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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS , there's gonna be some lovey-dovey Miall!! (Michael and Niall)
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Michael and Niall walked down the street, hands intertwined and Niall kissed his cheek, making Michael giggle. Michael's belly growled loudly and he blushed, "Is my little piggie hungry?" Niall smiled and wrapped his arm around the younger boy's waist, "Starving." Michael mumbled. "Want some pizza?" The Irish boy asked and Michael nodded, Niall's hand rubbing his chubby tummy slightly. Niall takes Michael into a pizzeria and they sit in a booth, Michael wrapped his arms around Niall's soft waist and pecked his lips, his cheek squished against the blonde's shoulder. "My piggie, only mine." Michael babbled and booped Niall's nose, making the Irish boy chuckle. A waitress came over and asked what they wanted, "30 foot by 10 foot pepperoni pizza." Niall stated and the waitress gave them a crazy look, "If you eat that you'll explode." She scoffed, "We can manage." Michael chuckled and the waitress walked off, "People are gonna think we're crazy." Niall laughed, "We're piggies and we're hungry." Michael babbled and he saw the pizza coming, his mouth watered as the aroma of pepperoni and cheese filled his nostrils. He heard Niall's belly growl and chuckled, "Don't worry tummy, food is almost here." Michael mumbled to Niall's tummy and kissed it just as the pizza arrived, it having to be laid out on 4 tables so it didn't fall to the floor. Michael and Niall tied bibs around their necks and licked their lips, "Let's dig in in." Niall smiled and Michael nodded, they each grabbed two slices (one for each hand) and started chowing down. "Oh my god, this is delicious." Michael moaned with a mouth full of pizza, Niall nodded and shoved food in his mouth, their bellies swelling as they swallowed slice after slice. They looked like chipmunks with all the pizza that was in their mouths and they just kept cramming it in, Michael swallowed his last slice, seeing only one slice left and leaned back in the chair, burping into his hand and putting his other one on his beach ball gut. "Mikey, can you feed me the last slice?" Niall asked and the green haired boy nodded, picking it up. "Open up piggie." Michael smiled and fed Niall the slice, pecking his sauce covered lips when he was done. The people in the restaurant were shocked at how much the couple had eaten, even more shocked when Michael ordered a bucket of boneless barbecue wings to go. "Can you stand?" Michael asked as he got out of the booth, with a bit of a struggle from the width of his belly. Niall nodded and got out, picking up the chicken and they paid before leaving the restaurant, hands intertwined as they got into a cab. "It smells too good for me to wait any longer." Michael mumbled as he opened the container that held the boneless wings and he started eating them, "You want some baby?" Michael asked and Niall shook his head, "Well, more for me." Michael chuckled and ate the rest of the bucket, sucking the sauce off his fingers. They pulled up to their house and Niall got out first, helping the pale boy get out and walk inside as his belly was bigger and it was harder to walk. Michael put the empty container in the trash before Niall took him upstairs and they laid in bed, Michael snuggled up to Niall's side and he kissed his tummy. "I love this tummy." Michael smiled and Niall kissed his belly, "I love this belly and this boy." Niall grinned and kissed Michael's sauce covered lips, "I love you too." Michael smiled and yawned, nuzzling his face into the crook of his neck and falling asleep.

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