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5sos was at a meet and greet, having a great time meeting fans and Michael saw a blonde girl walk up to him, she was holding a large plastic bag from some sort of candy store. "Hey, what's your name?" He smiled, "Serena." She smiled, "Pretty name for a pretty lady." He smirked and opened his arms to give her a hug, Serena put the bag down and hugged him, a smile on her face as she pulled away. "A got you some things." She smiled and handed him the bag, "Oh, that's heavy." He grunted and she giggled, he saw a bag of gummy candy and his jaw dropped. "Are these gummies?!" He beamed and she nodded, "Oh my god thank you." Michael smiled and hugged her again, "I love gummies so much." He giggled, "You're welcome. I better go." She smiled and they waved goodbye to each other. After the meet and greet, they went back to the bus and Michael went straight to his bunk, grabbing a soda on the way so he had something to drink and his laptop so he could watch some Netflix. He turned on Pokémon and grabbed the first thing out of the bag, his jaw dropped and his eyes widened, a 20 pound lime gummy bear was inside and that was only one of the 3 things she gave him. His mouth watered and he ripped open the package, opened his soda and played the first episode of Pokémon. He closed the curtain to his bunk so no one could see him and he bit into the gummy treat, it was the best thing he has ever tasted! He kept biting it and biting it, devouring it quickly and then washing it down with his soda, chugging his it and then letting out a deep burp. He put his hand on his belly and his eyes widened, feeling how round it had gotten and he looked down, seeing it was like a damn soccer ball and he lifted his shirt, rubbing his tummy and then pulling the next thin out of the bag and his jaw dropped to the floor. It was a 7 foot long blue gummy python, the blue haired boy couldn't believe his eyes, "No wonder the bag was so heavy." He chuckled and then bit into the gummy snake, it was even tastier than the gummy bear and he kept shoving more and more into his mouth, his cheeks stuffed to the max and he swallowed huge bite after bite, feeling how much his gut was stretching and he swallowed the last bite, laying back and he groaned, rubbing his beach ball belly. "Mikey!" Ashton called, "Yeah?" He asked, "You ready for the concert?!" He asked and Michael jumped up, "What concert?!" The blue haired boy asked, "Really dude?" Ashton asked and the curtain opened, "Dude, what the hell did you eat?" Ashton laughed, "Um....." Michael mumbled and sat up, "That's not important, just put on your baggies tshirt and hopefully you'll hide most of it." Ashton shrugged and Michael nodded, getting down from his bunk and Ashton poked his gut, "Stop that." Michael mumbled as he took his shirt off and put on a shirt, taking it off when it showed his belly, then he tried another one, and another one, and another. "Oh my god! Nothing is gonna hide this fucking thing!" Michael snapped and flopped onto the bottom bunk, his gut almost resting on his knees. "Your fault Mike." Luke smirked, "Shut up Luke." Michael groaned and held his belly, "I'm so full." He mumbled, "No shit." Calum laughed, "Michael, just wear any shirt okay? You'll just explain." Ashton shrugged, "Easy for you to say, you don't look like you're overdue with twins." Michael shot back, "Just put a damn shirt on." Ashton chuckled and Michael pulled one on, laying down and rubbing his tummy. Michael laid there until they had to go, his arms around wrapped around his belly in an attempt to hide it, that didn't work too well. He was a bit nervous as he walked out onstage, but he didn't hear any remarks for the first couple of songs, until Ashton decided to say something. After they performed Good Girls, they took a little break to talk, "Hey Mikey, you care to explain why you look like you're 8 months pregnant?" Ashton laughed and Michael blushed, "Not really no, but I guess I don't have any damn choice." Michael chuckled, "We had a meet and greet earlier and this fan, her name was Serena I think, she gave me a 20 pound lime gummy bear and a 7 foot long blue gummy python." Michael explained, "7 feet?!" Calum exclaimed, "That's bigger than you!" Michael blushed at the crowd's laughter, "And what happened to those things?" Luke smiled, "I ate them." Michael mumbled. He scanned the crowd and saw Serena, "Hey! She's right there!" Michael beamed and pointed to her in the front row, "Let's bring her up." He smiled and security brought Serena, "So she can give you more candy?" Calum smirked as she ran over to Michael, "Shut up Calum." Michael retorted and he gave her a big hig, his belly squishing against her torso. "You made me fat, but I like you anyway." Michael smiled to her and she blushed, a security guard made a signal for him to stop stalling and he let go. "Wait, you almost forgot something." He smiled and handed her a slip of paper before she was taken off stage, she opened it and smiled, seeing Michael's phone number on it.

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