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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS, it's not as long as I hoped.
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5sos was out eating at a random deli they had found, all of them scanning the menu and something caught Mikey's eye. "The Colossal Challenge?" He smirked and looked up at his bandmates, "I don't like that look." Luke sighed and Michael smirked, calling a waitress over. "Don't tell me you're gonna do it." Ashton mumbled, "Oh, but I am." Michael smirked, "I would like to do The Colossal Challenge please." He smiled to the waitress, "You may wanna move to another table so that you have more room babe." She smirked, batting her eyelashes in obvious attempt to flirt with him. He nodded and got up, following the waitress who was swaying her hips in an attempt to get his eyes to go to her bum, which failed. Michael sat down at the table and tied a bib around his neck, "Are you seriously gonna do this?" Luke asked and Michael rapidly nodded, then the food came. A huge plate with a gigantic sandwhich on it that was filled with deli meats and the vanilla milkshake was 6 pounds and at least 3 feet tall with a crapload of whip cream on top, "Only 2 people have done it." Calum smirked, "Well, it's about to be 3." Michael smiled and stuffed his face into the sandwich, cheers from the restaurant as he chowed down. He was shoving more and more in his face, making his cheeks stuffed to the max before he would chew and swallow, so he would be able to eat it faster. He finished about half the sandwich and he was getting a little full, he had to lean back in his chair a little from the pressure in his bloated gut, "You okay Mike?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, "Yeah, just feeling a little stuffed." Michael mumbled and tugged on his shirt in attempt to hide his lower belly. His button looked like it was gonna pop off if he touched it, Mikey shoved more food in his mouth and as soon as he swallowed, the button gave up and his jeans snapped open, his gut flopping out and resting on his thighs, making him let out a sigh of relief as most of the intense pressure was taken off his belly. Michael huffed before he shoved the rest of the sandwhich in his mouth, swallowing it and the crowd cheered, he rubbed his protruding gut and burped, "I don't think I can drink that." Michael gulped. "C'mon Mikey, you got room in there." Ashton smiled and pats Michael's belly, a burp escaping his lips, "Ugh....okay." He groaned and stood up so he could drink from the glass, but fell back down on the chair. "I can't stand." He huffed and Ashton picked the tall glass up, putting it on the floor and Mikey bent over the best he could, succeeding in sipping the milkshake through the straw in huge gulps and he belly was swelling up as he drank as much as he could in one go. He leaned back in his chair and burped, "Ooh, I-I'm so fucking stuffed." He groaned and rubbed his beach ball gut, a girl walked up to Michael with a huge smile. "C'mon Mikey, you can do it!" She cheered and gave him a big kiss on the cheek, making him blush and smile. He was too flustered to thank her so she walked off, he then chugged down the rest of the shake and you could see his belly swelling up as it was filled up with the shake and he put the empty glass down on the table, letting out a deep burp and the crowd cheers. "With seconds to spare." He smirked and leaned back in his chair, rubbing his slightly exposed beach ball belly as his shirt was riding up to just above his naval. He stood up with Ashton and Luke's help, the manager came over to take a picture and Michael decided to lift his shirt up all the way so people could see how damn stuffed he was. He won his t-shirt and the money, then Luke and Ashton had to help him walk to the car, sitting him down and Michael leaned back in the seat, rubbing circles on his protruding belly, "I can't believe you ate it all." Luke laughed as they got in the car, "Well, you better believe it." Michael smirked and patted his belly, leaning is head against the window and falling asleep, Ashton carrying him inside, with a little struggle might he add and laid Michael down in bed, pulling the blanket over him and letting him sleep.

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