High school

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS, Wattpad deleted some of it so I had to do a little re-writing, so sorry if it took so long.
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Michael was on Ashton's back, getting a pigyback from the curly haired lad to school because Ashton suggested so. "I hate this place." Michael mumbled as they walked up to the front of their high school, the purple haired boy sliding off his oldest friend. "Why?" Ashton asked, "For one thing, the lunches are always crap. Like, I don't feel like having salad or a fucking sandwhich all the time thank you very much, would it kill them to have pizza on Fridays or something." Michael mumbled, "I think the foods okay." Luke shrugged. "But, it gets boring you know? It tastes so.......blah." Michael explained and his friends laughed, "Blah?" Calum asked, "Shut up you know what I meant." Michael grumbled and they walked into class. Michael sat down at his desk and groaned as the morning announcements started, but he would never have expected what he was about to hear from the school's principal. "Good morning Fulton High students, this is your principal Mr.Maxwell. This school's rules have changed regarding the food situation, the lunches here have been switched to fast foods and sweets." At those words, Michael suddenly got interested, "Students may now eat in class, vending machines have been installed in the hallways, and some classes have been changed to cooking." Most of the students in the class cheered, Luke, Ashton, and Calum had worried looks on their faces. "Isn't this great?" Michael smiled, then noticed the concerned frowns on his friends faces, "What's wrong?" He asked, "This isn't the best idea Mikey." Luke mumbled, "C'mon, how bad can it be?" He grinned. Class went by rather quick and Michael whined when the class ended, knowing he had P.E next, he dreaded that class. He was never that physical and was a bit on the chubby side so was a bit embarrassed to change in the locker rooms, but he did nonetheless. He was thankful that his best friends were in the class with him, knowing he had people to hang out with a free play, they walked up to the gym doors and saw a note on the blue painted doors, "Go to room 345." Michael mumbled and they walked to the room, a smile spreading onto Michael's face as he realized it was the cooking room. He rushed to a station and waited for the teacher to give instructions, smiling even more when she said to cook whatever you please, Michael made a large pepperoni pizza and it was double the size it would've normally been. "Oh, I forgot to inform you, the food will be double the size, including cafeteria food." The teacher smiled and Michael squealed slightly, devouring his pizza and his friends watched him pig out. "What?" He asked as he finished, patting his bloated tummy, "This isn't gonna be good." Calum mumbled. They went to all their classes, students eating in every single one and they headed to lunch, which was the last part of the day. Michael's mouth watered as he saw what they were serving for lunch, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, pasta, fried chicken, pizza, burgers, and hotdogs, the purple haired boy got 2 of everything and then sat down at a table with his friend's, seeing they had no trays. "Where are your trays?" He asked with a mouthful of pasta, "It's too fattening." Ashton mumbled, "Since when did you become Mr.Healthy?" Michael scoffed and continued stuffing his face, his belly swelling up as he crammed food into it. He put his empty tray away and the bell rang as he chugged down his Coke, throwing the empty can away and muffling a burp with his fist, then walking out of school with his friends, before they walked out of the building, Michael had to stop and get a candy bar from the vending machine. As they were walking and Michael was eating, Calum decided to break the silence, "This isn't gonna make the school any better, Michael's already packing on pounds." Calum sighed and poked Michael's stuffed basketball shaped belly, making Michael blush. "It won't be too bad, it's not gonna have too big of an effect on us." Michael mumbled, but boy was he so very wrong. As the month continued, Michael had noticed a change and his and most of the students and staff's figures, the junk food had finally began to take an effect as Michael's belly was getting bigger and bigger each day, his thighs were thickening, his butt was plumper (is that a word?), his arms were beginning to get saggy, he had rounder cheeks, squishy love handles, and a slight double chin. He had weighed himself last night and gasped when he saw he was 400 pounds, he was barely 195 only a few weeks ago. He flopped onto his bed, his gut doing a big shake and he bundled up under his blankets, rubbing his belly before falling asleep. The next morning, the boys were at school, walking (well, Mikey waddled) down the hallway, Ashton noticed how every person he walked by was either, eating, waddling, or panting, the purple haired doing the last 2. They walked into class and the teacher (who was overweight as well and had food on her desk) told them to sit, but when they did, the chairs broke from underneath the overweight students, a chorus of suttle shrieks and grunts filling the room as they hit the floor. Michael's friends sighed, "You may eat the rest of class." The teacher announced and everyone took out food, Michael took out a bunch of candy bars and chips, shoving food from the pile into his mouth. "We have to talk to the principal about this." Ashton sighed as Michael burped quietly and rubbed his now stuffed tummy, everyone's belts unbuckled and jeans popped open. The bell rang and everyone got up, Michael having to get help from Ashton and Luke to get up, "You wanna join us in the principal's office?" Calum asked and Michael shook his head, "I'm gonna go to class." He mumbled and waddled out of the classroom. Calum, Ashton, and Luke walked to the principal's office, seeing Mr.Maxwell sitting at his desk, the chair creaking under his weight as he ate donuts. "Mr.Maxwell, we need to change the food back to normal." Ashton stated, "Not necessarily, the school is doing fine with the change." He shrugged, "Our friends can barely walk 10 steps without panting." Luke sighed, "Mr.Hemmings, Mr.Irwin, and Mr.Hood, I see no issue in this school's diet change-" Mr.Maxwell was cut off by his desk chair breaking and he fell to the floor, he blushed and stood up, "On second thought, I guess I could consider it." He smiled and the 3 boys tanked him, walking out of the room. When the principal made the announcement that the school would change back to its old ways, students at first were upset and complaining, then realizing it was better for them health wise, it only took about 2 months for the students took a loose all the weight they had put on, except for Michael, the purple haired boy had kept some of the weight as he found it was just too hard to keep those last 10 pounds off. They were currently sat in the cafeteria, eating the lunch which was a BLT, "Maybe you guys were eight about the whole junk food thing." Michael mumbled, blushing as he admitted he was wrong. "You think?" Calum smirked and they laughed.

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