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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS. I did this late a night so I could do a double update :), sorry if it's short.
{1024 words}
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The four boy's of 5sos have a secret, well somewhat of a secret, they're kinds like mad scientists in a way. They turned their garage into a lab with building equipment for machines that Ashton would build and tons of tubes, beakers, glasses, goggles, and chemicals filled the lab. The boys were currently working in it, Luke, Michael and Calum working with the multi-colored chemicals whilst Ashton was tinkering with a machine. "Hey Mike, come over here." Ashton smiled and the pale boy walked over, "Put this on." Ashton smiled and put a small Hemet on Michael, "What is this for?" Michael asked as he switched on the machine, the helmet making strange noises. Ashton shrugged, "You're testing an experiment on me without knowing what-OW!" Michael cursed at the end and put a hand on his back, "What's wrong?" Calum asked as Michael began to fall to his knees, "My back is burning!" He shouted and then screamed in pain as his whole body began to hurt and Luke sat him down on the floor. "Turn it off! Turn it off!" He screamed and Ashton turned off the machine, a warm feeling now in Michael's body. "Fucking hell that hurt." He cursed as Ashton took the helmet off, but then all of the boys' eyes go wide as they see Michael beginning to change. He was growing taller at an alarming rate! 'What's happening to me?!" Michael exclaimed as he continued to grow, stopping when he was 20 feet tall. "Wh-what did you do to me Ashton?!" Michael shouted, then put his hands on his tummy as it made a slight growling noise. "I-I'm hungry." He mumbled. "How are we gonna feed a 20 foot Mikey?!" Ashton exclaimed, "Why don't we just grow the food?" Calum smiled and took a box of pizza, pouring a green liquid onto it before it began to grow into a 10 foot pizza. Luke gives it to Mikey and his eyes lit up, "Eat up buddy." He smiled and Michael devoured it, but as soon as he swallowed it, he began growing again and he crawled as quickly as could outside so he could grow without breaking the roof. He continued growing and growing, until he was 50 feet tall and he looked around, seeing a few people running away from him. "M-Mikey hungry. Need more food." He frowned as he rubbed his tummy, feeling like he hadn't eaten in days. "We-we got nothing Mikey." Luke cooed and Michael pouted, but then stood up and walked away, the ground shaking with each step he took. He went to a soda factory and tore off the roof, "Mikey thirsty." He mumbled and picked up a huge contianer, well what was like a normal soda bottle to him, of soda and drank it all in one go, fans cheering him on as he guzzled down soda and filled up his belly a bit. He burps a little and then crawls over to an ice cream truck, picking it up and opening up the back, dumping the ice cream into his mouth and eating the creamy treats. He pouted again as he rubbed his tummy, "Mikey still hungry. More food for tummy." He frowned and then several fans came over with super sized foods for Mikey, making him squeal a little and he took the truckloads of food, emptying the trucks off their contents as he poured them into his mouth. "Thank you!" He exclaimed with a mouthful of food. Fans kept bringing truckloads and truckloads of food to him as kept demanding more food for his belly, his gut beginning to swell. "Still hungry." He pouted after he finished the last of it, then he saw a building with a candy logo on the side, he crawled over to it and he giggled as he ripped the roof off. "CANDY!" He exclaimed as he shoved handfuls of candy into his mouth, but it was not filling him as much as he would've hoped, he was only a bit full after eating everything, about 500 pounds of food in his belly and he was still hungry. "How are we gonna get his attention?" Luke asked as he saw Michael looking around for more food. "Pizza." Ashton suggested and they ran inside the lab, cooking up a 'little' something for Michael. "Mikey hungry!" Michael whined as he cleaned out yet another food factory, laying on the ground with his bloated tummy sticking up and then he smelled something amazing. He sat up and his eyes widened as his mouth watered, a 40 foot wide pepperoni pizza was infront of him. "Come and get it big boy!" Ashton beamed through a megaphone and Michael crawled closer to it, stuffing the pizza in his mouth as fast as possible and his bandmates watched his belly grow, his now sitting on his lap. "Still not full." He frowned as he put his chubby hands on his belly, Ashton pointed to a cake factory and Michael smiled, rushing over to it and ripping the room off, emptying it's contents ad they went into his belly. About 3 food factories and 4 soda factories later, Michael was laying on his back and groaning, his gut the size of Mt.Everest. "Mikey got tummyache." He pouted and burped really loud, his burp was like a hurricane and he whined as he rubbed his belly. "What's wrong buddy?" Luke cooed, "Mikey tummy icky." He pouted and his bandmates cooed. "Let's get you back home okay?" Calum cooed and Michael nodded, rolling back home and Ashton re-wired the machine, hooking Michael up to it and he slowly shrunk back to normal size, except his gut was ginormous, like a yoga ball. "Oh god, this is what I get for trusting one of Ashton's experiments." Michael groaned as they rolled him up to his bedroom, helping him into bed. "Just rest mate." Ashton cooed and Michael nodded, falling asleep whilst rubbing his belly.

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