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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS. They're not famous in the fyi. I'm not trying to be mean at all in any way when I use insults on a person's weight in this oneshot, it's Mikey's thoughts and he's gonna be a little fucker in the beginning, but when I use any insults, it's just for the oneshot. Just to clarify.
{1398 words}
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The boys had just moved into a new house, well it was new to them. There was a few cobwebs here and there, some dust in places, and some windows were broken, yes it could use some work, but they could manage. Michael was looking around the house and found an old picture on the staircase, choking on a laugh when he saw it. It was of a blonde boy, he had on tight jeans and tank top, he was sitting on a chair and Michael really only noticed one thing, that this guy was huge. He had a huge gut that sat on his lap, thick tree trunk thighs, a saggy chest, saggy arms, a double chin, enormous love handles, and chipmunk cheeks. He went back downstairs and went over to his friends, "Check out who owned this house before us." Michael laughed and showed them the picture, "I think this was a fish tank before it was a house, especially for a whale like him." Michael snickered. "How many chairs did he break, jeez." He kept making rude comments on this boy's weight. "There's something on the back." Ashton mumbled and Michael turned it over, "Niall Horan 1993-2014." Michael read, "I wonder how he died." Luke shrugged, "Do you not see the guy?" Michael smirked, "Shut up Mike, you have a gut too." Calum retorted and poked Michael's pudgy tummy, "I don't have a yoga ball gut like this kid!" He exclaimed and put the picture down, "I'm going to bed." He mumbled and went upstiars, laying on his bed. All those insults he said about Niall, he didn't think anyone else would know, but was he wrong, Niall himself heard him, fuming with anger. Niall had been living in the house he died in ever since he passed, never worrying about guests to come in and stay, but Michael ticked him off. Niall shuffled into Michael's room, seeing the silver haired boy sleeping soundly on the bed, in nothing but boxers. "Such a shame that you think I'm too fat Michael." Niall mumbled and brushed his fingertips against Michael's tummy, feeling how soft it was and Michael shivered in his sleep from Niall's ice cold touch. "If you really think I'm that fat." He mumbled, "Then you're in for a real treat Michael." He smirked and then went into Michael's body, taking control of him and Michael shot up, his eyes turning into a ice blue like Niall's and then he stood up, walking downstairs and into the kitchen. "Time for some food fatty." Niall smirked and he made Michael stuff himself, the boy was sat infront of the fridge and ate everything his hand touched. Pizza, leftover Chinese food, pasta, biscuits, he even made Michael chug a 2 liter Mountain Dew and by the time he was done, Michael's gut was beach ball size. "Why didn't I do this before?! It's way better than fattening myself up." Niall smirked to himself and he made Michael fell asleep on the kitchen floor, surrounded by food wrappers and boxes, face covered with evidence of his actions. Niall left Michael's body and smirked, "Well are you in for a surprise when you wake up." He chuckled and then sat in the corner of the room, waiting patiently for the pale boy to wake up. Michael's mates woke up before him and when they walked downstairs, they didn't expect to see Michael laying on the kitchen floor, snoring loudly with his huge gut pointing to the ceiling, food on his face and Ashton shook him awake. "Mikey, care to explain." He asked and Niall was smirking to himself, Michael looked at him confused and then he tried sitting up, his gut blocked him and his eyes widened. "What the fuck?!" He exclaimed and Ashton helped him sit up, "What happened?!" He panicked, "Nice try Mike, you're not fooling us." Luke chuckled, "I'm not joking Hemmings! Why the fuck do I have a beach ball gut?!" He snapped and groaned, realizing how stuffed he was, all that food inside him hurt like hell. "C'mon big guy." Ashton smiled and helped Michael stand, laying him on the couch and covering him with a blanket, the stuffed boy rubbing his belly to ease the pain. Niall was floating in the corner of the room and grinning like a villain in the comics, "That's right, you get nice and round like me." Niall smirked. At midnight every night, he would take control of Michael and make him stuff his gut way pat it's limit, during the day too, the silver haired boy really packed on the pounds thanks to the ghost boy. After only 2 weeks of this, Michael's gut was round and flabby, his love handles were massive, his thighs were thick, his ass was round and plump, his arms were beginning to get saggy as well as his chest, chipmunk cheeks, and he had a slight double chin. Michael noticed this and was extremely confused on how the hell it happened, he usually watched what he ate since he was insecure about his tummy, but he was really getting big, he was getting close to Niall's weight. Michael's mates really worried about him, he was almost eating non stop when Niall took over, and one day, Ashton noticed Michael's eyes were ice cold blue instead of the emerald green he's always had, then the curly haired lad relaized, Mikey was possessed. Ashton had told the others about it and they couldn't believe it, but they had to, it was true, a fat ghost was fattening up their Mikey. It was 12 pm and Michael eating his 20th XL pizza that morning, "Mikey, you're gonna burst." Ashton sighed, "No, I'm still hungry." Michael mumbled and continued eating even though he was bloated beyond belief, about 40 pounds of food in his tummy. Then, something really started to freak Ashton out, Michael began arguing with himself, but his voice kept changing to an Irish accent. Michael stood up and began mumbling things, "Let me have my body back." Michael mumbled, "Nice try fatty" He smirked in the Irish accent, "I'm not fat!" He snapped, "Look at yourself, you're fatter than me." He chuckled, "No one's fatter than you." He shot back, "You're almost there." He laughed and then Luke, Calum, and Ashton grabbed him by his arms, dragging him upstiars as he began screaming and tie in him down to the bed. "You're never getting you're friend back!" He laughed evilly and his eyes were almost like ice. "Michael!" Calum screamed, "I'm not Michael! But I need to be free so I can finish my food!" He snapped, "Michael!" Ashton shouted. "LET ME-" Michael began, cut off by Ashton's lips on his. Sparks erupted in Michael's heart and butterflies fluttered in his tummy as Ashton kissed him, Niall slowly leaving his body and Ashton pulled away when he was finally gone. "Wh-what happened?" Michael stammered, "You bastard! You just had to ruin my plan!" Niall shouted as he showed himself and Ashton untied Michael, "You're that guy from the picture!" He exclaimed and his face fell, "Oh.....I didn't mean it!" Michael rushed out, "I'm so sorry Mr.Horan! I didn't mean too, those were all stupid things and I shouldn't have said them and I'm so so so so so so so sorry!" Michael cried, "Michael, it's fine. Take a deep breath." Niall cooed and Michael calmed down. "I possessed you for a reason, so you would learn a lesson. And you have right?" He scolded and Michael rapidly nodded, "You won't tease people like m- I mean us anymore?" He asked and Michael rapidly nodded. "Yes! I promise!" He cried, "Okay, I'll leave you 4 alone, but I'll be back and I'll teach you how to love that." Niall smiled as gestured to Michael's body before floating away and he kept his promise, helping Michael and his boyfriend Ashton learn how to love Michael's body and feed him properly.

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