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Request by michaelsxhair.

Kitten Hybrid! Mikey

Not my gif

Hybrid Mikey oneshots are honestly the cutest fucking things ever

Okay so on New Years Eve my parents had a little party and invited family over and blah blah blah

We were watching the New Years Rockin' Eve thing on TV and 5sos was performing (I screamed btw)

It was Mikey's solo and they did this camera angle on him and my uncle literally says

"Damn he's bald!"

And my parents started agreeing with him and telling him why and I was just like jdndkdndkdm

So yeah, a little story for you


{1200 words}
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Michael curled his knees to his chest, his black tail wrapping around his waist as he looked through the cage door, hoping someone would pick him today. Ever since his first owner had dropped him off at the hybrid shelter, the poor kitten boy has never gotten adopted and he was beginning to loose hope. The hybrid's black ear twitched as he pulled his pink blanket around his body and closed his eyes, opening them again as he heard the shop door open and he made eye contact with a blonde boy, making Michael crawl closer to the cage door and he let out a small meow. The blonde walked over to Michael and put his hand through the bars of the cage door, petting Michael's ear and the hybrid purred, leaning into his touch and the blonde awed. "We have to get him." The blonde smiled and Michael saw 2 others approach the cage, "I'm Luke, that's Calum, and that's Ashton. What's your name little guy?" The blonde cooed, "M-Mikey name b-be M-Mikey." Michael stammered out, extremely shy and quiet. The words making the humans' hearts melt into a puddle. "Does Mikey wanna come home with us?" Ashton asked, "M-Mikey does!" Michael giggled and the shop owner opened the cage, Calum picking Michael up. "Bankie." Michael whined as he reached back to the cage, Ashton pulling out the pink fluffy blanket and wrapping it around Michael, making the hybrid smile and snuggle into Calum's chest. "Let's go home Mikey." Calum cooed and they walked to the car after signing a few papers, Michael falling asleep on the way home. Michael woke up and yawned, seeing that he was now in a warm bed and he smiled, then jumping up and dancing around the room. "Mikey has home! Mikey has home!" Michael cheered and stopped as he heard the door open, seeing his three new owners standing in the doorway with a smile. "Are you happy kitten?" Luke smiled and Michael rapidly nodded, "M-Mikey be l-living here n-now, y-yes?" Michael stammered. "Yes, Mikey lives here." Ashton cooed and Michael squealed a little, unable to stop smiling. "You hungry princess?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, blushing at the nickname. They led him downstairs and Michael noticed how they all rather chubby frames, making him feel less insecure of his own pudge. Michael sat down at the dinner table and purred when Calum pet his ears, leaning into his touch and smiling. Ashton set a full plate of food infront of the hybrid, his eyes widened slightly at how much food was on his plate. Michael smiled at the boys and started eating, only finishing half the plate before he was full. "Mikey full." Michael mumbled and the three exchanged worried glances, fearing the boy had a problem or didn't feel well. "You sure kitten?" Luke asked and Michael nodded, deciding not to push the hybrid any further because he was extremely shy and quiet. "T-tired." Michael whispered and they awed at him, Ashton picking him up and taking him to his room, laying him down and they all kissed his forehead before leaving him to sleep. "How are we gonna tell him?" Luke asked, "We'll figure something out, but we have to tell him soon." Ashton mumbled and the others nodded, then eating themselves. The following week, Michael was in his bedroom and playing with his stuffed lion that Calum had bought him, it becoming one of his favorite plushies he owned. Michael heard someone groan and he got a little scared, worried if his owners or boyfriend or whatever they were he wasn't sure, were okay. The kitten boy got up and tiptoed to their room, hearing groans and moans and he became worried. Michael opened the door and his hand flew to his mouth in shock, not making a sound as he saw the three boys stuffing each other, he just stood there in shock. They all turned their heads and Michael ran off, making Calum and Luke begin to cry as they feared that the hybrid was disgusted by them. Ashton put the food in his hand down, then hugging his boyfriends and comforting them, "He's probably just surprised okay? I'll go talk to him alright?" Ashton cooed and they nodded, the curly haired lad going to Michael's room. "Mikey? Kitten, where are you?" Ashton called and he heard a small meow, making him look under the bed and see Michael curled up in a ball. "Oh kitty, it's okay." Ashton cooed and Michael whimpered, making the Aussie pick Michael up and cradle him, then bring him back to their bedroom. "M-Mikey s-sorry." Michael whimpered as he saw the other two, "Kitten, don't be sorry." Calum cooed, "M-Mikey m-made h-human sad." Michael frowned. "No, Mikey we're okay." Luke smiled, "Wh-wh-what was humans d-doing?" Michael stammered, blushing from how staggery is sentence was. Ashton sat on the bed with Michael in his lap, "We were eating, we do this thing where we stuff each other. We're feedees and feeders for each other, we fed you a lot because we want you to be another feedee of ours and maybe be our boyfriend." Calum explained and they all waited for Michael to answer. "C-can humans feed M-Mikey now?" Michael asked with a blush and their faces lit up, "Of course kitten." Ashton smiled and they carried Michael to his bedroom, Calum and Luke going to get some food for him and they came back with tons of sweets for Michael. They immediately started feeding the hybrid and admired how his belly got bigger and bigger, managing to hold everything they brought and by the time they finished, Michael was sweating and panting from how full he was. "N-no more for M-Mikey." Michael mumbled as he held his beach ball sized belly, "You did an amazing job kitten, you don't have to eat anymore." Ashton cooed as he rubbed Michael's belly, making Michael smile and blush. "Mikey sleepy." Michael yawned and Ashton laid him down, "Humans sleep with M-Mikey and rub his t-tummy?" Michael asked and they awed at him, laying with him and cuddling him, each of then taking turns rubbing his tight tummy. "Mikey love humans." Michael whispered, falling asleep in their arms. As the years went by, you could tell they were happy, by their expanding waistlines, the rings on their fingers, and the 3 kitten hybrid's that ran around the house.

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