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Request by @PainterzRulez1269. I'm really tired so this isn't gonna be at its best, and i tried to make it long but, again I'm really tired, sorry about that. Anyways, enjoy! Has 1D and 5sos :)
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Michael saw Luke sitting on the couch with the rest of the boys, including the 4 boys of 1D. Michael sat down on Luke's lap, since there was no other chair to sit on, then Michael's belly growled loudly, making him blush. "Is everyone hungry or is it just me?" Michael asked and everyone agreed, "Me and Harry will go make something." Luke smiled and took Michael off his lap, sitting him on the couch whilst he and Harry walked into the kitchen. Everyone's focus was on the TV as Harry and Luke prepared whatever they were making in the kitchen, a growl emitting from someone's tummy every now and then. Michael got up and walked into the kitchen, tired of waiting, but what he saw was definitely worth the wait. "Is it almost-holy crap." He gasped as he the mountain of nachos on the kitchen table, chips, cheese, tomatoes, guacamole, beans, and sour cream were piled high on a plate. Everyone else walked in to see what Michael gasped for and then they understood right away, "Don't just stand there, we made it for a reason." Harry laughed and everyone sat down, stuffing their faces with the mountain of nachos, getting cheese and other condiments on their faces as they ate. Their bellies were increasing as the nachos decreased, soon the mountain of nachos was gone and there were 8 very stuffed boy's leaning back in their chairs with leftover food on their faces. "I'm so stuffed." Liam groaned and rubbed his tummy, the buttons on b his flannel looked like they were gonna pop off. "Me too." Harry mumbled and burped, rubbing his belly with both hands, "I'm gonna explode." Niall groaned and Louis burped, picking at his teeth with a toothpick. Michael had his head resting on the table, his arms wrapped around his overstuffed gut and rubbing his belly softly, his bandmates rubbing their bellies as well. 1D ended up falling asleep in the living room after the big meal, whilst 5sos were in their bedrooms, getting some sleep, well 3/4 were, Michael's bellyache was to much for him to sleep. He was tossing, turning, moaning, and groaning, Niall had woken up and heard Michael's groans from upstiars, he stood up and went upstairs, going into the lilac haired boy's bedroom. "What's song Mikey?" Niall asked as he shut the door behind him and sat on the bed, "My belly hurts Niall." Michael whined and the Irish boy laid Michael's head in his lap, rubbing his beach ball belly in large slow circles to ease the pain. "That feel better Mikey?" He asked and the pale boy nodded, falling asleep whilst Niall rubbed his tummy.

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