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- vomit

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I feel like I'm disappointing you with how short this is

I love you all so much, thank you for reading my shitty stories ❤❤❤❤


{1020 words 😞}
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Rachel intertwined her hand with Michael's, smiling as they laid on the couch and cuddled, Michael running his fingers through her hair with his free hand, burping every so often and Rachel thought he was just being rude when he did, not knowing of his "period" because he was too embarrassed to tell her. "You tired princesa?" Michael asked, smiling and kissing her forehead as she nodded. "Let's go to bed then okay?" He cooed and got up, carrying her to bed and laying her down, pecking her lips and smiling before he got undressed to just his boxers, then laying next to her after she changed into just one of his shirts and pajama bottoms, Michael wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to his chest, "Goodnight baby girl." Michael whispered and closed his eyes, trying to fall asleep and ignore the god awful cramps in his tummy and the small pains in his chest. Rachel tried sleeping, Michael's burps keeping her up and she sighed, trying to block them out but they were getting louder and she wiggled out of his grip once she couldn't take it anymore, needing to move away from him. Each time he burped, she got even more nervous, getting even more freaked out when he groaned sometimes and she began crying, which caused Michael to snap awake and he turned on the lamp on nightstand, sitting her up and looking at her with his eyes wide with concern. "Baby girl, what's wrong? Why are you crying?" He asked with worry as he wiped her tears with his thumb, "Y-you're sc-scaring me a-and I'm annoying you." She whimpered and his heart broke, "Oh baby no, you're no annoying me, I'm just feeling really........under the weather." Michael cooed, pausing to let out a few burps. "Wh-why are you burping s-so much?" She sniffled and Michael wiped away a stray tear that ran down her cheek, "Because I have this thing with my tummy where-ah god!" Michael began stopping himself as he got a bad pain in his chest and Rachel freaked out, "Michael, what's wrong?!" She asked in fear, "Hurts." He whispered, clutching his chest and she quickly called an ambulance, worried about her boyfriend and she went over to him, seeing the pain and fear on his face. "R-Rachel." Michael whimpered and she held his hand, "A-am I gonna die?" He sniffled and she kissed his forehead, "You won't baby, not on my watch." She whispered and paramedics came, checking Michael and he refused to let go of Rachel's hand, terrified. The paramedics explained how Michael just had trapped air in his chest and he just had to take some medication to help them come out, which Rachel was thankful for because he wasn't having a heart attack or anything. The paramedics left and Michael took a couple pills without reading the side effects or anything, putting the bottle down on the table and hugging Rachel, "That was so scary." He whispered, "But you're okay now baby." She whispered and kissed his head, holding him in her arms as he liked being the little spoon when he was scared or not feeling well. Michael was burping louder now, the medecine beginning to take effect and the air leaving his system, making Rachel go crazy from the noise and she got up, going downstairs and taking some medecine herself, some sleeping pills and a medication to calm her nerves, after she took the pills she heard a retching noise and she rushed upstairs to the bathroom, seeing Michael hunched over the toilet and vomiting, burping as well but that was the least of Rachel's concerns as of now. She walked over and rubbed his back as he released his stomach contents into the porcelain bowl, she felt his forehead and didn't feel anything. "I-I think it's a side effect." He panted as he finished vomiting, "I'll go check, you okay now?" She cooed and he nodded as he got up to brush his teeth, so she left the room and she was correct, the first side effects were nausea and vomiting. She felt two arms wrap around her waist and a head rest on her shoulder, "I'm sowwy." He slurred and snuggled into her neck. "I have a problem with my tummy where 3 days every month I get bad cramps, nausea, burps, and headaches. So I call it my period." He explained and she laid down with him, kissing his cheek. "You're still perfect to me." She whispered and he smiled, pulling her into his chest and both of them falling asleep peacefully.

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