Bubble bum

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Malum smut warning


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Recently Michael had been putting on weight, now it was mostly going to his bum and it was making his belly softer, but you could totally tell his ass was rounder. Michael was a little shy about how his bum was rather large, thinking it made him look to much like a girl since you don't see many bubble butts on guys. Calum had found ways to tease his boyfriend about it, whether it was pinching or slapping his perky bum, Calum did it. Althought, he did love Michael with all his heart, he thought his bum was adorable and not to mention pretty sexy and fun in the bedroom. Michael walked into the living room where his bandmates sat, taking place on Calum's lap and eating chips as they watched whatever was on TV, Calum snuck one hand onto Michael's ass and playfully pinched it, making the red head jump a bit and squeal. "Can you pinch your boyfriend elsewhere?" Luke chuckled, "He was being a cutie." Calum smirked as he kissed Michael's neck, making the pale boy scrunch his face up and giggle. "A cutie who's bum could be used as a flotation device." Ashton muttered and Luke snickered, "What did you say Irwin?" Michael stated as he got up, looking ready to burst into an angry sob fest. "Mikey, it was just a joke." Ashton shrugged, "Well I didn't find your joke fucking funny." Michael retorted and rushed upstairs, slamming his bedroom door behind him. "Really Ash? Really?" Calum sighed, "You make fun of his bubble butt all the damn time." Ashton shot back, "I think about what I say before I spit them out!" Calum scolded and then went after Michael, hearing sniffling from the other side of the door. "Mikey?" Calum asked, "Go away." Michael blubbered out, sniffling and Calum knew he was crying, "Please Mikey?" Calum asked and he heard Michael shuffle across the floor, then open the door and pulled Calum it, slamming the door shut and then throwing himself into Calum's arms and sobbing. "Is my ass really that big?" Michael hiccuped and looked up at Calum, "No babe, Ashton was just being a jackass. You have a really cut jooty." Calum smiled and Michael blushed, sniffling as he snuggled into Calum's chest. "You have a perfectly shaped bubble bum." Calum smirked as he squeezed Michael's bum, earning a small squeak from him. "It's really sexy too." Calum whispered as he kissed down Michael's neck, the chubby boy biting his lip and Calum began pulling Michael's pants down, the sweat fabric pooling around the pale boy's ankles as he connected their lips and furiously unbuttoned Calum's flannel, the tan boy beginning to pull Michael's (Really Calum's) tshirt off and then sucking on his collarbone as he pushed him down onto the bed, "Oh god." Michael moaned and arched his back, the younger boy kissing down Michael's pale tummy and then pulling his boxers off, kissing the faint pink stretch marks on his inner thighs, "Beautiful." He whispered and pulled his bottoms off, Calum stuck three fingers in Michael's mouth, the pale boy making sure they got wet enough by licking around them, then Calum pulled them out and slid them into Michael's hole, making Michael moan as he prepped him. "Calum get in me already!" Michael moaned as Calum removed his fingers, "Patience babe" Calum whispered as he pumped his throbbing cock, slowly putting himself in Michael's entrance, "Oh-oh god fuck." Michael moaned as Calum put his legs on his shoulder and thrusted into him. "Fuck Calum faster!" Michael screamed as he gripped onto the tan boy's biceps, leaving nail marks as he dragged them down his skin, making Calum speed up. "Oh shit." Michael moaned as Calum kept thrusting into him at a fast pace, "Fuck, Calum, I'm gonna c-cum!" Michael grunted, "Cum for me princess." Calum whispered and Michael screamed as he came, Calum releasing at the sight of Michael's climax, riding out their highs and then pulling out, cleaning a panting Michael off. "Oh my god." Michael panted as Calum laid next to him, the tan boy playing with his bright red hair, "I love you and your perky bum." Calum smirked as he pinched his ass again, making a tired giggle escape Michael's lips. "Go to sleep beautiful." Calum cooed and kissed Michael's cheek, he fell asleep and then Calum put on boxers and pants, going downstairs after fixing his sex hair. "Is he okay?" Ashton asked, "Ashton, he just fell asleep, you can apologize when he wakes up." Calum smiled.

"Okay, and by the way, the walls are pretty thin."

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