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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs. Fear Pt.2

This was really bad, I'm so sorry

I used this pic because it looks like he's burping (he probably was). Anyway, enjoy! :)
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"Sweetheart, if you tell me what's bothering you I can help." Michael cooed as he hugged Rachel to his chest, playing with her hair because she randomly started crying. It's been a month since Rachel had told Michael her fear of his burping and he's tried his best to muffle them or leave the room when he has to, but he's been having a couple slip-ups lately and it's been freaking her out, the thing that scared her the most is that they were really loud and wet. Rachel sat in his lap on the couch, Michael cradling her and trying to calm her down, "Baby girl, please tell me what's wrong?" He asked. Rachel took a deep breath, she sniffled and just shook her head. "You wanna tell me later?" He asked and she nodded, "Whenever you're ready Rach." He smiled and kissed her forehead, then carrying her upstairs and laying down with her in bed, singing her to sleep. When she woke up, she expected Michael to ask her what's wrong, but what she heard was a loud burp from the bathroom, making her practically fall off the bed. Michael walked out of the bathroom in just boxers, ruffling his still kinda wet blonde hair, "Morning." He mumbled as he left the room, not even apoligizing or looking at her, Rachel got up and rubbed her eyes, going downstairs and seeing Michael sitting on the couch. "Mikey?" She asked, "What?" He mumbled, a little snappy. "Never mind." Rachel mumbled and left the room, telling herself was just tired from too much time on his Xbox last night or something, but what she didn't know was that Michael was frustrated, with her. He just wanted to know why his burping scared her and why she was still crying, he was mostly upset that he was the cause of it, but he still wanted Rachel to be happy and he couldn't find out unless she told him, this making the frustration begin. "Rachel?" He called and she walked in, he patted his lap for her to sit on and she did, snuggling into his bare chest. "Can you tell me what's bothering you baby?" He asked and held her hand, "I'm still scared and you burped really loud earlier and it scared me and then you were kinda rude about it." She rushed out in one breath, Michael's face softened. "I was kinda frustrated." He mumbled, "I want to help you, but you wouldn't tell me and I was getting a little angry." He frowned. "I understand." She sniffled, "But, how are we gonna deal with this? I mean, I'm trying everything I can and I just want you to love me like I love you and not be afraid of me." Michael pouted, "Don't leave me because of this." He begged and Rachel hugged him, "I would never leave you." She cooed and kissed his temple, "What we have right now is fine Mikey, just sometimes when they slip out it's tough, but I can deal with it because you didn't mean it." Rachel smiled, "I just want you to be happy with me." Michael mumbled and stroked her cheek, she kissed his nose and he scrunched it up, giggling. "It's too early to be awake." Michael yawned and laid down, almost on top of Rachel. "Mikeyyyyy." She whined, "Shhhhh, I'm sleeping." He smirked and she rolled her eyes, "Fine, have it your way." Rachel laughed. "Because it's the best way." He giggled and kissed her neck, falling back asleep.

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