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But his fucking thighs jiggling when he runs I'm dying

It's making me SCREAMMMMM


{960 words}
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5sos were in an interview and we're doing "Dare 5sos" and the interviewer turned to Michael. "Michael are you ready for your dare?" She asked and Michael nodded, spinning a little in his spinning chair with his hands resting on his tummy. "Read a oneshot you find on Wattpad." She spoke and Michael froze, "Okay...." He mumbled and took out his phone, going on goggle and typing in '5sos oneshots', he was afraid of finding smut honestly. Michael Clifford WG Oneshots?" He read aloud, a confused expression on his face and everyone shrugged, so he read it, secretly praying it wasn't some weird porn shit. He clicked on one and started reading. "Michael laid back in his chair, hearing it creak as he did so. He definitely went overboard today, his tummy was aching and sitting firmly on his lap as it was stuffed too his very max-" Michael immediately stopped reading, blushing redder than his hair as he read the next couple sentences on his own. "I read it, but I'm not reading anymore." Michael blushed and everyone was laughing at him, making him blush harder. "And on that weird note, we're ending. This has been 5 Seconds of Summer, thank you for listening." The interviewer smiled and the interview ended, Michael immediately left the room and went to the car, sitting in the back with his hood over his head and he went on his phone, he was still on the Wattpad website and he decided to read the rest of the oneshot, not thinking it could be as bad or kinky as he thought. He was only half wrong on that one, it was kinky as fuck, but it wasn't bad at all, actually it was rather sexy as he imagined himself stuffing himself to his limits, now he was wondering why he hadn't discovered this kink earlier? He could be almost 300 pounds by now if he discovered it in November or December, oh god being that heavy sounded amazing to him. Michael downloaded Wattpad and quickly made an account, acting like he was a fan instead of the actual Michael Clifford so fans didn't get suspicious. "Michael?" He heard Luke ask and he quickly turned off his phone, "Hey Luke." Michael smiled and put his phone in his pocket, "You okay? You seemed pretty embarrassed back there." Luke cooed and Michael nodded, "Yeah, it's all good now." Michael smiled and his bandmates got into the car, all of then driving to their hotel and Michael laid in bed, "Mikey, we're going out, want to come?" Luke asked and Michael shook his head, "No thanks, I'm gonna try and get some sleep." Michael lied and they shrugged, leaving the red head alone and he immediately went on Wattpad, looking for weight gain fan fiction and he found several, making him super happy and he added then all to his library, reading the first set of oneshots and he got more and more turned on each time he read it. Before long, he exited the app and jumped up, going into the kitchen and going into the fridge, pulling out all the snacks they had. Which was about 10 chocolate bars and 5 cans of soda, he was gonna order room service afterwards of course, he wanted to stuff himself to his very max like in the onrshotsoneshots. Michael immediately started devouring the food he had brought out, eating it in no time and rubbing his bloated belly, burping a couple times before getting room service and ordering a shit load of food. He got 4 pieces of cheesecake, a plate of cookies, 3 bowls of ice cream, and a 2 liter cola. When it got there, he ate as fast and as he could, feeling his belly expand as he shoved more and more food in his mouth, his jeans popping open from the pressure and he let out a puff of air, seeing he only had the cola left and he chugged it, putting the now empty bottle down and panting from how full he was, "Oh god." Michael moaned and laid back on the bed, rubbing his beach ball gut and he heard it gurgle and groan in disagreement, it obviously upset from how much he ate. He quickly cleaned up his trash and laid back down, rubbing his tummy and he heard the door open just as he pulled his tshirt off, seeing Luke standing in the doorway and Michael froze, the younger blonde staring at Michael's belly. "Mikey, what happened here?" Luke asked, "W-w-well, I um......" Michael mumbled as he tried to find an excuse. "Welcome to feederism." Luke chuckled and Michael froze, "F-f-feederism? You-you kn-know about this?" Michael stammered out and Luke nodded, walking over and he sat next to Michael, rubbing his huge belly. "Did the piggie eat too much?" Luke whispered and Michael groaned, nodding as he leaned against Luke, a feeling of pleasure rushing through his body as Luke rubbed his belly and teased him. "I think the piggie has a belly ache from too much food in his fat belly." Luke smirked and kissed his tummy, Michael biting his lip and moaning as his tummy let out a rather loud rumbling noise. "C'mon piggie, time for bed." Luke cooed and laid Michael down, "But, m'not tired." Michael mumbled and yawned right sfter, "That would've been a lot more convincing if you didn't sound like that." Luke chuckled and kissed his forehead, "Don't worry, you'll have an big breakfast in the morning" was the last thing Michael heard before he fell fast asleep.

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