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Request by @Muke_is_lyfe, sorry if it's short.
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Michael nervously walked into the locker room, scared to change in front of all the jocks. The black haired boy had gained quite a bit of weight over summer break, he blames the scale being broken for the numbers he read, but he knew that he wasn't as thin as he was, even though he's always had a pudgy tummy, but now it's was a round flabby belly. Michael went to his locker and took a deep breath before beginning to change, pulling his shirt off and trying to get his P.E shirt on, but it was snatched from his hand. He turned around and saw the school's biggest jerk/jock, Anthony, "Anthony!" Michael snapped and tried grabbing his shirt, but Anthony was about a foot taller than Mikey, so that wasn't gonna happen unless Michael jumped for it. Michael jumped up and tried to grab his shirt, his tummy jiggling as he made pathetic attempts to grab it. "Hey guys, get a load of this!" Anthony laughed, all his friends turning around to look at the pale boy. "It's like fucking jello!" He laughed and poked Michael's tummy, the chubby boy trying to hit him but Anthony grabbed his fist. "GIVE ME MY SHIRT YOU FUCKER!" Michael snapped, his cheeks turning red from anger. "Jeez, I was just having a little fun tubby." Anthony scoffed as he tossed Michael's shirt at him. Michael put his shirt back in his locker and then put his tight Harley Davidson tank back on, "Do any of your clothes fit? Jeez, you're such a whale." Anthony scoffed and Michael held back the urge to kick him in his balls as he ran out of the locker room, insecure tears falling down his cheeks as he ran out of the school, then falling to his knees on the sidewalk, panting heavily and sweating from the excersize. "Fuck this school." He cursed and shakily stood up, walking to his apartment, just wanting to see his roommate. Michael opened his apartment door and saw the Kiwi boy sitting on the couch, "Mikey, what's wrong?" Calum asked as he stood up, "What's right?" Michael sniffled, "I'm just a fat ugly failure." He slammed the door shut and began sobbing, Calum held Michael to his chest and rocked him side to side, Michael's sobbing and coughs the only sound in the room, "Mikey, it's okay." Calum cooed and kissed his cheek, "Anthony is a dick." Michael sniffled, "Why?" Calum asked, "He called me "tubby" and "whale", he said my tummy was like jello because it jiggled." Michael mumbled. "Okay, you're neither of those things. You may have gained a few pounds but who cares, it makes you a better cuddle kitten." Calum smiled and rubbed Michael's soft side, "R-really?" Michael smiled and Calum kissed him, "Really." He smiled, "And I'm gonna kick Anthony's ass for saying that." He smirked. "You don't have to." Michael chuckled, "Oh, but I will." Calum smirked and let's just say that Calum made sure that Anthony won't be harming his cute little chubby kitten anymore, or be able to reproduce.

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