Beefcake to cupcake

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS.

Buff Health Freak Mikey (in the beginning and kinda rude)

Feedee Luke

Feeder Calum

(Later) Feeder Ash

Some Miall in the beginning

Niall's kind of a jerk later on

Some Cake


{2928 words}
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Michael walked through the door, having just come back from the gym and he was all sweaty from his workout. "Ew, you stink." Calum grimaced as he walked past the blonde, "Oh shut up." Michael retorted as he took off his sweaty tank top, showing off his washboard abs as he walked to the bathroom. He turned on the shower, then turning towards the mirror and admiring the work he's done to his body. The blonde haired boy probably seemed totally full of himself as he flexed in the mirror, smirking to himself as he watched his biceps bulge as he flexed, Michael was a health and exercise freak, he freaked out if he got the tiniest of pudge on his frame, he practically lived at the gym. It was rather difficult to keep the cabinets and fridge stocked with healthy foods because his roomates Calum and Luke were in a feedee-feeder relationship, Calum always making sure their were fatty foods for Luke to binge on daily, Michael still had no clue how they could do it. He honestly had no clue how Luke could enjoy being 500 pounds, hell he didn't know how someone could enjoy be 200+ if it wasn't pure muscle. He stepped into the shower and washed himself off, just putting on some basketball shorts and he walked out, seeing Luke grabbing some mini donuts from the cabinet and he snatched them out of his hand, dropping it on the floor and then grabbing an apple. "Pigs eat off the floor." He smirked as he sat on the counter and he felt Calum smack his head, "What the hell?" Michael scolded as Calum gave Luke his food, "It's not like your the one in this relationship." Calum scolded as he sat next to Michael, feeding Luke the donuts and Michael fought the grimace that tried to take place on his face. "I know, but look at all the shitty food you have here that's adding to his fatass." Michael scoffed, searching through the cabinets. "He doesn't need these chips, or these donuts, or these cookies, or these gross cupcakes." Michael grimaced as he tossed the food onto the floor, Luke scrambling to pick up the junk food he tossed. "Not my food, my beautiful food." Luke mumbled as he put it back, "That beautiful food is turning you into a fat pig." Michael shrugged before leaving the room and going upstairs, "He's an ass." Luke pouted as he ate the last donut, Calum giving his big belly a pat and then hugging him, "He just needs to learn is all." Calum shrugged as he rubbed Luke's pudgy side, "I know a guy who can teach him too." Calum smiled, "Well fucking call him!" Luke exclaimed and Calum got off the counter, walking with Luke to the couch and then there was a knock on the door. "I'll get it, I'll get it, I'll get it." Michael repeated as he quickly pulled a tank top on, opening the door and seeing his Irish boyfriend, giving Niall a peck on the lips. "Why do you have your shirt on?" Niall whispered in Michael's ear, "I can't be shirtless in a restaurant." Michael chuckled, making Niall whine as his hand traveled up Michael's shirt, feeling his abs and tracing his v-line. "After dinner okay?" Michael smirked and Luke rolled his eyes and scoff, making the blonde boy glare at him before they left. "He's gonna take Niall to a salad bar." Calum chuckled and Luke giggled, "Can you call the guy?" Luke asked and Calum took out his phone, dialing the number, "Hey Ash, can you come over?" He asked and got a simple sure as as reply, then the curly haired lad walked in the door giving Luke and Calum hugs. "So, we need to ask you something." Calum started and then explained his plan to Ashton, "I dunno Cal, he doesn't seem anywhere near a feedee." Ashton mumbled as he looked at a picture of the muscular blonde, "Ashton, you can trick anybody into gaining weight. Your ex is 300 pounds because of you, and he was a model who weighed 145!" Calum exclaimed and Ashton bit his lip in thought, "I could make him get a belly, but I'm gonna need some cash to buy the food." Ashton mumbled, "100 bucks." Luke stated and Ashton nodded, now all they needed was to wait for Michael to come home. About 2 hours later, Michael walked through the door, but his shirt wasn't on, his belt wasn't buckled, he has hickies scattered across his pale skin, and his hair was a mess. "Ooooh, somebody got some." Calum smirked and Michael blushed a bit, "I sure did." He smirked and then noticed the curly haired lad. "Hello, I don't know you." Michael smiled, "I'm Ashton." He smiled back as he shook Michael's hand, "Michael." The pale boy smiled and he noticed Ashton was rather muscular himself, close to Michael's muscular physique. "I'm not here to get a date, I'm here as a friend." Ashton clarified, basically reading Michael's mind. "Okay, um, well it's kinda late and I gotta hit the gym bright and early, so I'm sorry but, night guys." Michael smiled as he went upstairs, getting to bed. "This isn't gonna be easy." Ashton huffed, "You can crash here if you want Ash." Calum smiled as he stood Luke up, who was basically asleep. "Thanks Calum." Ashton smiled before the feeder and feedee went upstairs. The next morning, Michael woke up early and got dressed in his workout clothes, going downstairs and seeing Ashton cooking breakfast, "Hey Ashton." Michael smiled, "Hey, I made breakfast. Pancakes." He smiled and Michael shook his head. "I can't eat that, sorry mate." Michael shrugged, "Calum told me about your health thing, I made this pancakes gluten free and all that crap." Ashton smiled, and the blonde boy bit his lip in thought. "I guess I could have a couple and work off the calories at the gym." He mumbled, but Ashton knew that wasn't gonna happen because he was gonna make sure it didn't. Ashton gave Michael a plate of pancakes and stole glances of the muscular boy digging into the pancakes, surprised he actually was eating them so easily, usually health freaks didn't cave in so easily. Ashton somehow got Michael to eat 8 and 1/2 pancakes, almost gasping when he saw his normally flat stomach was poking out in the slightest, Ashton stood the full boy up and took him back upstairs since Michael was half asleep already as the food coma began to take over, Ashton laying the pale boy down and leaving the room, but not before sending a picture of Michael's tummy to Calum. Michael woke up again, but this time he was super confused, wasn't he supposed to be at the gym right now? He walked to the bathroom and stepped on the scale, almost screaming when he saw he had put on 5 pounds of pudge. "WHAT?!" He screamed and Ashton came in, "Michael, you okay?" He asked, "I need to go on a diet now." Michael stated as he pointed to his tiny tiny accumulation of pudge on his stomach. "Why? Because your abs aren't that prominent." Ashton asked, "Duh!" Michael snapped, "I'm turning into Luke!" He shouted and Ashton put his hand on his shoulder, calming him down. "Michael, you look perfectly fine. Your abs are still there and plus, going to the gym as often as you do is not good for your body." Ashton cooed and Michael sighed, letting the elder engulf him in a warm hug, the curly haired lad smirking to himself because Michael was clueless about what was really going on. Over the next couple months, the blonde boy's tiny accumulation of pudge had become a huge one, he had no visible muscles anymore. He had a soft jiggly belly, meaty thighs, saggy arms, saggy chest, round face, double chin, and ginormous love handles. Although he had to be honest, he was kinda enjoying being 500 pounds, enjoying Ashton feeding him huge amounts of food. Michael was currently laying in bed, rubbing his bulging belly and smiling a bit, loving the feeling he got from it. "Michael, Niall's here." Ashton smiled and Michael got up, pulling on some sweats and a kinda baggy tshirt before fixing his hair a bit, going downstairs and opening the door, throwing his arms around Niall and the Irish boy was in shock about Michael's figure. "I haven't seen you in awhile." Michael smiled, "Yeah and it looks like you got a new boyfriend." Niall mumbled and Michael's eyes blew wider than the moon, "Food!" Niall exclaimed, "Michael look at you!" Niall shouted and stepped inside, "I am!" Michael shouted, "Michael, how did this happen?" Niall asked as he sat down on the couch with him, fighting the grimace on his face. "I-I became a feedee." Michael mumbled, "You're doing this on purpose?" Niall asked and Michael nodded, "I don't see how this will work out if you are gonna stay like this." Niall sighed and Michael froze, "Wh-wh-what?" Michael stammered and Niall got up, kissing Michael once more. "Goodbye Michael." Niall mumbled as he left and Michael broke down, sobbing into his chubby hands and his mates came into the room, "He-he-he dumped me!" Michael sobbed into Ashton's shoulder, then Michael got up and rushed into the kitchen, grabbing whatever junk food he could find. "Mikey, you gotta relax." Luke cooed as he took some food from Michael's arms, "I loved him and because I'm fat he dumps me!" Michael snapped, "I need food!" Michael snapped and then brought all his food upstairs, slamming his bedroom door behind him. Ashton followed him, finding him sitting on his bed and stuffing donuts into his mouth, "Michael, you're gonna choke." Ashton mumbled as he sat next to the sobbing boy, Michael shrugged as he swallowed what was in his mouth. About an hour later, Michael was snuggled up to Ashton in his bed, eating his 3rd XL pizza and crying into Ashton's shoulder, the curly haired lad running his fingers through Michael's hair to calm him down. "Mikey, it's okay." Ashton cooed, "I loved him." Michael sniffled and Ashton wrapped his arms around him, pulling him onto his lap. "Ashton, I'm gonna crush you, I'm too heavy." Michael mumbled as he tried to get off his lap, "You could never be too heavy for me." Ashton cooed as he put his hands under Michael's shirt, pinching a roll on his side and Michael looked at him, then kissing him softly and Ashton kissed back, cupping his round face and that's when Ashton realized he had fallen in love with Michael, the money Calum and Luke were paying him didn't matter to him at all anymore, all that mattered to him was Michael. Michael pulled away and rested his forehead on Ashton's, "I've never had a kiss like that." Michael mumbled, making Ashton smile and hold him close, the blonde boy falling asleep from how stuffed his belly was. Ashton and Michael became a couple the next morning, Michael gaining even more weight from Ashton's stuffings every day, the blonde boy now 600 pounds and it difficult for him to move around, but he had Ashton to help him carry his growing weight around. Michael woke up one morning, struggling to stand up do to his huge gut and he leaned on the wall, waddling over to his dresser and getting dresser in his biggest clothes, then waddling downstairs and going into the living room, confused when he didn't see any of his mates. "Ashton? Calum? Luuuuuuuuke?" Michael called through the house and he decided to go outside, waddling around to find them and he heard the familiar giggle that belonged to his boyfriend, he turned and alleyway corner, seeing the 3 boys he's been looking for, but Calum was hanging Ashton money. "I didn't think you could get him this big." Calum smiled and Michael gawked, "YOU WERE PAYING HIM TO MAKE ME OBESE?!" Michael shouted as he waddled over to them, the 3 of them froze. "No Mikey I-" Ashton began, "No! I don't wanna hear your bullshit excuses! I thought we were in love! But I guess I guess was the only one who felt that way!" Michael screamed and pulled the promise ring of his finger, "And you can keep this." Michael mumbled as he put it in Ashton's hand, waddling away and crying as soon as he got into his bedroom, his heart falling apart piece by piece as he started to shove his clothes into boxes he had leftover from when he moved in. "Mikey, what are you doing?" Luke asked as he waddled in, "I'm leaving you guys, I don't wanna be surrounded by lying assholes." Michael sniffled as he labeled the boxes. "L-l-leaving?" Luke stammered, "Luke, I'm sorry, I doubt you had anything to do with this. But, I have to leave the others." Michael frowned and Luke wrapped his arms around Michael's wide waist, crying into his shoulder a little as the pale boy hugged back. "Where are you gonna go?" Luke asked, "I'll just rent a place for now, I got enough money for it." Michael shrugged, "Please stay in touch with me at least." Luke pouted, "I'll try Lukey." Michael smiled before he called his friend to help him get his boxes in the car, crying as he saw Ashton watching him leave from the porch. It only took the blonde boy about a week to find a decent apartment, it was across the street from his old gym and he decided he needed to go back to his old self, he didn't wanna be fat knowing the not who broke his heart caused it. He waddled into the gym building, blushing a bit as he tugged on his sweatshirt and he walked to the cardio area, going over to a boy with brown curly haired boy, "Are you Harry?" Michael asked and the boy nodded, "You're Michael I'm guessing." He mumbled and Michael nodded, looking down at the floor in embarrassment. "Take off your shirt." Harry instructed and Michael froze, "Can I leave it on?" He mumbled and Harry sighed, "We have a lot of work to do." He mumbled and Michael nodded, "What do you want to look like?" Harry asked and Michael showed him a picture of himself from last year when he had rock hard abs. "Is this you?!" Harry gawked and Michael nodded shyly, "You look really good." He mumbled, "Shall we get started?" He asked and Michael nodded. After an attempt to do do a 10 minute walk on the treadmill, trying to lift 10 pound weights but failing, and trying to do a a pushup, Harry made Michael lay down and try to dl at least 5 situps, but the blonde boy couldn't even do one. "C'mon Michael." Harry huffed and the pale boy tried again, his torso extremely sore from trying so many times. "I can't do it!" Michael huffed, falling onto his back, "I'm too fucking fat now!" Michael snapped and covered his face with his hands, sniffling to try and hold in tears. "Hey, Mike don't cry. We'll get there." Harry cooed as he helped Michael stand, "It's gonna take a century to get rid of this." Michael sighed as he roughly grabbed his belly, "With me it won't take long." Harry smiled and Michael smiled, leaving after giving the British lad his number. Michael decided to go vegetarian to loose the weight easier, although although it was extremely hard to do so when he loved meat to death. Michael woke up to the sound of an airhorn, making him jump out of bed and fall on the floor, "Time to get fit!" Harry shouted and Michael groaned, "I wanna sleeeeeeep." Michael groaned as he got up, "Do you want to loose weight?" Harry asked and Michael nodded, getting up and putting on workout clothes, being taken to the gym and doing the same thing as the day before, not able to do much like yesterday. Day by day, Harry took Michael to the gym everyday and did the same exercises each time, Harry pushing him more and more each time and Michael getting better each time, now back to his old self again. It was 8 months after he was muscular and he was out grocery shopping with his Harry, his now fiancé and the father of the baby growing inside him. "I'll be right back." Harry smiled and kissed his forehead before walking away, "Michael?" He heard someone say and he turned around, dropping the box of cereal in his hand as he saw the boy who broke his heart. "A-Ashton?" He stammered, "Hi." He mumbled, "I see you kept some of the weight." Ashton smiled, "Oh, actually I'm having a baby." Michael mumbled as he rubbed his tummy, "Oh, congratulations." Ashton smiled, "Is" Ashton trailed off. "No, it's my fiancé's." Michael smiled as he showed him the ring. "Oh." Ashton mumbled, "Well, um, congratulations and it was nice to see you." Ashton sighed and walked away, leaving Michael sad.

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