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-liquid inflation

Look. At. His. Belly. Oh. My. God!

Can I rub it? Or at least touch it? Is that too much to ask?

I'm think of stopping at 170 oneshots, so I'll be writing 10 more of them.

How does that sound? Please tell me ❤

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Michael and the boys were out at a party, it being rather crowded and Michael was rather uncomfortable in the situation he was currently in. The lilac haired boy was sat on the couch of the crowded house, completely sober and on his phone, being the back up designated driver incase Ashton decided to drink a beer or two, the pale boy felt himself being pulled up and into a room, making him shriek but someone covered his mouth with a cloth so he couldn't scream for help. Michael kicked his legs as he felt someone sling them over his shoulder, his hands being held behind his back and he started to getting more and more anxious by the second, feeling himself being thrown into an empty dark room, his back hitting the wall and he groaned, looking up and seeing a two boys. One had a machine connected to some type of tank and a hose, the other one with just a smirk on his face. The curly haired one removed the muzzle, "Don't scream or you'll be in more pain." He scolded and Michael kept his mouth shut, scared to death. "Open up." The blonde one smirked and put a tube in Michael's mouth, a strap going around his head so he couldn't spit it out and Michael went wide eyed, freaking out and then the machine turned on, cola flowing through the tube and into Michael's mouth, the lilac haired boy having to drink it as fast as possible and he watched in shock as his belly began growing, making his already tight belt burst open in a matter of seconds. "Jesus, already getting huge." The curly haired boy smirked and Michael whimpered, still swallowing the soda and he felt his button pop off, shooting across the room and his belly flowing out onto his lap, but the tank wasn't close to empty just yet. More and more gallons of soda flowed into Michael's gut, making it grow and grow rapidly, the poor boy could just watch in horror as his belly began to look like a over filled water ballon. After an hour, the tank finally emptied and the boys removed the hose from Michael's mouth, as well as the restraints and Michael immediately rubbed his gurgling belly. "One more thing before we let you rest piggie." The blonde smirked and popped 2 mentos in the the pale boys mouth, forcing him to swallow them and Michael hiccuped, too full to move. The two boys left and Michael laid on his side, whimpering each time his belly gurgled and groaned, burping every minute due to the gas bubble forming inside of him. He closed his eyes and slowly fell asleep, his belly churning roughly whilst he did so. The pale boy woke up a few hours later, the party seeming to have died down a little and he got up, seeing his belly was now the size of a beach ball instead of a yoga ball like before, making him groan in annoyance as he tugged his too tight tshirt down, he rubbed his poor belly and sat on the ground, not wanting to move. He heard knocking and he froze, afraid it was the two boys back for more, "Mikey? You in there?" He heard Ashton coo and he froze, "Y-yes." He mumbled and his bandmates walked in, rushing over to the upset boy and helping him stand. "Oh Mikey what happened?" Luke asked, "Th-these guys m-made me dr-drink-k gallons of soda-a and my belly r-really hurts." Michael cried and Luke picked him up, carrying him to the car so they could take him home, thankfully Ashton was sober and able to take them home. His bandmates took turns rubbing his belly and cuddling him, also needing to help him to the bathroom as the cola had slowly made its way to his bladder.

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