Santa Pt.2

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS, Slight Trigger Warning! Sad Mikey scenes and tears will/may be shed! You have been warned.
{1578 words}
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Michael knocked on the pale blue door, Calum answered it and he tilted his head to the side. "It's only July 7th, why is Santa here?" He smirked and Michael shook his head, "Calum, did you forget me already?" He laughed, it's only been about 5 years. "I know you're Santa, who else would you be?" He asked, "Can I come in?" He huffed and Calum shrugged, still not recognizing the now 24 year old with a long white beard, Santa suit, and huge jiggly belly. He walked, well kinda waddled, inside and his former bandmates walked in. "Hey guys." He smiled, "Hi...Santa?" Luke chuckled, "Do you seriously not remember your own bandmate?" Michael asked and they all laughed, "You're not Michael." Ashton laughed, "Really? You don't believe me?" Michael asked and they shook their heads. He huffed and grabbed the guitar that was next to the wall, playing the familiar tune to Permanent Vacation, but they still don't believe him. "You could've learned that." Calum scoffed, "If I wasn't Michael, how would I know what all of you look like naked, Calum doesn't have a dog, Ashton has a bald spot and wears hats to cover it, and Luke likes when I have stubble." He smiled and they all gave him a big bear hug, "You've certainly changed." Calum laughed as he poked Michael's bulging belly, "Look at that beard, damn." Ashton laughed and Michael laughed, "Well, considering all the junk food I've been eating, it explains this big 'ol gut." Michael chuckles as he shakes his flabby belly. "I came here to tell you guys something." Michael huffed and sat down on the love-seat, his tummy jiggling as he sat down. "I don't wanna be Santa anymore." He frowned, "Why?" Ashton asked, "It's so stressful, all the food has really put a number on me, I haven't even bothered weighing myself in 8 years. I'm sick of cookies, especially frosted one. I have a beard which I hate to death and want to shave off so damn bad. I need to fins a new Santa, but who?" Michael rambled on, "I got it!" Ashton exclaimed, "Did Santa have a son?" He smiled and Michael nodded, but still looked rather worried. "Then let's go find the guy and make him Santa!" Ashton exclaimed and Michael frowned, shaking his head. "There's a problem with that." Michael sighed, "What's wrong?" Luke asked. "His son didn't want to be Santa so he left the North Pole and is a lawyer in England." Michael mumbled, "What's his name?" Calum asked, "Niall Horan." Michael stated, "Michael, pack your bags because we're going to London." Ashton smiled, "But, what will people say about me? How will I hide this?" The pale boy asked, referring to himself. "Private jet." Ashton smirked. Then, the next morning, they were in London, yes it was just a day to get there, but it was difficult to get Michael places without people noticing the boy, but they managed to get him into the office building where Niall worked without getting noticed. As they arrived in Niall's office, Michael started to get this sock feeling in his belly and he didn't know what the hell it was, they walked in the blonde boy looked up from his desk. "How may I help you?" He asked in his thick Irish accent, "Um, we've come to give you some news." Michael mumbled, "You need to be Santa." He rushed out and Niall scoffed. "No way, is this some kind of fucking joke." He laughed and Michael walked closer to the desk, "Niall, it's me Mikey. Remember me?" Michael smiled and the boy's bright blue eyes lit up. "You're Santa now?! Damn, I need to catch up." Niall laughed and Michael chuckled, his tummy shaking. "Niall, listen, you need to take over as Santa." Michael sighed and Niall shook his head, "No way, I'm a famous lawyer and I don't need to be stupid Santa when you already have the damn job. Now, if you will kindly leave, I have a case to file." He sighed. "Niall, please. I need you too take over, if you don't, I'll be dead soon and I'm only 24, I can't die yet. Plus, there will be no Santa and Christmas will be forever forgotten." Michael begged, "Look Mikey." Niall sighed as he rubs the bridge of his nose in frustration, "I can't be Santa, I don't wanna get fat and have a beard that makes me look 60 fucking years old. I want to be a lawyer and that's my final decision, I'm sorry Michael." He explained and Michael nodded, "Okay, sorry for interrupting your work for nothing." Michael mumbled and left the room with his friends, sobbing as soon as he got into the car. "What am I gonna do now?" Michael sobbed into Calum's shoulder, "It's okay Mikey, we'll figure something out. Let's go back to mine and we'll hang out, just like the good old days." Ashton smiled and patted his thicker thigh, Michael nodded as they drove. As they get home, Michael starts to feel a little uneasy, his chest was feeling tight and his head was spinning, making him have to rest on the love-seat, "Mikey, are you okay?" Ashton asked, "I-I don't *cough* know." Michael coughed. Then, the 3 4 boys noticed Michael's belly beginning to shrink in size as he continued to cough, his beard disappearing as well. "I dont feel well guys." Michael mumbled as they laid him in the guest bedroom. Meanwhile, Niall was sitting in his office, thinking about what his cousin had come in to say earlier. He felt bad about Michael, he knew very well that the boy could die soon, since being Santa at such a young age like 19 could make the magic fade faster, meaning death would be closer than they had thought it would. But, Niall didn't want to ruin his carter of being a lwayer, although being jolly was in his blood and he couldn't just ignore that....could he? Niall got up and collected his things, flying to Sydney to see his cousin and his friends, needing to tell Michael some news. The Irish boy came to the house and knocked on the pale blue door, all boys, except Mikey, answering. "Hey guys, where's Mikey?" He smiled and all their faces fell, "Mikey's um..." Calum began. "Mikey is doing too well right now. He's pretty sick, he is basically skin and bone, and he's paler than the moon." Ashton explained and Niall's jaw dropped, the magic was fading. "What are you trying to tell me?" Niall gulped, pretty much knowing the answer. "He's dying Niall." Luke stated and Niall shook his head frantically. "Why? Why is this happening?" He whimpered, "You need to be Santa or else he'll die, it's either you become Santa or Mikey dies and Christmas will be forever forgotten." Calum frowned and Niall walked in, "May I see him?" He asked, "Yeah." Ashton sighed and took him upstiars, the others following and they could hear Michael's harsh coughing as they walked to the very end of the hallway to a white door, knocking and a weak "come in" replied. "Prepare yourself Niall." Ashton whispered and opened the door, the Irish boy gasping silently. His platinum blonde cousin was looking like he was already dead, he was practically a skeleton. Michael's bones were extremely prominent, his skin was paler than his hair, he was coughing roughly every minute, and he looked like he was literally knocking on death's door. "Hey Mikey." Niall cooed and Michael weakly smiled at him, "Hey Nialler." Michael croaked, "I really miss you. Heck this may be the last time I see you." Michael frowned and held Niall's hand, the Irish boy noticing how cold his skin was. "I-I-I love all of you guys, I just want you to remember me, d-don't cry over me, just stay happy, please." Michael smiled before his eyes slowly shut, his grip on Niall's hand going limp. Ashton tried to locate Michael's pulse, "He-he-he's dead." He whispered. "NO!" Niall cried and sat down on the a chair, "I'll be Santa! I'll take the job, just please bring Mikey back!" He sobbed and the others hugged him, all of them crying too until they saw something bright, they turned around and Michael's body was glowing, then a sudden burst of light filled the room before they saw Michael laying on the bed, looking like he did before he became Santa. His eyes fluttered open and he jumped out of bed, tackling Niall in a hug. "You-you saved me. You saved me." Michael smiled, "I'm so glad you're back Mikey, so so happy." Niall smiled, "Niall, you're the real Santa. You're dad would be so proud right now." Michael smiled. They all hug and Niall pulled away, "I better get to the North Pole, being Santa and all." Niall laughed, "You better pack on the pounds Niall, no kid likes a skinny Santa, and you need to grow the beard." Michael smiled, "Of course. I better go now." He smiled and leaves. Michael looks out the window and sees Niall getting into his sleigh, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Michael shouted, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Niall exclaimed before flying away.

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