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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS, sorry if it's bad, I'm a little tired, hope you like it :)
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Michael was driving home from the studio, a loud growl emitting from his belly. "Might as well eat while I'm out." He mumbled to himself and went to the McDonald's he just so happened to be near, he went inside and saw they had a new burger available, it was huge from what he could see. The burger had 3 patties, cheese on each one, bacon, barbecue sauce, and onion rings on it. This all made Michael's mouth water and his belly growl again, he ordered the meal for it and sat down with it, the burger smelled amazing. He bit into it and almost moaned at the taste, he was in public so no way in hell would he do that, it was the best burger he had ever tasted. He devoured the triple decker in at least in minute, eating the fries and guzzling down his soda, muffling a burp with his fist and he leaned back in his chair, giving his pretty bloated gut a pat. He got up and cleaned his trash up, brushing the crumbs off him and walking to his car, letting out a large burp when he got inside and excusing himself, rubbing his basketball shaped tummy. He had to admit that the seat belt was way too tight on his belly, it digging into his flesh and it was so uncomfortable, he had to suck in his belly so it wasn't that tight, but it was still tight. When he got home, he took off the seat belt as fast as possible, letting out a sigh of relief when pressure was taken off his belly and he rubbed it. He got out of the car and walked inside the 5sos house, "Dude, what happened to you?" Calum asked, "What do you mean?" Michael asked, "Did you swallow a basketball?" The Kiwi boy laughed and Michael blushed. "I just had a burger meal." The platinum blonde mumbled, "And?" Calum chuckled, "It's not my fault I get bloated easily." Michael groaned and went upstairs, laying in bed and rubbing his tummy, craving that burger again, wanting to eat another, but he couldn't, management probably would kill him knowing he ate one. He just laid there, trying to sleep as it was rather late, but he wanted another one of those burgers so fucking bad, he couldn't stop thinking about how good it was, he needed another, or maybe 2. "Fuck it." He huffed and stood up, going back to his cat and driving through McDonald's, getting 3 meals this time. He went home and was thankful when all the lights were off, indicating his bandmates were asleep, he dashed inside and tip toe ran to his bedroom, locking the door and eating his burgers in peace, he finished the burgers, fires, and his 3 large sodas, now laying down on his back and bed and rubbing his bulging belly softly, letting out loud belches every so often as the air bubbles made their way up his throat. He put all the trash in a bag and hid it under his bed, he would trow that away later he was too stuffed right now to get get up, he laid back down and huffed, his huge gut pointing to the ceiling as he rubbed it and slowly feel asleep. For the following month, he had become addicted to the burger and ate it for every meal, every day, he didn't eat anything else anymore besides that burger, fries, and drink the soda he got with it, all this resulted in a rather large weight gain. Michael was in the bathroom one morning and was about to take a shower when he noticed his change in size, his belly was a lot chubbier and flabbier, forming 3 large rolls when he sat down, his chest was slightly sagging and he had little mini moobs, his ass was curvier and plump, his arms were beginning to get saggy as well, his thighs were thickening, his face was rounder, and he had a slightly larger double chin than before. He just shrugged it off and took a shower, changing into his red flannel and some jeans, seeing the buttons on both items of clothing looked ready to pop off if you breathed on them. He shrugged and walked downstairs, his gut jiggling violently as he walked, "You ready Mikey?" Calum asked, "For what?" Michael asked, "The concert tonight you dork." The Kiwi boy laughed and Michael chuckled as they went to the car. Michael had found himself cuddling up to Luke in the car, the blonde wrapping his arms around his wide waist and pulling him closer, the two cuddling during the drive to the arena. They showed up to the arena and Michael was nervous, what were the fans gonna say when they saw his figure, especially in the flannel he was wearing? He took a deep breath and then walked out onstage with his bandmates, hearing a fan comment on his figure, but he didn't hear anything bad, he just heard "Mikey put on a little weight, but he's still cute!", this made him smile. He put on his guitar and started playing the intro to Good Girls, not moving around as much as he used to due to how short his breaths were becoming. About halfway through, he decided to go the front and do a synchronized jump with Calum, but as he did, he felt his pants rip down the middle of his ass and the worst part was, he did the jump with his face facing the crowd! He blushed like mad and went to his microphone, "Um, I have seen to have a slight wardrobe malfunction..." Michael mumbled as he took off his guitar, "Translation, I ripped my jeans and everyone can see my Pokémon boxers." Ashton laughed and Michael blushed harder, going backstage with his hands on his bum to try and hide the rip. Thankfully, he was able to change into a pair of jeans that kinda fit, although they were tight, but he did play the rest of the show. The next day, he woke up and his belly was growling like a bear, "Shut up, you'll get food in a second." Michael mumbled to his empty belly and got dressed in sweats and a blue flannel, then went downstairs and drove to McDonald's. He was glad it was early enough in the morning that only 2 people were there, who were just as chubby as him if not chubbier, he walked up to the counter and placed his order in, 30 burger meals. He got his order and sat down at a table, his belly growling loudly and he shushed it, getting a weird glance from the 2 customers that were there, he opened up the first burger and bit into it, devouring it in seconds and eating one after the other, chugging down sodas and munching on fries in between his burgers, his gut swelling up as he did so. He ate his 15th burger and felt cold air hit his tummy, seeing a couple of the buttons on his flannel had popped, but he shrugged it off and continued eating, the rest of the buttons and his jeans button popping open. The chair under him was creaking an awful lot, but he didn't pay much attention to it until he finished his last burger and chugged down his final soda, hearing a loud creak and then the chair broke, sending him crashing to the floor and a red blush coating his cheeks. "S-sorry." Michael mumbled to the cashier who helped him up, "It's perfectly fine sir, that happens a lot here." She smiled and Michael chuckled, clearing his place of the trash he had made and then went home, but not without paying for the chair he had broken. The next morning, Michael tried to walk out of the room, but found himself laying right back down, panting and out of breath. "Mikey, what's wrong?" Ashton asked as he entered the room, "I-I can't w-walk." Michael panted heavily, sitting up and his gut forming 3 large rolls. "What do you mean you can't walk?" The curly haired lad asked, getting worried about the platinum blonde, "I can't walk, my legs will not move, my feet will not move across the floor, I can't walk." Michael grumbled, "Um, I guess we have to get you those scooters things." Ashton mumbled and Michael went beet red, "Those fat people scooters?" Michael chuckled and Ashton nodded, "Well I guess I can't call myself fit exactly, but how will I get downstairs?" He asked, "One of us will you help you." Ashton smiled, "Thanks Ash." Michael grinned as the older boy helped him stand and get downstairs, sitting him on the couch as he went out to buy the 19 year old one of the scooters. A couple days later, management called the band in for a "little talk", they were all in the office as they wanted for Michael to walk-well drive into the room, the platinum blonde came in the room on his scooter, his basket filled with burgers, a dirty bib around his neck, and he was sucking the sauce off his fingers. "Sorry, I had to make a stop." He smiled as if it was nothing, "That's kinda what we're here to talk abut." Their manager stated, "Michael, we're very concerned about your health, I mean look at you." He sighed and Michael looked down at his lap, seeing his gut resting on it, "What're you talking about? I'm perfectly fine." Michael laughed, "Mikey, have you stepped on the scale lately?" The manager asked and Michael shook his head, "You have to use a scooter to get around and your basket is filled with burgers." Michael looked down at the ground, then a loud grumbling noise echoed the room. "What was that?" He mumbled and Michael feels the air bubbles from the soda he drank earlier starting to rise up his throat, more growling sounds emitting from his belly that were getting louder and Ashton figured out what was going to happen, "Everyone get down!" He exclaimed and everyone ducked down as Mikey burped into his hands, it still loud enough to cause things to shake in the office. "Ex-excuse me." He mumbled after he finished, a red blush coating his chipmunk cheeks. "Miksy, this has to stop." Luke sighed, "No, you don't understand. They're addicitng, I can't just stop eating them, they're like drugs, you just need that little bit to get you hooked, and then bam! You can't stop and you never will, that's how I feel right now. I don't care what you guys so about this, I am happy the way and I am, so nothing you say will change it. Now, I will be on my way home." Michael rambled on and then drove away on his scooter, going home and eating his burgers in peace, falling asleep with 50 burgers digesting in his belly. 2 months later, Michael had become bedridden and it was impossible for him to play shows anymore, so he had no choice but to quit the band, but he was still happy with his burgers and his best mates visiting him as often ad they could. Michael was asleep in his bed, his beach ball belly rising and falling as he slept, he had gained more weight, his arms were saggy, his thighs were like tree trunks, his double chin made some of his neck disappear, his face was rounder, his belly was huge and round, and his hands were chubby. He woke up and rubbed at his eyes, rubbing his empty belly, "God, I'm so fat, but I love to just kick back, relax, and eat." He smiled to himself and then the smell of burgers filled his apartment, then seeing his 3 best friends holding bags of McDonald's for him, "Here's your food piggie." Ashton smiled as he put the first bag of burgers down the platinum blonde's lap, "Eat up." Luke chuckled and gave him the bag, "We got you 3 each." Calum grinned and handed him the last bag. "Thank you." Michael smiled with a mouth full of burger as he ate, "How's the tour been?" Michael asked after he swallowed, "Kinda weird without you still." Ashton mumbled. "You'll get used to it eventually." Michael shrugged as he ate more, "But, you'll always be our guitarist, even if you don't play anymore." Calum smiled, "Always." Michael agreed.

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