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"I can drive, I-I'm *hic* fine." Michael hiccuped to himself as he got in the car, the drunk boy fumbled with the car keys and started the car, forgetting about the seatbelt as he started driving. The green haired boy was seeing double and he was shaky from the large amount of alchol in his system, he couldn't see the traffic lights or anything, so he ran a red light but a truck was going across the street as the same time Michael was going forward, making the large semi and small car crash together, Michael's car flipping over and tumbled onto it's side, the impact caused him to black out. 911 was immediately can't acted and they rushed to the scene, struggling to get the pale boy out of the car and Michael looked dead, the top left half of his face was ripped to shreds, his left arm and right leg were detached, and his stomach was torn apart, making his pale tummy become bright crimson red. His bandmates were called once he arrived at this hospital and they wasted no time getting there, but there was an issue among the operators as they rushed Michael to the surgery room, they weren't sure how to save him. He starve to death without his stomach, and he was missing 2 limbs and the top left half of his face, but they found something they could do, replace the ruined parts of his with bionic parts, make him half robot. Michael went through a 24 hour surgery and they had successfully made him a cyborg, a nurse immediately going to his bandmates and Calum jumped out of his seat first. "Is he okay? Please say he's okay." Calum pleaded, "Don't worry, he's fine." She cooed and they all let out a sigh of relief, "But, we had to make a few changes to his body since a lot of it was damaged in the crash." She explained, "What did you do?" Luke asked and then a nurse came over holding Michael's hand to help him walk, his bandmates gaped at his new body. Michael's right leg was now pure steel, his left arm was robotic, he had titanium surrounding his eye and covering part of his forehead as well as his cheek and jaw bone on the left side of his face, random strands of green hair were replaced with silver, and his left eye was glowing red. "Wh-who are they." Michael mumbled as he looked at them, his voice sounding robotic as well and his red eye was scanning them, getting descriptions of each boy. Michael nodded to himself, know slowly beginning to remember his bandmates and the band he was in, "You're just so...diffrent." Ashton mumbled and Michael looked down at the floor, "Hey, don't be upset. I think you look pretty cool." Calum smiled as he hugged Michael, "You're like Cyborg from Teen Titans." He smiled and Michael laughed, "Maybe you should try and eat before you go home Michael, try and get used to your new stomach." A nurse cooed and Michael nodded, going back to his room and he was given a pudding cup since they didn't want him to eat solids just yet, he took a bite and automatically spit it out into the trash, "Oh my god that's vile." He grimaced, drinking water to get the taste out of his mouth. "Don't spill on yourself Michael, you'll rust." A nurse cooed and Michael nodded, "Does he have any new....upgrades that we should watch out for?" Luke asked, "Well, he can change his hand into diffrent things, like this." A nurse mumbled and kept twisting Michael's wrist, it changing from a drill, to a claw, to a laser, and then she tugged on his arm and it extended, making Michael's eyes widen. "And his new stomach can expand rather easily, so be careful of how big of portions he takes." The nurse warned and they nodded, "Also, he has had a microwave implanted into his chest." She smiled and opened up the front of his button up hospital gown, showing them the microwave that was now on his chest. "Plus, he has rockets in his feet that can only be used outside." She explained, "Can I go home now?" He asked and she nodded, "We brought you extra clothes." Luke smiled and handed Michael clothes, "Thanks." Michael mumbled and went into the bathroom, changing into a red flannel, a hoodie, and black skinnies before he left. Michael held onto Ashton's hand with his still human one, a small frown on Michael's face as he got a couple of stares and he flicked the hood up, not wanting people to stare at him. Paparazzi was surrounding the hospital and Michael hid his face and metallic hand as quick as he could, not wanting anyone to see what he had become on any social media just yet. When they got home and Michael walked into his bedroom, he looked in the mirror and gasped at his reflection, completely horrified by himself, he started sobbiing as he looked at the metal parts of his body. His bandmates went upstairs and Ashton quickly dried Michael's tears with his sweater sleeve, "Michael, babe you don't wanna rust." He cooed, "I-I-I'm a freak!" He sobbed, "And I don't even know how this happened." He cried, "Mikey, you were drunk driving and got into a crash." Luke explained. "I'm such an idiot!" Michael cursed, "Michael, you were pissed drunk, you couldn't think straight." Calum cooed, "Why didn't I just take a goddamn cab?! Is it that damn hard?!" He snapped, angry with himself. Ashton pulled Michael onto his lap and rocked him back and forth, "Shhhhh, Mikey it's okay. Everything is gonna be okay, I promise." He cooed, "Pr-promise?" Michael asked, "Promise." They all smiled and Michael smiled, then his belly growled and he blushed. "What can you eat?" Calum asked as they walked Michael downstairs, "I-I don't know, normal food takes like fucking sewage." Michael grimaced and then he noticed a bolt had fallen on the floor, curiously he popped it into his mouth and started chewing, realizing how fucking amazing metal tasted. "I guess metal." Luke laughed and he went into the garage, grabbing a few jars full of bolts and washers for when they needed to fix something but now it was for Michael to eat. "Thanks Lukey." Michael smiled as he started eating handfuls of the metal, "I think you gave him to much Luke." Calum mumbled, "Why?" Luke askdd, "We have to watch how much he eats or he'll get super bloated all the time." Ashton whispered and they heard Michael burp a bit, then seeing his belly was already getting rounder. "We'll just let him eat how much he wants, it's his body." Luke shrugged and they turned their attention back to Michael, seeing him sitting at the kitchen table with 6 empty jars and a soccer ball shaped belly. "I'm stuffed." Michael groaned, "You wanna go up to bed?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, the brunette helping him go upstairs and lay him down in bed. The next day, they had a concert and Michael was super nervous, what if he scared them? He waited backstage for them to start the announcement, "As most of you know, Mikey was in a terrible car crash but he made it thankfully. Except, he's got a few upgrades." Calum smiled, "I need you all to chant for him all right? Everyone say 'Miiiiiiiikey!'!" Ashton exclaimed and the crowd did what they were told, chanting his name over and over and he took a deep breath before going onstage, making the crowd roar. "Hey guys." He mumbled into the microphone, really shy. "Scream if you think Michael rocks!" Luke exclaimed and the whole arena screamed at the top of their lungs, making Michael smile and they started the first song, She's Kinda Hot and Michael tuned on the rockets in his shoes, flying over the crowd and everyone screamed as he flew over them, performing all the same but with more excitement and energy than before. After the concert, Michael's belly kept growling and they went to a restaurant, paparazzi surrounding them. "Michael how is it to be half robot?" A man asked, "Michael, does your bionic parts hurt you?" Another one asked, making Michael uncomfortable and they rushed inside, immediately getting a table. "What would you like sir?" A waitress smiled, "N-nuts and bolts please." Michael blushed and she nodded, coming back with all their food and Michael could feel people staring at him as he ate his fill, making him more uncomfortable and he hid his face in Luke's chest, "People are staring at me." Michael mumbled. "It's okay kitten, just eat. They don't matter." Luke cooed and Michael ate the rest of the bowl, still shy. As time went on, Michael grew to love his bionic body, of course people still gave him strange looks and people sent hate, but he ignored that and focused on the happy stuff, like how he was still alive after the crash.

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