New Years Resolution

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Request by Writeroftomorrow.

Based off the last Jingle Bell Ball interview (the gif is from it) where they were asked about New Years Resolutions and Michael said and I quote

"To stop being so fat"

ummmmmm exCUSE ME?!

You're far from that kitten, far from it


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Michael rocked back and forth on his feet a bit, a little bored as the boys were being interviewed at the final Jingle Bell Ball of the year. "So, what about New Years Resolutions?" The woman asked and Michael tensed up a bit, he didn't really know what to say. His bandmates said theirs and the woman out the microphone infront of him, "Uuuuh, ummm, I don't know." Michael mumbled and Ashton giggled, "I guess not he so fat." Michael mumbled and the woman argued saying he wasn't, but the red head argued back. He wasn't gonna lie, he did find himself rather heavy, he weighed himself the other day and he was 203 pounds. The pale boy hadn't done anything about it, even though he thinks he should, he just rather not go to the gym ya know? Michael felt his bandmates eyes on him and he looked down, blushing a bit and didn't say much to the rest of the interview, being shy about himself. After the concert they had gotten onto the bus and Michael sat down on the couch, but was pulled up by his Kiwi bandmate and pulled to the back room, the door locking. "What the fuck was that?!" Calum shouted and Michael flinched, were they made at him? "Wh-what was what?" Michael asked, actually scared. "Since when are you fat?!" Calum asked and Michael looked down, "Always." Michael shrugged. "What the hell Mike?!" Calum yelled and Michael clenched his fists. "You don't understand okay?! You don't understand what it's like to be the heaviest band member! You don't understand what it's like to have been told you're ruining the band because of you're fatass! You don't understand what it likes to be seen as the fat one!" Michael snapped and then slid down the wall, sobbing into his knees and Calum knelt down next to him, hugging the older boy and letting him cry into his shoulder. "I-I-I'm sorry, i-i-its just h-hard." Michael hiccuped and curled into himself, Calum pulling him into his lap as he cried. "I'm o-over 200 p-pounds." Michael hiccuped, "Mikey, that's fine. You're just chubby and soft, not fat at all." Calum cooed and wiped Michael's tears, "Calum, look at me." Michael frowned as he lifted his tshirt, showing Calum his soft tummy and the Kiwi boy kissed it, making Michael blush a bit and then felt Calum kiss his cheek, a wide smile spreading across Michael's face. "You are so fucking beautiful amd don't you dare call yourself fat because you are far from it kitten." Calum cooed and Michael sniffled, snuggling into Calum's chest and Calum rubbed his tummy, making Michael giggle and smile. "Go to sleep kitten." Calum cooed and Michael closed his eyes, falling asleep in Calum's arms.

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