the carton plus 2 spoons so they could share. The pale boy also getting Rachel's favorite comforter and then sitting back down on the couch with her, pulling her into his side and turning on the TV, both of them sharing the tub of ice cream. "This is probably terrible for your belly." Rachel mumbled and Michael shrugged, "I'll eat it any way." He chuckled and she smiled, knowing he would regret his decision later when he suffered the consequences. About an hour later, Michael was laying on the couch with a pout on his face as he whined and groaned from the pain he got in his tummy. "Ooooowieeeee." Michael whined and Rachel started rubbing his tummy, helping him get the air out and he smiled when she didn't grimace or cringe, snuggling up to her and both of them falling asleep, but not without several of Michael's burps.

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