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He looks like a baby learning to swim for the first time and he's holding onto his " daddy " for dear life

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So, um, I have this new Michael mpreg book out if you wanna maybe check it out, that would be cool

It's called Octo-mum

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-slight violence
-social anxiety (sorta)


{1340 words}
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"Baby, I know you're gonna have fun, it's Bali." Michael giggled as they were on the plane to the tropical paradise, holding Rachel's hand. "I'm not sure Mikey, I don't know any of your other friends and Arzaelya and Bryanna are kinda........out of my league." Rachel mumbled, "You're a million times prettier then them." Michael smirked and kissed her cheek, making her blush. "Are you sure I'll have fun?" She asked as the plane landed and they got up, "I'm positive." Michael smiled and kissed her head, but little did he know how much harder this would be on her than on him. At the start of the vacation, things were going smoothly, Mikey and Rachel were hanging out most of the time, basically cuddling in bed or in the pool, they might've did the dirty, but no one had to know. Although, after a few days into the vacation, Michael started hanging out with the other girls and his friends, kinda leaving Rachel to herself most of the time. Thankfully, the vacation had caused Michael's stress to reduce so his disorder wasn't getting in the way of anythin, in fact he wasn't burping much at all and Rachel was somewhat happy that he wasn't in pain or feeling embarrassed by his belches. Currently, Rachel was sitting on a beach chair by the pool that was a part of the suite she and Michael had gotten, yes it was expensive, but the red head insisted on getting it, wanting to make his baby girl feel special, well Rachel wasn't feeling that special right now. She was watching from the across the pool that Michael and his other friends were talking and having fun, the Hispanic girl cursing herself for being socially anxious. She looked up from her phone and saw Bryanna walk over, mentally gulping as the model smiled at her. "Hi, Rachel right?" She smiled and Rachel nodded, "Why don't you come and hang out with us? Michael would obviously adore it." The blonde giggled and Rachel bit her lip, "I'm not really a talker." She blushed, well she was but only if she knew the person. "C'mon, it'll be nice to have a 4th girl around." She smiled and Rachel froze, "4th?" Rachel asked, "Yeah, me, Arz, Crystal, and you." The blonde grinned and pointed over to the girl with the reddish brown hair, standing next to Michael and with her head on his shoulder, making Rachel's stomach turn with envy. "I'd be a burden, go have fun with them." Rachel mumbled and Bryanna sighed, getting up and leaving, Rachel feeling bad because she came off rudely, but she was just shy and she probably made the worst first impression she has. Rachel sighed and got up, going inside and changing into one of Michael's tshirts and some of her pajama shorts as they were soft and comfy. She laid down in bed and sighed, going to sleep. As the days went on, Michael was spending less time with his girlfriend, he kept hanging out with Crystal and the others, making Rachel lonely and jealous, but mostly lonely. The poor girl sat up in bed, scrolling through Twitter and reading stuff fans were sending her, mostly stuff like "Omg Michael doesn't even care enough to have his own girlfriend with him in a photo" or "I'm guessing Mikey would rather have Crystal" and worst of all "Michael finally found out how worthless Rachel is". Rachel put her phone down and started crying, laying down and sobbing into the pillows, sadness taking over her body and mind. "Oh Rachel, what's wrong?" She heard Calum coo and then she was being pulled into his lap, she sobbed into the Kiwi boy's chest and fisted his shirt. "Rach, is it because of Mikey and Crystal?" Calum asked, "And people are Twitter were saying shit." She sniffled and Calum hugged her tightly, "Wanna hang out with the others? We'd really enjoy your company." Calum cooed and Rachel wiped her tears, "I guess." She shrugged and got up, following Calum to the group of people outside, sitting sown with them and he introduced her to everyone, all of them engaging in conversation, but after an hour or two, Rachel felt someone pull her from the group, being dragged indie and her chocolate brown eyes met hurt and jealous emerald ones. "What the fuck we're you doing with Calum?" Michael scolded and Rachel yanked her arm out of his grip, "I was fucking talking with my friend because and certain someone was too busy hanging out with a bitch instead of his own girlfriend!" Rachel smapped and Michael's face fell, "O-oh." Michael mumbled and looked at the ground, Rachel being able to tell he was holding in burps so he didn't annoy her. "Don't be like that, you could've come to see if I wanted to do something with you or maybe have lunch or something nice like couples do, but no! You had to be with her!" Rachel screamed and stormed out, going down to the beach and falling to her knees on the cold wet sand, sniffling as he stared at the sunset and she wished Michael were watching it with her. Rachel heard someone running behind her and she got up, walking along the beach and ignoring the person shouting for her. "Rachel!" Michael shouted as he jogged after her, making her walk faster and she held back tears, "Leave me alone!" She screamed and continued walking, then feeling someone tackle her onto the sand and she looked up, seeing Michael hovering over her with his hands pinning her arms down. "Michael, let me go!" She screamed, "No!" He shot back and she glared at him, then her fave dropping as she saw the look in his eyes. They were filled with pain, sadness, and guiltiness. "Michael, what do you want?" She sighed, "To apoligize for being such a dick." Michael cooed and pecked her lips, sitting then up and he hugged her, the short haired girl hugging him back and then kissing him. "I'm still kinda mad at you." Rachel giggled, "Understandable." Michael chuckled and they stood up, walking back to the hotel and cuddling together. The next day the vacation was ending and as Rachel was packing, she heard Crystal begin to shout as she stepped in, "Why did you have to come along?!" She snapped, "A guy can't bring his girlfriend on a vacation with him?" Rachel smirked, "If you weren't here, this vacation would have been so much better." Crystal sneered and that's when Michael walked in, "Crystal, what the fuck?" He snapped and walked over, "Don't lie Mikey, you know I'm the real woman for you." Crystal smirked and put her hand on Michael's shoulder, the red head pushing it off. "Michael, why can't you get a clue amd date me already?!" She screamed, "Because I'm in love with my girlfriend!" Michael shouted and then felt a harsh stinging in his cheek as Crystal slapped him as hard as she could, even cutting him a little with her fake ass nails. "GET THE FUCK OUT!" Rachel shrieked as he punched Crystal, the girl huffing as she walked out and Rachel went over to Michael, seeing ass couple cuts and a faint hand shaped bruise forming on his cheek. "That bitch is gonna die soon." Rachel mumbled as she put a bandage over the cuts on his cheek and he giggled, pecking her lips. "You're my number one girl." Michael smiled and hugged her tightly, never wanting to let go.

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