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The girl is supposed to be you fyi

Kinda sad

Focuses on Mike on the sad parts

Hope you like it ♡

Mikey's hair looks so soft and his cheeks are so squishy and fuck I wanna cuddle him

Okay, so 5sos is still a band, just Mikey, Ash, Calum, and Luke aren't the members. They're fans of the band, I know that's kinda strange but that's just what's gonna happen okay? Okay


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"Hurry up Rachel!" Michael shouted upstairs, waiting for his best friend since 3rd grade to finish, girlfriend since 8th grade, getting ready for school. "Fucking relax. Goddamn Mikey." She laughed as she walked downstairs and he smiled, "You look so pretty." Michael smiled as he put his hands on her hips, pecking her lip gloss coated lips. "So do you babe." She smiled as he tucked a piece of blonde hair behind Michael's ear, kissing his nose and Michael giggled. "Let's get to school- BRUUPPPP!" Michael belched, clapping his hand over his mouth and blushing like mad, making Rachel giggle. "Excuse me." Michael blushed and Rachel kissed his forehead, "You're excused." She giggled and then walked to the bus stop, getting on and Michael burped a couple times as they sat down. "You okay baby? Does your stomach hurt?" Rachel asked, wondering why he was burping so much. "No, I'm okay." Michael mumbled and put an earbud in his ear, giving Rachel the other, listening to Jet Black Heart and Michael was singing along, making Rachel smile. The bus stopped and Michael took out the earbuds, walking inside with Rachel and giving her a kiss before heading to class. They, sadly, didn't have any classes together until after lunchtime, so they had to wait until after lunch to walk to class together. Michael's and Rachel's classes dragged on, boring them both to death and they both rushed out of the classroom when the lunch bell rang, meeting each other in the cafeteria and immediately connecting their lips, Michael smiling and he leaned against the wall, her arms wrapping around his neck and his hands on her hips. "Class sucked." Michael mumbled as he pecked her lips, "Of course, I'm not there." She smirked and he chuckled, pecking her lips again. "I love kissing you." He smiled, "I love kissing you too." Rachel smiled and kissed him, hearing Calum and Luke make gagging noises and Michael flipped the off as he pulled away from the kiss, "At least I have someone to kiss, where are your girlfriends?" Michael smirked and they rolled their eyes, sitting down at a cafeteria table. "You know what I say we do?" Rachel smirked, "I say we go back to your house and just ditch the rest of the day." She mumbled, "My mum's home and she'll kill me if I come home early." Michael pouted and Rachel huffed, "Stupid rules." He frowned and she kissed him again, "Oh well." She shrugged and the bell rang. "We literally just got to lunch." Michael whined as they started walking to their next class, "This school hates it's students and doesn't care what time you get to lunch." Rachel smiled and Michael giggled, holding her hand and kissing it. Still, classes were a bore and it's not important because who gives a fuck about geometry, honestly who does? As soon as the final dismissal bell ramg, Michael grabbed Rachel's hand as well as his stuff and they ran out of the building, Rachel laughing at Michael's sudden burst of energy and he picked her up and spun her around as they got outside, kissing her and he smiled. "I love your smile." She grinned as he put her down, "Can I tell you something?" Michael asked and she nodded, "That smile only exists when I'm with you." Michael smiled and she pecked his cheek, then he let out a burp, that was followed by about 5 more. "Mikey, that's gross!" Rachel grimaced and he laughed, "Sorry babe, but I gotta let that air out." Michael shrugged as he patted his tummy, then muffling a flurry of burps with his fists. "Mikey, stopppppppp." Rachel whined and he laughed, giving her a kiss before going inside his house, going straight up to his room and doing his homework, despite that his Xbox was practically calling his name. Throughout the rest of the day, Michael's burping kept getting worse, he just couldn't stop and his mum had had enough, taking him to the hospital as he could only get a few words out without a burp leaving his lips or a cramp to go through his poor tummy. He didn't think he would be given such a strange diagnosis, he thought it was something simple like he drank or ate too much, but jo, he is now stuck with a burping disorder for the rest of his life. No medecine or surgery was available since doctors had never seen anything like it before. He wasn't nervous about telling Rachel thought, she wouldn't leave him for something silly like this, right? He walked into school and went over to her, seeing her at her locker and he hugged her, kissing her cheek. "I've got something to tell you." Michael mumbled as she shut her locker and she turned around, "I-I went to the doctors yesterday because I was b-burping a lot, so they said that, um, I have a burping disorder and I can't do anything about it." Michael explained and Rachel looked at him for a bit, "Then, how are we gonna work out?" She asked and he was confused, "Wh-what?" Michael stammered. "Burping drives me crazy and now that you have a disorder with it, I don't see how we can work out Mikey." She sighed and his bottom lip started to tremble. "You-you pr-promise that you would l-leave me." Michael whimpered, "Michael, I'm sorry, but-" Rachel began, "You promised!" Michael shouted and he let out a dob, running out of the school and running home, locking himself in his room and crying into his knees. "STUPID FUCKING DISORDER!" He screamed and sobbed, throwing himself onto his bed and sobbing into his pillow, crying himself to sleep. He was like that for weeks, he'd go to school, avoid everyone, come back home, do homework, and them cry himself to sleep. Michael was a mess without Rachel, he fucking needed Rachel and she needed him but he didn't know that, hell he thought she was disgusted by him right now. It was about 3 weeks after their breakup and Rachel was going onto the bus to head home, seeing Michael in the way back of the bus, wearing all black and fiddling with his sweater paws as he listened to music, she cracked a small smile at how cute he looked. Michael looked up and saw Rachel, looking at her sadly and she looked at him sadly too, he opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out, well no words came out. "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPP!" He belched and everyone (except for Rachel and Luke and Calum) burst into laughter at Michael's bright red flustered face, Rachel rushed over to him and hugged him as tight as she coild, feeling him smile into his neck and his cheeks squish on her shoulder. "I missed you so much." He sniffled and she smiled sadly, "I missed you too Mikey and I'm so sorry for leaving you like that. That was really selfish of me and I should've been here for you instead, please forgive me." She cooed and he pecked her lips, "I fucking love you Rachel." Michael smiled and the bus stopped, Michael and Rachel getting off and instead of going inside, they laid down on Michael's porch and cuddled, the pale boy talking about how much he missed her and what he felt like while she was gone. "Mikey, I promise to never leave you. I love you too fucking much to let you go, I don't care about the burps anymore. I love you." She smiled and kissed him, "I love you too Rachel."

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