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This picture is just omg
-Michael is grabbing Calum's ass
-Calum's is touching Michael's love handles
-Michael looks so pudgy and squishy
-all that beer and soda can cause burps to come out of the blue haired boy's mouth

Sorry, just had to share that lol

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{1014 words}
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Michael woke up, his tummy feeling strange and a pounding in his head, making him groan and roll over in bed, sniffling. "Mikey, what's wrong?" Rachel cooed as she walked inside the bedroom, having heard Michael groan, "Nothing baby, just a little ill." Michael mumbled and rubbed his pink nose, Rachel going over to him as he sat up and hugging him. "I made you pancakes." She smiled and Michael giggled, standing up and walking downstairs with Rachel holding onto his arm, not that he minded as he adored the extra love. Michael sat down and sneezed into his hand, hitting his head on the back of the chair, "Owie." The blue haired boy pouted as he rubbed his head and Rachel laughed, "Even when you barely move you manage to hurt yourself." She giggled as she put some pancakes infront of him and she kissed his forehead, feeling a tiny fever. "I think you've gotta small cold babe." Rachel cooed and Michael shrugged as he ate, "My belly kinda aches, but that could be any- BRUUPPPP!" Michael began, cut off by a burp and he blushed as he covered his mouth, Rachel giggling. "That would be gas." She mumbled, "E-excuse me." He blushed and Rachel kissed his cheek, "Eat your breakfast and then we'll cuddle." She smiled and he nodded, eating his fill and he was burping every other bite, blushing after each one and the red tint never seemed to leave his cheeks. Michael got up and shuffled to the couch, sitting down and Rachel sat next to him, laying them down and she kissed his nose just before he sneezed again. "You're so cute when you're sick." She giggled, "I'm not cute all the time?" He pouted and she rolled her eyes, kissing his cheek so she wouldn't catch his cold. The blue haired boy let out another burp, excusing hinself immediately as he blushed, "Mikey, don't be so embarrassed." Rachel giggled as he rubbed his tummy and he smiled. "It's icky sounding." He grimaced and she chuckled, "Get some rest sicky." She giggled and he nodded, resting his head back and closing his eyes as he fell asleep. Michael woke up and saw Rachel asleep on his chest, wearing his old 5sos hoodie and some jeans, making him smile as he played with her hair. "BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" He belched and clapped his hand over his mouth, blushing and he saw Rachel wake up, "Oh, I'm sorry baby. I didn't mean to wale you up." He whispered and she shrugged, kissing his pink swollen nose and standing up, "Do you feel good enough to go out for lunch and Christmas shopping?" Rachel cooed and the ill boy nodded as got up, sliding on shoes after getting pants on and then he wrapped his arms around Rachel's waist, "I lub you." Michael babbled as they walked to the car, "I lub you a lottle." He giggled, "What's a lottle?" Rachel asked and Michael sniffled as he wiped his nose on his sleeve. "A lottle is like a little, but a lot." Michael explained and rested his head on her shoulder as she drove to the center of the city, or the "Village" as it was being called. Rachel parked and took Michael's hand as they got out of the car, both of them going inside the outdoor mall and walking around, the older boy burping every other step they took. Rachel noticed how often he was burping, but she didn't care, she was happy and having a good time with him, buying Christmas stuff and getting lunch. Michael honestly felt bad for burping as much as he was, thinking he was bothering his girlfriend a bit, but she was so happy that he didn't say anything about it. The happy couple walked into Starbucks and ordered their festive drinks before sitting down, having finished their shopping and were going to head home soon, Michael reached across the table and held Rachel's free hand, pressing a kiss to her knuckles and she giggled. "Do you have any idea how pretty you are?" He sighed with a cheesy smile on his face, making her blush and he chuckled, muffling a belch with his fist. "Excuse me." He smiled and kissed her hand again, making her giggle and they got up, Michael stumbling a bit as he got dizzy and he sat back down, "You okay Mikey?" She cooed as she knelt down infront of him. "Dizzy." He mumbled and burped, standing up again and Rachel helping him stand after they threw their empty cups away, then walked to the car and drove home. They got home and Michael burped every step he took to get to the couch, laying down with a big "BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" and Rachel laid on top of him, kissing his cheek. "I'm gonna take care of you." She smiled and booked his nose, making him scrunch his face up. "You're so sweet." He grinned and burped a bit, "Rachel?" Michael mumbled and she hummed in response, "Did my burps bother you? I was just kept burping all day and I just feel bad because I feel like I ruined our day with my burping." Michael rambled on and Rachel kissed his cheek, "This was the best day ever, it was perfect and you're burps didn't change anything." She smiled, "I love you so much." He smiled, "A lottle?" She smirked. "More than that." He smiled

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