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Detention Pt.2

Bad boy! Mikey

Okay, but we can just talk about how his tummy puffs out after he gets surprised!!!!

He was sucking it in and then got surprised so he got forgot to keep it sucked in I guess and his tummy just puffed out and rjenfsjdkddjk!!!!!

I had soda before I wrote this so I'm not sleepy hehehehe!!!!


I need help lolz


{1028 words}
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Rachel saw Michael walk out of the classroom, clenching his fist and slamming the door open as he came out of the room. "Kitten, what's wrong?" Rachel cooed as he touched his stubbly cheek, making the bad boy blush slightly. "I got fucking detention again for my fucking disorder and it's not fucking fair!" Michael cursed and Rachel saw his fists begin to shake as he got more enraged, "Baby, babe look at me." She cooed and Michael looked into her brown eyes, "You need to relax okay? People are just fucking stupid and it's their fault for not reading what they should." Rachel cooed and pecked his lips, making Michael smile and wrap his arms around her. "How do you calm me down so easily?" Michael asked as he kissed her cheek, holding her hand as he walked her to her next class, "Magic." She smirked and he chuckled, smiling as he noticed she was wearing the choker necklace he bought her. It was frilly black fabric with a heart charm on the middle, he had "M + R" engraved into the silver charm and she absolutely adored it, wearing it day and night ever since he bought it for her. It was obvious Rachel's style had changed ever since she started going out with the now peacock colored hair boy. She had dyed her hair to match his, she was wearing ripped skinnies like he did, she had started wearing more black, she wore black leather combat boots, often wearing a black leather jacket over her band tees, she had gotten a nose ring, she was wearing darker makeup, and she was becoming more of a rebel. "Will I see you in detention again?" Michael chuckled as he kissed her maroon lipstick covered lips, "Depends on if I can piss the teacher off or not." She smirked and he smiled, kissing her softly before leaving her and she walked into the classroom, sitting down and leaning back, putting her feet up on the desk and everyone went slightly wide eyed, still shocked by the change in her behavior and attitude. She didn't give two shit on what they thought, she was happier than she ever has been, she's finally being herself. "Feet, off the desk now." Her teacher demanded and Rachel simply shook her head, "I told you feet off the desk." He snapped, "And I told you no." Rachel smirked and the teacher handed her a pink slip, making Rachel smile as she had received a detention. The class went by and she met up with Michael in the detention room since the day was over and she sat down next to him after putting her pink slip on the teacher's desk. The teacher once again left the room and locked the door, "How'd you get here beautiful?" Michael smirked as he sat on top of the desk Rachel was sitting in and she rested her head in his lap, "I put my fucking feet on the desk." She chuckled, "Well, that was easy." Michael laughed and played with her hair, making Rachel smile and close her eyes in pleasure. Rachel brought out the soft kitten side of Michael, making him giggle and smile all the time and he would always do the cutest little things when he was with her, not caring what other thought as he was happy with the girl he loved. Yes, love. He fucking loves Rachel and she fucking loves him. Rachel stood up and cupped his face, kissing him softly and he immediately kissed back, not wasting time and her arms wrapped around his neck as he placed his hands on her hips, closing his eyes as their lips moved in sync and she slid her tongue in his mouth, Michael not bothering to battle for dominance as he knew she'd win anyways. The timer went off just as Rachel kissed down his neck, making Michael whine and Rachel chuckled, wiping the lipstick off his lips. "We can continue tonight." She smirked before leaving the room and Michael followed her, grabbing her hand as they walked out of the school and took the bus to go to Michael's house, Rachel walking inside with him and they sat down on the couch, Rachel holding Michael close and making him smile, putting her hand on his belly and a small burp escaped him. "Sorry baby." He cooed and she smiled at him, a weird feeling of disgust in the pit of her stomach. It was strange, his disorder never bothered her before, but it definitely was now because each time he let out a belch, she bit back a grimace. She was feeling grossed out, but refrained from saying anything, not wanting to make him feel bad or to ruin their night. "Rachel, I love you." Michael mumbled and Rachel smiled slightly, "Love you too." She mumbled into his chest and he giggled, then burping and Rachel bit her lip at the gross sound. "Can you rub my tummy?" Michael blushed and Rachel chuckled, putting her hand on his belly and rubbing it softly, making him burp once again and he giggled excused himself immediately of course. She continued rubbing his tummy, still feeling disgusted every time a burp came out, but as she kept doing it, it was effecting her less and less, the sounds more bearable and not as gross for some reason, maybe she was getting used to it, but who knows? She was just glad she could deal with it again. "Do you want to continue what we started now?" Michael asked once she stopped rubbing his tummy and Rachel smiled, "Of course." She smirked and he pulled her upstairs, continuing what they left off in the detention room.

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