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Feeder Calum

Feedee Mikey

Dominant Calum

Name calling (fatass, piggie, etc)

Daddy kink

Slight over stimulation

Enjoy ❤


{667 words}
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"Last bite piggie." Calum cooed and Michael groaned, holding his beach ball belly and opening his mouth for the last bite of chocolate cake. "Oh god I'm gonna burst." Michael whined as he took deep breaths, stuffed to his very max and Calum sat next to him in bed, rubbing his drum tight tummy. "You did a great job tonight piggie." Calum praised the stuffed boy as he rubbed circles on his huge belly, "F-full." Michael mumbled as he leaned and Calum rubbed his belly, kissing the pink stretch marks on the skin and Michael burped loudly, letting out a puff of air. "You outdid yourself tonight princess." Calum cooed and Michael weakly smiled, noticing Calum's bulge and he bit his lip. "I can tell you need help." Michael mumbled as he pointed out Calum's hard on, "Can we?" He blushed, "Only if you do all the work because I can't move." Michael huffed and Calum smiled, kissing down Michael's pale tummy and sucking below his naval, a moan immediately slipping past Michael's lips. "What did I do tonight piggie?" Calum asked, being more dominant than before. "You stuffed me daddy." Michael mumbled and Calum pulled his jeans off, rubbing Michael's gargantuan gut, "Are too full to move? Have you gotten too big to move your fatass?" Calum smirked and Michael moaned, loving the teasing. "You're making me too big for all my clothes daddy." Michael moaned, "Obviously, you're fatass popped all the buttons on your biggest pair of pajamas." Calum smirked as he tugged the ends of Michael's button up pajama shirt together, not getting them past his protruding gut no matter how hard he tried, "Daddy fuck me please." Michael begged, trying to lift his hips but his belly too big to do so. "Be patient my piggie." Calum tutted and Michael whined, Calum pulling down his bottoms teasingly slow and Michael moaned as Calum stroked him, "D-Daddy." Michael moaned and Calum laid him down, pulling off his own bottoms and he sucked on his fingers after putting Michael's legs around his neck, sliding in 2 digits with ease and he raised his eyebrow. "I may have used my birthday present this morning." Michael mumbled and Calum smirked, removing his fingers and then coating his throbbing erection with his saliva, slowly sliding into Michael's hole and slowly thrusting, "Oh-oh shit daddy faster!" Michael moaned as he gripped onto the sheets and Calum went a bit faster, the red head sweating more as he was getting overwhelmed with the pleasure surging through his veins. "Oh fuck, you're so tight princess." Calum moaned and Michael clenched his teeth, panting a bit as Calum went faster and Michael scrunched his face up, "F-fuck daddy I'm gonna c-cum!" Michael exclaimed and felt Calum release into him without warning, sending him over the edge and cumming in hot spurts. Michael flopped back onto the bed and was panting, Calum bending down after pulling out, licking the cum off Michael and then kissing his shaft, causing goosebumps on Michael's pale skin. Calum took all of Michael in at once and bobbed his head, knowing how sensitive the red head was and it wouldn't take much for him to climax again. "D-Daddy." Michael moaned and Calum sucked harder, "FUCK!" Michael exclaimed as he came again but into Calum's mouth this time, the tan boy swallowing it all and he pulled off, seeing Michael's head loll to the side and his eyes close. "Mikey, baby you alright?" Calum cooed, then hearing a small snore emitting from him and Calum chuckled, knowing Michael was 3 times as exhausted, climaxing twice and his gut still beyond full. Calum laid down next to him and pulled the blanket over them, pulling Michael into his chest, rubbing his bulging belly as he fell asleep.

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