Not everyone is who they seem

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5sos were at a meet and greet, having fun meeting the fans and getting little gifts. Recently, there had been at least one fan at every meet and greet who had brought them treats, whether it was cupcakes, candies, gummies, that fan gave it to them. The fan was always a girl, but she looked diffrent each time, her hair was always a diffrent color and her face looked sligjtly diffrent each time, the boys figured it was a diffrent person, but boy were they wrong. This girl, Paige, is a "crazy" fan if you will. Paige was rather tall, around 6"3 like Mikey, she was pale, had black hair with blue and purple highlights, she had a lip ring, and was British. She was obsessed with the boys, basically knowing all of their information except for their phone numbers and addresses, although she was crazy about something happening to them. Paige wanted them to be extremely overweight, especially Mikey because he was her favorite and she wanted him extra big. So, Paige decided that whenever she gave them baked goods, she'd add this powder to the ones she gave Michael, the powder reacts with the contents of your stomach and causes you to get pretty bloated, so if Mikey ate only 4, his belly would be like a beach ball and very tight. Today, Paige was at a meet and greet and this time she was going more than just giving them something, she was going rather extreme with this one. Paige was the last person in the line and she walked up to them, going straight to Michael for a hug and he giggled as she hugged him as tight as possible, "We should just hug forever." Michael mumbled as he started swaying a bit and Paige giggled, feeling the others give her a hug so they were now in a group hug. Paige looked around and saw no security was there any more, no one else was around and after they pulled away, she gave them their gifts and she had made them 4 cupcakes each, having added the powder to Michael's and she fought the smirk on her face as she watched him eat them all quickly. They were letting her stay longer than normal because she was the last person and they had no where to be, plus they were in a deep conversation. Suddenly, they heard Michael's tummy rumble and he put his hand on his belly, Paige stepped closer and rubbed his back, "You okay?" She asked, acting innocent. "I think I ate those cupcakes too fast." Michael groaned and then gasped as he felt his tummy begin to expand. "What the hell?!" He groaned as his belly kept growing and he almost fell, Luke having to catch him and Paige grabbed his upper arm, Michael's gut stopped growing and he was gawking at how huge it was, "I look like I'm gonna pop." Michael mumbled. "I can take you to the doctors, my cupcakes caused this it's the least I can do." Paige cooed and they all agreed, thinking she felt bad for doing this to Michael's body. "Oh god it hurts." Michael whimpered as Paige started driving, Michael was sounding like a pregnant person in labor, he kept groaning and whimpering as well as cradling and rubbing his bloated belly, his tummy looked like a drum it was so damn tight and Michael had to be didn't feel very good. "I'm sorry Mikey, I didn't mean to." Paige cooed as she reached into the back and rubbed his knee, "It's o-okay." Michael huffed and his belly gurgled quietly, making him scrunch his face up. "Paige, are we almost there?" Calum asked and Paige stopped the car, pulling up to the building she wanted. "We're here." Paige smiled and she heard Michael sigh in relief, obviously uncomfortable. They walked into the white building and when they got inside, seeing the room was filled with sweets and baked goods, a strange fearful feeling spreading through the boys' chests. Paige immediately grabbed Michael and tied him to a chair, earning a scream from the red head, his scream followed by his bandmates' as they were tied up as well. "Wh-wh-what are you doing?" Michael stammered, sounding rather scared and Paige smirked. "Well, my plan is to fatten your pretty little faces up, that are a too little to my liking." Paige smirked and Michael groaned at the tight feeling in his tummy, "My tummy hurts." He moaned, "Oh please, if you think that hurts just wait." Paige scoffed and Michael screamed, his bandmates doing the same but food was shoved into their mouths, robot hands plugging their noses so they were forced to chew and swallow what was given to them. Each time they would scream or cry for help, a pastry or sweet was shoved into their mouths, making their tummies grow. Michael's belly looked like he was pregnant, it round and tighter than they thought was possible. "Paige.....please...stop." Michael panted, it difficult for him to breathe from the amount of food in his gut, same for his bandmates although their bellies weren't as big. Paige walked behind Michael, dubbing his tight tummy and he threw his head back, her hands massaging soothing circles into his skin and making the pain dull down a tiny bit. "Oh my god don't stop that." Michael moaned and they heard people banging on the door, "IT'S THE POLICE, OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR!" A man shouted through the door and Paige went wide eyed, getting the door and cops immediately handcuffed her, going to the boy's and untied them, helping them stand as well. "Oh my god, they can see our guts." Michael blushed as they went outside to the fans, but the fans couldn't give less fucks, just happy that their idols were okay.

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