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Mikey eating is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen

I am sorry for the shit ending, but oh whale

Kinda sad at some parts so a small trigger warning for y'all

Omg remind me to never say that again

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Michael laid in bed, sniffling a bit from crying as he and his bandmates just played their last show the night before. 6 long years of being together, 6 years of touring, 6 years of recording, 6 years of living the dream. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Michael still lived with his mates as none of them had a home of their own and to be honest, they didn't exactly wanna leave each other yet. Michael felt his bed dip and then 2 arms wrap around his soft waist, someone pressing a kiss to his neck, "Mikey, don't cry. I don't like it when you cry." Luke cooed and Michael turned around, "I can't help it, I'm sorry." Michael sniffled, wiping his eyes with his sweater paws. "I-I-I'm just gonna really m-miss playing with you guys." The blonde boy cried, coughing a little and Luke pulled him closer, letting him sob into his shoulder. Luke rubbed his back as he cried, trying to calm him down in the slightest and Michael wrapped his arms around Luke's waist, still wailing like he was dying. "Wh-why did it h-have to e-end?" Michael coughed, trying to calm down, "Mikey, we're all 28. We can't do this forever." Luke cooed, "Age is not a goddamn excuse Lucifer." Michael sniffled and Luke rolled his eyes. "Your weight is." He mumbled and Michael bit his lip, that topic a little sensitive for him since he's always been rather insecure with his weight, afraid they would kick him out if he got too overweight. "I'm only 210 pounds." Michael mumbled as he buried his face into the pillow and Luke shrugged, "Still squishy." He smirked as he poked Michael's belly that was poking out from under his sweater, making Michael blush a bit. "What are you gonna do now?" Luke asked, "As a job?" Michael asked and Luke nodded. "Well, I kinda had this other dream thing." Michael mumbled as he fiddled with his sweater paws, "What is it kitten?" Luke asked. "" Michael mumbled, "C'mon, spit it out before you choke on it." Luke laughed, "It's to make a fast food restaurant with you guys." Michael mumbled, feeling kinda stupid for wanting something like that. "Really?" Luke smiled and Michael nodded, "Go ahead and laugh." He blushed, "No, it's an awesome idea. It's a great thing." Luke grinned and Michael's face lit up, "Really?" He smiled and Luke nodded, getting tackled into a bear hug by his best mate. They told the rest of their mates and they all agreed, making Michael extremely happy that he was gonna be living his 2nd dream with his best friends. They were quick to start planning for the restaurant, Michael had began investing in a fast food joint that was going out of business and he was glad to take over, Ashton was putting orders in for food, Luke was getting the supplies needed, and Calum was getting employees together. It was only about a week before they had everything together and they had were officially opening "5sos Burgers" and Michael was super happy, he was living his other dream. Michael went to his office in the back and squealed, yes squealed, when he saw what was inside. He had a desk in the middle of the room with a computer on it, cupboards with cheeseburgers stacked inside, and the walls were covered with pictures of when they first started the band, pictures of when they won their first awards, pictures of when they played their first tour, pictures of them playing their last show. Michael sat down on the desk and smiled, tears of joy in his eyes and then he started thinking of the good 'ol days. He remembers back when they were 16 and they fought over the last slice of pizza, they were all wrestling for it and while the others were fighting, Michael snuck away and ate it, then they chased him around the room while he ate it, finally catching up to him when he finished it. He wiped his eyes and bit into a cheeseburger, "Mikey?" Ashton asked and the pale boy looked up, still biting into a cheeseburger. "Yeah?" Michael mumbled with a mouth full, blushing a bit, "You okay?" He asked and Michael nodded, swallowing the food in his mouth. "Why are you crying then?" Ashton cooed and sat next to him, "Just thinking about the good old time ya know? When we fought over the silly little stuff, like pizza." Michael smiled, "Oh yeah, you crushed me with your weight." Ashton chuckled and Michael laughed. "Yeah, those were the good times." Michael mumbled, sniffling. "Oh no kitten, don't cry." Ashton pouted and hugged Michael, "I'm just gonna miss it." Michael sniffled, "But, now we're gonna make new memories." Ashton smiled and Michael nodded, Ashton kissed his head and got up, leaving the room and Michael immediately started shoving a burger into his face, needing food to fill a void of sadness he had made. He sat down at his desk and stuffed burger after burger and dozens of fries into his mouth, eventually stopping when if he ate one more bite he was positive that he would burst, he leaned back in his desk chair and rubbed his basketball shaped tummy, lifting up his sweater and exposing the pale mound of flesh. The blonde boy felt pregnant, about to pop with a 15 pound food baby, but one thing was for sure, he enjoyed the stuffed feeling. He loved how his gut was basically drum tight and he couldn't move because all the food in his tummy was weighing him down, he let out a small burp and shut his eyes, falling asleep in his desk chair with his hand stroking his bloated belly. It didn't take long for the restaurant to become popular, well besides it being a fast food joint, the boys of 5sos and 1D were running it, causing their fans to come daily. Well, their fans that were 21 and older could go, Michael had turned the place into a burger and beer joint basically, not wanting to deal with making kids meals and shit like that. The work uniform was rather simple, it was just casual clothing, most of them wearing band shirts and skinnies, Michael wearing flannels so when he ate his burgers the buttons popped off. Michael had even made a food challenge for the restaurant, a 20 pattie burger with all the works and a mountain of fries, you had to eat it all in 2 hours or less because that's how fast Mikey ate it, in 2 hours. Michael was currently in his office, eating a couple triple cheeseburger and fries, this just being a snack for the boy as he had grown out extremely since the restaurant had opened. His belly was puffed out quite a bit, like a basketball, his love handles tripled in size, his arms were beginning to sag, his hips were wider, his thighs were thick and meaty, his chest was sagging a bit too, his ass was rather plump, and his double chin was beginning to make some of his neck disappear. Michael hasn't really left his office enough for people to see his new weight gain, he left the restaurant really late after everyone had left, not that he didn't want people to see him, he didn't think he gained that much, he was rather oblivious to his weight gain actually. He thought he only gained like 4 pounds, but oh no. Michael's phone rang and he picked it up, "Hello?" He asked, his mouth full so it came out slurred and muffled. "Mikey, didn't your mum tell you not to talk with your mouth full?" Calum smirked and Michael swallowed what he had in his mouth, "Sorry, what's up?" Michael giggled. "Niall has asked that he does the 20 pounder challenge." He mumbled, "Okay, I'll be out there in a minute." Michael smiled and hung up, standing up a bit of a struggle and he buttoned his flannel, his pudge poking out in between the straining buttons. He walked, well waddled, out of the room and sat at the booth where Niall was, "Damn Mike, how fat have you gotten?" He laughed and Michael glared at him. "I'm not fat." He retorted, "Michael, you could wear a bra and it would fit." Calum smirked as he put the food down for Niall and Michael also having a couple burgers and fries as well. "I've only gained like 2 pounds relax." Michael mumbled as they both began eating, Michael finished before Niall did as he had less food and he was just a fast eater. Michael smirked when he saw Niall finish, feeling proud for his obviously very stuffed friend, "Hey, look I'm almost as fat as you." Niall smirked as he pointed out the huge bloating in his belly, "For the last time.....I'M NOT FAT!" Michael exclaimed, maybe a little too loud, then he waddled off to his office and locked himself inside. He went to the vault in the back and opened it, his belly growling when he saw the contents, 1,000 triple cheeseburgers stacked inside. He dove inside and immediately started stuffing his face with burgers, literally swimming through the dozens of burgers and eating whatever his hand came in contact with, eventually eating them all and he blushed to himself when he realized he hadn't eaten the restaurants supply. "Oops." He shrugged, burping and then laying on his back, rubbing yoga ball sized tummy as he fell asleep. Later that night wasn't so good either, as Michael decided to sneak into the beer vault and drink the supply, his body swelling up to a sphere and Ashton finding him a giggling mess on the floor of his office. "Mikey, you're drunk." Ashton laughed as he laid as blanket on Michael, knowing he wasn't gonna get the 28 year old home. "You're sexy." Michael hiccuped before passing out from the alchol and probably waking up with the world's worst hangover. The rest of the month, Michael had stayed locked in his office and eaten, using his phone to communicate with is mates. His bandmates had had enough and went into his office, not expecting to see what they did, mountains of burger wrappers littered the office and they heard groaning. "Mike, are you in here?" Ashton asked and the desk chair swiveled around, their eyes widened at what they saw. Michael was leaning back in the desk chair, his chubby hands holding his bloated beach ball gut and rubbing circles on it, a half eaten cheeseburger resting on his belly, his eyes closed as he groaned slightly, his flannel popped open, grease all over his round face and chubby fingers. "Mike, you okay?" Calum asked as they walked over to him, "Y-yeah." Michael mumbled as he tried standing up, but only plopping back down and groaning. "Take it easy bud." Luke cooed as Ashton began cleaning the office, "I think I ate too much." Michael mumbled and they laid him down on the floor, hearing his belly making gurgling sounds and Michael rubbed it slowly. "Get some rest Mikey." Luke cooed and Michael immediately fell asleep, they cleaned his office and moved his bed in and all his stuff, knowing Michael was gonna be immobile soon.

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