Christmas wish

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS, sorry if it's a little short
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"That was really good mum, thanks." Michael smiled and hugged his mum from the side, his belly too round for a full body hug. "You're welcome sweetheart, now go to bed, you must be tired." Ms.Clifford cooed and Michael nodded, going upstairs and getting into pjs, rubbing his stuffed tummy as he sat down on his bed, everything he ate at Christmas dinner now struggling to be digested in his beach ball gut. It was one of the best dinners he has ever had, ham, mashed potatoes, pasta, turkey, pie, cookies, and cake, Michael was stuffed to his max. "I wish this could happen every night." He mumbled to himself and looked out his window, seeing a shooting star and he moved closer, leaning on the windowsill since his bed was up against the wall. "I wish it was Christmas dinner every night." Michael mumbled, and then laid down on his bed, snuggling into a pillow and doubting his wish would come true. When he woke up, he smelled his mum cooking and he stood up, pulling sweats and a red flannel that was a little tight around his still bloated tummy on before going downstairs. He saw his mum cooking in the kitchen, he walks up behind her and puts his head on her shoulder, "Whatcha making mum?" He asked, "Christmas dinner." She smiled and Michael's eyes widen. Didn't they eat it last night? That's when it hit him, his wish actually came true, "It may be awhile dear, so you might as well relax." Ms.Clifford smiled and kissed his forehead before he went back up to his bedroom. He rubbed his still bloated tummy as he laid down in bed, smiling wider than he ever has because his wish came true, he was beyond happy, he was ecstatic, although he may have a stuffed belly every night, it would be worth it for eating all the great food that would be served. Well, he thought it would be worth it anyway, but after a couple nights of getting a stuffed gut and having the same dinner every damn night, he had noticed a change in his figure. Michael's belly was bigger and flabbier, his thighs were thicker, his butt was curvier, his arms were beginning to get saggy, he had a slight double chin, his love handles were squishy, and his cheeks were rounder. He knew tonight he would have to wish for everything to be back to normal, but in the meantime, he had a dinner to eat. He walked downstairs and saw his bandmates sitting at the dinner table as food was being put down, "This can't be happening." He mumbled to himself as he sat down, he notices his mum is putting down bigger and fuller plates than usual, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, pasta, turkey, ham, everything, he gulped as he realized how much food was gonna put inside his belly. "You alright Mikey?" Calum asked, "It just feels like we did this last night too." Michael mumbled, "What're you talking?" Ms.Clifford asked, "Never mind, it's stupid." Michael mumbled. They all gave him a weird glance, but he ignored it and ate his food, each time he would finish a plate, more food would be piled on and he would eat it, not being able to say no for some reason, he just could bring himself to say "I'm too full", he just ate what was put infront of him, which was everything. Michael's belly was the size of a beach ball when he finished, having to lean back in his chair from the pressure in his gut, just when he thought he was done, a plate filled with desserts was put infront of him. 'Oh god' He thought as he saw the frosted Christmas cookies that were piled on the plate, he huffed and ate the cookies, his belly swelling up more as he gulped down the plate of cookies he was served, frosting all over his face. He saw Calum holding a funnel and Ashton and Luke holding what looked like a gallons of eggnog, "Open up Mikey." Luke smiled and Michael opened his mouth, the funnel being put in it and then he felt cool thick eggnog pouring into his mouth quickly, he gulped it down as fast as he could and he could feel his belly growing, just as he swallowed the last bit, Luke pouted another gallon down the funnel and Michael swallowed it all, the button on his jeans popped open and his belly fell out, sitting firmly on his lap. The funnel was taken out of his mouth and he let out a deep burp, "Ugh, I feel like I'm gonna explode." He groaned as he rubbed his yoga ball sized belly. His bandmates stood him up and helped him upstairs, laying him down on his bed and then leaving the room, letting him sleep, but how was he gonna be angle to sleep with the bellyache that he had received, his overstuffed gut getting revenge on him. He looked out the window and saw a shooting star again, he quickly sat up and looked closer, "I wish everything was back to normal." He mumbled and then laid down on his bed, his protruding gut pointing to the ceiling. He rubbed his belly softly as he began to slip into a food coma, going into a deep sleep. The next modning, he was relieved when he didn't smell his mum cooking, but still having all the weight he had put on made him frown, he eventually lost most of it, the last 10 pounds were too hard to keep off, then everything was back to the way it was and Michael learned one thing, be careful what you wish for.

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