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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs.

A fluffy one for you :)

A funny picture to brighten your day :)

Warning! Mikey is gonna throw up so if that triggers anything, don't read.

Anyway, hope you like it :)

{1020 words}
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"Oh shit." Michael mumbled as he jolted out of bed, rushing to the bathroom. Rachel was quick to follow, finding Michael on his knees infront of the toilet and hugging the toilet bowl, burping up some bile into the bowl. "Aww, Mikey." She cooed and Michael whimpered, "I-I don't feel good." He cried, coughing. Rachel rubbed circles in his back, trying to calm him down as he burped and gagged, then everything came up and vomit spewed out of his mouth. He threw up one.....two..three...four....five times before he fell back onto the floor, "Rachel." Michael whined and she helped him stand, having to support almost all his weight as most of the energy was drained out of him, "Let's get you to bed Mikey." Rachel smiled and flushed the toilet, washing the sick off his face before helping him to bed, he laid down ontop of the covers and pulled his shirt off and pajama shorts off, the bundling up under the blanket. "Cuddle?" Michael mumbled, Rachel laid next to him and kissed his forehead, "Mikey you're burning up." She commented and he just whined, snuggling closer to her. "Want me to rub your tummy?" She asked and he nodded, she rubbed circles on his pale belly and he closed his eyes, smiling as it helped him relax and he burped a couple times, "You've got air in your belly." Rachel commented, "Uuuuuuuuugh." Michael groaned as she pressed down, "No, stop it-BRRRRRRUUUUUPPP!" Michael burped and then Rachel took her hand off, "Get some sleep baby." She cooed and Michael nodded, resting his head on her chest and in no less than a minute, he was fast asleep. She took the thermometer from the nightstand and put it in his ear, making him shiver in his sleep but stay asleep nonetheless. "103.2." She mumbled to herself, kissing Michael's head and playing with his hair as he slept. He whimpered in his sleep and Rachel shushed him, petting his hair to calm him down and he did, but then his eyes opened slowly. "My tummy feels weird and icky." He pouted, "Should we go get some meds for you and maybe get some other stuff to help?" Rachel cooed, "Yeah, that should help." He mumbled and burped a bit, "I think your stomach feels weird because you have gas." She smiled as he put on sweats and a flannel, "Maybe." He shrugged and they went downstairs after putting on shoes, driving to the store. "Is it just your tummy?" She asked as they walked inside, "Yeah, nothing really hurts actually, which is good, but it's just uncomfortable." Michael shrugged as they went to the medecine aisle. "It's like, they're moving around inside me and then it's uncomfortable and I dunno, it's just strange feeling and even weirder when they come up." Michael mumbled and he noticed a couple people give him strange looks, but he didn't mind and neither did Rachel, but it was a tiny bit embarrassing for her. "Sometimes it hurts though." Michael shrugged as they left the aisle, getting him some ginger ale for his tummy. "Aww, I'm sorry." Rachel cooed and hugged him from the side, "It's not like your making me burp." Michael chuckled, noticing more weird stares. "Can your belly handle soup?" She asked, "Yeah, it's not like that, just some burps." Michael smiled, "Gross." A girl muttered behind them, "I'm sorry, I wasn't telling you about it." Michael sassed, smirking at the girl before she walked away and Michael fist bumped Rachel. "Let's go home and you take your meds and maybe eat a some soup." Rachel cooed as they paid for their items, "Are we gonna cuddle and rub my tummy after?" Michael asked with a pout as they left, "Of course kitten." Rachel cooed and held his hand, kissing it. Michael sat in the car and turned a little pale and slightly green, he opened his car door and leaned out of it, puking onto the pavement and burping a couple times in between rounds of sick. "I feel icky." He grimaced as he put his elbows on his knees, his head hanging between his arms. "I know babe, are you all done?" Rachel cooed, "I think- BRUUPPPP!" He belched and then spilled more of his guts onto the ground below, letting out loud wet burps again and again. "Never- BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!- mind." He burped and spit a couple times, "Now I'm done." He mumbled and got back in the car, closing the door and buckling up, leaning his head against the window. Rachel held his hand and drove home, "I'm gonna take your temp again." She mumbled to herself as they pulled up in the driveway, walking inside with the groceries and she set them down on the counter, she took the pills and liquid medecine out for Michael and he grimaced at the liquid medecine. "Yuck, it looks like brains." He groaned as he looked at the pink liquid, "Mikey, just drink it." Rachel laughed, and he quickly took it, grimacing afterwards and making a childish disgusted noise. "Oh my gosh." Rachel laughed, "Okay, drink the liquid hell and then tell me if I'm overreacting." He smirked, "I will when I'm sick." Rachel smiled as he swallowed the pills. "I wanna snuggle." He pouted and hugged her from behind, "Okay, let me put everything away first." She smiled, "Noooo, wanna snuggles now." Michael pouted like a child, "Be patient Clifford." Rachel chuckled, "Fiiiiiiiiine." He whined and went upset stairs, playfully moping the whole way and Rachel just giggled as he finished up, then going upstairs and laying next to Michael, who immediately hugged her like like a koala. "Your so warm and cozy Rach." He mumbled and cuddled her tighter, "Get some rest baby." She cooed, "Okay." Michael babbled and rested his head on her shoulder, falling asleep in seconds.

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