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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS. Sorry that I didn't post it earlier, I had school the next morning and couldn't stay up too late.
{2580 words}
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Michael walked into the building, feeling out of place with all the other huge sumo wrestlers that were entering the contest whilst he was just pretty chubby. "Why the hell are you here?" He heard someone ask and he looked up, seeing a fairly overweight man in a kimono with his black hair tied up in a bun. "I-I-I'm entering the contest." Michael stammered and the man laughed, "There's no fat on you!" He exclaimed and Michael frowned. "I'm 200 pounds." Michael mumbled, "You have to be at least 650!" He shouted and Michael blushed. "Did you not read the entry form?" He smirked and Michael stood up, flicking his forehead before leaving the building and going home. Michael walked into the L.A house, "What's with the frown Mikey?" Ashton asked, "I wanted to enter this sumo wrestling contest, but I'm not heavy enough." Michael pouted, "Do you want us to help you?" Calum asked and Michael's face lit up, "You wanna help me become 650 pounds or more?" Michael asked and they all nodded, "You guys are the best." He smiled. "We should start now." Luke grinned and they all went into the kitchen, except Michael who they made sit at the kitchen table and wait. Ashton put a bowl of rice and chicken infront of Michael and he immediately started eating it, as soon as he finished a bowl, another would be placed infront of him, he ate about 10 large bowls and he felt stuffed already, his belly looked like a basketball. "Ugh, no more." He groaned as Calum put another bowl infront of him, "You wanna be able to enter right?" He asked and Michael nodded, "Then you have to keep eating." He cooed and Michael groaned, rubbing his belly before continuing to eat. He put his 30th bowl down and leaned back in his chair, "If I eat one more bite I'll burst like a bomb." Michael groaned and rubbed his beach ball belly, that was aching terribly might he add. "Let's get you to bed Mikey." Ashton smiled and helped Michael stand, a groan escaping his lips. "I can't walk Ash...." Michael mumbled and burped, Ashton picked Michael up bridalstyle and carried him upstairs, laying him down on his bed and the springs creaking under his weight. "Want me to rub your belly?" Ashton asked and Michael rapidly nodded, Ashton sat down next to Michael and the stuffed boy rested his head in Ashton's lap, the curly haired lad rubbing large slow circles on the green haired boy's belly until he fell asleep. The next morning, Michael woke up to someone bouncing on the bed, he rolled onto his back and saw Calum now sitting on his knees next to him, "What do you want?" Michael groaned, looking at how the swelling in his belly had gone down some, but still was rather round, like a soccer ball. "We're taking you out to breakfast." Calum smiled, "Where?" Michael asked as he sat up with a bit of a struggle from the width of his belly. "A buffet." Calum smiled as Michael put on jeans and a Def Lepard tank top, "You guys are too awesome." Michael laughed and walked downstairs with Calum, his belly jiggling every step. Suddenly, Ashton picked him up, "You don't need to burn any more calories then necessary Mikey." He laughed and Michael smiled, kissing his neck as thanks. He sat Michael down in the car and Luke pulled him into his side, patting his belly and Michael blushed, "Don't be embarrassed of your belly." Luke cooed and Michael furrowed his eyebrows when he saw the building they pulled up to, "Why are we at the sumo ring?" Michael asked, "You gotta train a little Michael." Ashton smiled and Michael nodded, they got out and walked inside and Michael changed into a sumo costume, which he found incredibly stupid by the way. He walked out to the ring and burst out laughing when he saw his bandmates wearing similar outfits. "Shut up." Ashton laughed and Michael walked closer, his belly jiggling. "You know what to do right?" Ashton asked and Michael nodded, they put there hands together and started pushing, but Ashton was much stronger than Michael so he easily pushed him out of the ring. "You suck at this." Ashton laughed, "I clearly wasn't ready." Michael scoffed and Ashton rolled his eyes, they tried again, and again, and again, and again. Michael lost every time out of all 20 times, he did fight back, but still lost. He was now laying on the floor of the ring, panting and sweating, "You alright?" Calum asked as he hovered over Michael, "I'm so fucking hungry." He panted and Luke stood him up, his belly growling loudly. "Go get dressed and then we'll go to that buffet we were talking about." Calum smiled and Michael nodded, standing up and walking to the changing room, changing into normal clothes and going out to the car where his bandmates were sat. The car ride was silent, except for the growls that erupted from Michael's belly, when they got to the buffett, Michael jumped out of the car and ran to the door. "Mike, chill." Calum laughed and they walked inside, paying first and Michael was about to get food, but Luke grabbed his arm and Michael pouted. "Sit down and we'll get you food okay?" Luke cooed and Michael nodded, the blonde letting go of his arm and he sat down, rubbing his empty belly and then his eyes widened as his bandmates put down at least 30 plates that were all full with fatty foods and desserts. "Is-is this all for me?" He asked and they all nodded, making him gulp. "You hungry big boy?" Ashton smirked as he sat next to Michael, "Starving." Michael smiled and started eating, getting food all over his face as he gulped down plate after plate. He had only only eaten 8 plates and he felt stuffed, his belly twice it's size now, "Mikey, keep eating." Ashton mumbled and Michael groaned, rubbing his belly before continuing to eat. He was chewing slower and swallowing was getting difficult as he crammed food into his belly, it swelling with each bite and slowly each plate became empty as the food went inside his growing gut. He swallowed the last bite of food and leaned back in his chair, burping into his hand and putting his other one his yoga ball sized belly. "No more." He mumbled and then burped again, "You've eaten enough Mikey, let's get you home." Ashton smiled and helped Michael stand, Luke having to help him carry a very stuffed Michael to the car and inside the house, laying him down on his bed. "We'll weigh you when after you wake up okay?" Calum smiled and Michael nodded, snuggling into the pillow and rubbing his bulging belly softly before he fell asleep. He woke up about 4 hours later with a yawn, the swelling in his belly had gone down so it was about half it's previous size. The door opened and Ashton walked in, "Look who's up." He smiled and Michael grinned sleepily, rubbing at his eyes and yawning, "Let's weigh you." Ashton smiled and Michael nodded, standing up and he wobbled back a little from the new weight on his front, but Ashton caught him and helped him walk to the bathroom, stepping on the scale and Michael was sure he reached 650, but the numbers only reached 620. "No! No! No!" He pouted, "I'm so close what the hell?!" He frowned and crossed his arms over his soft chest. "Don't be upset Mikey." Ashton cooed, "But, the final entries are tommorow morning." Michael frowned and sat down on the toilet top, hearing it creak. "Me and the guys will talk okay? See how much we can help you gain by tomorrow." Ashton smiled and hugged Michael, "Thank you so much." Michael grinned and stood up with some struggle, then Ashton took him downstairs and sat him on the couch. Michael's shirt was riding up above his naval, showing off his lower belly and he rubbed it, he heard his bandmates talking and then dialing of a phone, then more talking. Ashton came back in the room and smiled, "Food is on its way Mikey." He grinned and hugged Michael from behind, "Thank you." Michael smiled and then there was a knock on the door, Calum answered it and Michael saw a guy holding about 10 large pink boxes, Calum and Luke took the boxes and the man left. "You ready to eat Mikey?" Calum asked, "I'm still kinda full from this morning." He mumbled, "C'mon, you've got room in there." Ashton smiled and Michael stood up, following him to the kitchen where 10 triple chocolate cakes sat on the kitchen table, making Michael's mouth water and his belly growled quietly, "Someone's hungrier than he thought he was." Luke laughed and Michael blushed, sitting down at the table and he grabbed the first cake, shoving his face in it and taking huge bites out of it, chocolate getting all over his face as he gulped it down. He devoured 3 cakes in a row, but he started to eat slower as he continued and he got full, he put the 4th half-eaten cake down and rubbed his belly, taking a deep breath and licking his lips that were covered in chocolate. "You getting full?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, burping quietly as he rubbed his tummy, "You have to-" Ashton began, "Keep eating I know." Michael smirked and continued eating, he finished the 5th one and his throat was feeling dry. "You thirsty Mikey?" Luke asked and Michael nodded, a gallon of milk was put on the table and Michael chugged it, the cold liquid making his belly swell up and he let out a loud belch, then devouring the rest of the cakes and burped loudly, rubbing his beach ball gut and leaning back in his chair, "Can I have more milk?" He huffed and burped into his hand, Ashton nodded and got another gallon of milk out, Michael took it and chugged it, his belly swelling up more, "Oooooh." Michael moaned, rubbing his drum tight belly. "C'mon big guy." Ashton cooed and helped Michael stand, the stuffed boy stumbled back a little and he groaned as Ashton caught him, "I'm so fucking stuffed." He whined and Ashton put his arm around his waist, helping him up the stairs and laying him down on his bed, the springs creaking under his weight. "I better be fat enough now." Michael panted, his belly so full that it was difficult to breathe. "We'll weigh you later okay?" Ashton cooed and Michael nodded, the curly haired lad kissed his tenple before leaving the room, Michael fell asleep as soon as the lights turned off. The next morning, Michael woke up with a yawn, the swelling in his gut had gone down and was now a beach ball size with rolls on his sides. He sat up and groggily stood up, walking into the bathroom and looked at his reflection, his belly had grown at least twice it's size since he first started, he had a slight double chin, bubble butt, chubby hands, fuller chipmunk cheeks, his thighs were thicker, and his arms were saggier. He rubbed his belly before stepping onto the scale, face paling when he realized he couldn't see the damn number, "Ashton or someone!" He called and Ashton walked in, "Can you read the number?" He asked and Ashton looked, "700 pounds Mikey." Ashton smiled and Michael's face lit up, "YES!" He cheered and jumped slightly, his belly jiggling violently, "We'll take you to the ring after we get dressed and everything okay?" He smiled, "Hurry." Michael squealed and Ashton nodded, they all got dressed and took Michael to the ring, the green haired boy was overwhelmed with glee. They got inside the building and Michael saw the man that made fun of him for being too thin, let's see what he thinks now. The pale boy walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder, "Remember me bitch?" He smirked and the man turned around, eyes widening at the once slightly chubby boy who was now heavier and taller than him. "Am I fat enough now?" Michael asked and the man was too schooled to speak, making Michael smirk and then walk away. As the tournament got closer to starting, Michael began to get nervous, "Am I not strong enough? Am I too fat? Too thin?" He panicked and Luke hugged him, "Mikey, you are gonna be fine. You're gonna win, I know it." Luke smiled and Michael grinned, "Thanks Luke." Michael smiled and then his name was called, signaling his match was starting. "Wish me luck." Michael smiled and then walked off, going into the ring in his sumo costume (idk what to call it), he saw the man he was facing and scoffed, seeing he was half his size. He a stepped into the ring and the man pushed him, Michael barely moved and he laughed, then easily pushing him out of the ring. It was like this for all of his matches, he won with ease, until until it was his last one, he was facing the man that made fun of him. Michael started pushing the man, struggling a little as the man was slightly stronger, he grunted as he pushed as hard as he could, he feet sliding a little close to the edge of the ring, the audience gasping. Michael got a sudden rush of adrenaline and shoved the man out of the ring, the crowd cheered and he threw his hands in the air, his bandmates running up to him and hugging him, "You did it Mikey!" Calum smiled. "I can't believe I won." Michael smiled and a man gave him his winnings, a cart full of free foods, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, pasta, fried chicken. Michael's mouth watered and they went to a private changing room, Michael changed into normal clothes and then he devoured the free food he had won in minutes, "You were hungry huh?" Calum laughed as they got into the car, "Still am." Michael mumbled, "Let's go out and celebrate!" Luke cheered and Michael laughed, they drove to a nearby barbecue restaurant and Michael's belly growled as they waited for their food, his bandmates ordered small things whilst Michael basically ordered the whole menu, licking his lips before he dove into his meal, he consumed ribs, burgers, steak, chicken, and pasta, huge helpings of each and the last thing was a huge bowl of pasta, which he shoved his face into and he gulped it down, leaning back in his chair and rubbing his stuffed gut. "You deserved it Mikey." Ashton smiled as they paid and helped him stand up, "I need a nap..." Michael mumbled and burped at the end as they got into the car. "You can sleep when we get home okay?" Luke cooed and Michael groaned, nodding as he rubbed his bulging belly. They helped him inside and he was put in bed, slipping into a food coma as his eyes closed and he snuggled into the pillow.

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