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Michael had never been a "skinny" guy, he had always had a pudgy frame. It wasn't his fault, he was born that way, he was one of those people that was born chubby and it just fit them. Michael was in his final year of highschool, it was finals week and to stay Michael felt stressed was an understatement. He was panicking about his grades, knowing the final results on the exams would either make or break his grades, he was cramming like crazy, trying to get everything stored into his brain so he could get a good grade on those damn things. Michael was a major stress eater, he found comfort in food and it would have an effect on him during times like this, but this time he was eating a lot more than usual because he'd been stressing out so much about these stupid tests and be would study basically all day, going to bed with a tummyache from too much food in his belly, of course Michael's eating habits took a toll on his figure. His tummy got round and flabbier, his thighs got thicker, his love handles got squishier, his cheek were chubbier, his double chin got bigger, his arms sagged slightly, his chest sagged a tiny bit, and his bum got rounder. Michael noticed his new figure and it made him grow very insecure of himself, the idea of being shirtless made him get anxious enough to wanna throw up, he wanted no one to see his body ever and his best friends took notice of this, his mood change rather obvious. Currently, the shy blonde was slowly walking to his P.E locker and he quickly grabbed his clothes as he got the metal closet open, about to rush to the bathroom but the coach stopped him. "Clifford, change in the locker room like everyone else." He scolded and Michael gulped, he had the locker where literally all the jocks were. "B-but coach-" Michael began, but the look he got made him shut up and go to his locker, opening it again and he was shaking as he changed his bottoms. The pale boy gulped as he slowly lifted his shirt, feeling his lower belly hanging over his black elastic gym shorts and he finally pulled it all the way off, blushing a dark red the whole time and he went to grab his gym shirt, but it was snatched from his locker and he he turned around, seeing Alex holding his shirt. "I see why you change in the bathroom." He smirked and Michael looked down, but gasped when he felt Alex roughly grab his belly and jiggle it, making Michael slap his hand away and grab his other shirt, pulling it on. "It was like fucking jello!" Alex laughed and Michael felt tears prick his eyes, he quickly rushed out of the locker room and he kept running until he got out of the school, now walking as he was catching his breath, he got home and went upstairs, laying in bed and crying himself to sleep. "Mikey?" He heard Luke coo as he woke up and he rolled over, seeing his bandmates, "Hey." Michael mumbled as he sat up, "Why did you r-have you been crying?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, "Oh Mikey why?" Ashton cooed, "Alex touched my t-tummy." Michael mumbled and he was embraced in a huge bear hug by his mates. "Did he say anything Mikey?" Ashton asked, "He-he-he said it looked like j-jello." Michael sniffled and he was hugged tighter, "You're beautiful Mikey okay? You really are, especially your tummy and all your chub. It's just who you are and you honestly look amazing with the extra pounds on you." Calum cooed and Michael smiled a bit, "Really?" He asked and they nodded, "Really." They smiled and hugged him tight, making the blonde feel loved.

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