Gone to your head

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Rachel and Michael had known each other since they were in year 2, meeting after a small incident Michael had.
Rachel saw a blonde haired boy with a small flower crown on his head on the swing set, making her smile because he was so damn adorable. He looked younger than her, about a year or so. The boy tried jumping off the swing, but he didn't do it correctly and fell onto his knee, hurting himself and he let out a loud wail, causing Rachel to rush over and help him up, hugging him and letting him cry into her shoulder. "I got o-owies!" Michael wailed and she hugged him tight, taking him to the nurse to get a bandaid. "You my best fwiend?" Michael babbled as him and Rachel sat on the swing set together, "Forever." She grinned and Michael giggled, grabbing her small hand in his.
That was almost 12 years ago and now the two are dating, for almost 4 years now. They did hit a rough patch when Michael was diagnosed with this burping disorder at 16, around the time they first started dating. Rachel had a small, well kinda big, problem with the burping, it was rather annoying and kinda gross, it has caused a few fights between them but they've stayed together. They both had gotten famous in the music industry, but sadly, the fame was going to Rachel's head and Michael saw it. She was acting like a diva more often and she was kinda bitch at times, but he still loved her to death. They were both on tour, just so happening to be in the same city for their tour and Rachel and Michael had to meet up, spending all day together and Michael was having one of his bad disorder days, but he didn't want that to stop them from having fun. "Hey baby girl." Michael smiled as he hugged Rachel from behind, "How about we go out to eat? Maybe a little dancing afterwards, a night on the town." He proposed, smirking at the last bit and she chuckled, rolling her eyes. Although that did sound lovely, she didn't want to deal with his disorder out in public, not wanting to be humiliated. "You sure? It's one of those days, it's better at home right?" She mumbled and he gave her the puppy look that made her heart melt into a puddle. "Okay okay." She giggled and Michael cheered, letting Rachel get ready and then taking her out, Rachel hiding her face in embarrassment each time someone looker at them after Michael burped. They were sitting in a rather fancy restaurant, waiting at the bar for their table to be called and Michael had his head resting on her shoulder, holding her hand and smiling. "I wish we could just be together forever." Michael whispered and Rachel giggled, Michael pecking her lips and they smiled, although Michael's wasn't forced. Rachel kept getting closer and closer to snapping each time he burped, "Can you try and stop baby?" She whispered and he frowned, "I can't." Michael whispered and she sighed mentally, understanding but it still annoying her. It only took a couple more burps and hiccups before she couldn't take it anymore, it was just too much. "FUCKING STOP! JUST FUCKING STOP IT MICHAEL!" She screeched and everyone looked at them, "WE'RE FUCKING DONE! I CAN'T TAKE YOUR DISORDER ANYMORE!" She snapped and Michael ran out of the restaurant, driving away and not caring that Rachel didn't have a ride to the hotel. He didn't fucking care one bit, his heart had just been ripped out of his chest and stomped on infront of dozens of people. He rushed inside the hotel and banged on his bandmates' hotel room, sobbing his aching heart out and as soon as the door opened, he was engulfed into a hug. "Sh-she br-broke up with m-me!" Michael sobbed into Luke's shoulder, his body shaking terribly as sobs, hiccups, and burps racked his body. "Shhhh, buddy, breathe Mikey, breathe." Calum tried as Michael was now sitting on the bed, knees curled to his chest. "F-fucking bitch." He sniffled and laid down, of course not meaning it as he was just extremely pissed and sad right now. It was only a few days later and Rachel was hanging out with Luke and Calum, at their hotel room and having a rather nice time, until Michael walked into the room and they both froze, looking at each other for a minute before Michael looked down, beet red and teary eyed. "Sh-should I go?" He choked out and Rachel's heart broke, "No, Mike you can stay." Rachel cooed and Michael looked up, shocked and flattered. The blue haired boy sat next to Rachel and he weakly smiled, a small smile spreading on Rachel's face and the four struck up a conversation, it leading to Michael somehow on the floor with Rachel ontop of him, pinning him down and Luke tickling his sides, whilst Calum tickled his feet. "GUYS STOP!" Michael laughed, his fave beet red yet again and tears pouring down his cheeks. "Not until you say that you love you me!" Rachel smirked and everyone went silent for a second, Rachel smiling wide whilst Michael looked up at her. "I love you." He smiled and she pecked his lips, knowing that she couldn't live without this man.

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