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Mikey Vs Food

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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS, Note to self: Never write these when you are hungry. XD
{1609 words}
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A couple years ago, Michael had decided that he wanted to start his own TV show, which he called Mikey VS Food, inspired by Man vs Food, the lilac haired boy had a love for food and stuffing himself with various foods, so he thought why not broadcast. Now, he's very successful in Mike Vs Food, his camera crew consisting of his best friend Ashton, Luke, and Calum. Michael and his camera crew arrived in California, which was rather cold at the moment so he was wearing a thick jacket. As they left the airport and we're now out front, Ashton took out his camera and made a signal to let Michael know he was recording. "Hi I'm Michael Clifford and I'm here in California to take on the Phone De Cream challenge." He smiled to the camera that his best mate was holding, "But before I do so, I'm gonna take you a couple places to see what other delicious foods and can bite into. So, our journey down the road to the Phone De Cream challenge begins." He grinned and then shivers as a cold gust of wind rushes by, they begin walking down the street since they weren't that far from the first restaurant Michael would be visiting. "So, you're doing an ice cream challenge in 50 degree weather?" Calum chuckled, "Yes I am because I'm just that crazy." Michael smirked. They got to the first restaurant and Michael stood infront of the door as Ashton unpaused the film, "I'm standing infront of Mac Daddy, a restaurant with pancakes big enough to feed a family of 4 and make you feel stuffed. Let's go check this place out so I can pig out a bit before I have dessert." Michael smirked as they entered the restaurant, the lady at the front allowing the 4 boys to the back of the kitchen, where Michael saw the blonde Irish boy working at the stove. Michael greeted him and the turned to the camera, "I'm here with head chef and manager of Mac Daddy, Niall Horan and he's gonna take us through the process of making one of his monster pancakes." The pale boy smiled, "So, what do we do first?" Michael asked, "Well, we have a large container here filled with homemade batter that we use, secret ingredients that I shall not say on camera." Niall smiled as he opened a large container, "Not even one little ingredient?" Michael pouted and Niall laughed whilst shaking his head, "He's taking it to his damn grave." He laughed to the camera. Niall poured what seemed like a gallon of batter onto the scolding hot stove, the batter sizzling. "That sizzle let's you know that it's fucking perfection." Michael smiled and Niall chuckled, "How do you even flip it?" He laughed and Niall picked up a pizza spatula, "Holy fuck!" Michael laughed. "You get to do the honor of flipping the pancake." Niall smirked and handed Michael the spatula, "I'd like to thank my mum and dad for this great honor and getting me here." Michael joked as if he's accepting an award, "Mikey, the pancakes gonna burn!" Luke exclaimed, "Distress your breasts Hemmings." Michael scoffed and started to flip the pancake, "I'm scared I'm gonna ruin it." He mumbled and then quickly flipped it, doing it perfect and he smiled. "Hey! Look, I did it!" He beamed proudly and handed the spatula back to Niall, after they had made a couple pancakes and put them on a plate, they moved on to toppings. "So, what are we gonna put on the masterpiece?" Michael smiled, "Well, to start off, we will be putting on some homemade whip cream." Niall smiled and picked up a large container, scooping 3 huge scoops of whip cream onto the pancakes, "I must taste." Michael mumbled and took a little bit off with his finger, "God, that's amazing." He moaned, being a bit over dramatic but who cares, it was funny. "Next, are the homemade chocolate chips." Niall smiled and began sprinkling the chips on, "You're gonna kill me." Michael whined playfully and everyone laughed at the lilac haired boy, who was drooling a little bit as Niall put on more whip cream and chocolate chips. "Look at the size of it!" Michael exclaimed as he picked up the rather heavy plate and held it up to the camera, "It's bigger than my face!" He exclaimed. Then, he was sitting at the counter with Niall, about to devour some pancakes, "Let's dig in." Michael smiled and then took a bit pice of the pancake, eating it and then moaned at the taste, "I need a moment with the pancakes. Oh god this are fucking incredible." Michael moaned as he ate more and more, eating about half before he forced himself to stop. "Well, I better go digest this before I have to do the challenge. See you soon Niall because believe me, I'll be back here." Michael smiled, waving to the Irish boy as he left. "You're already bloated, look at that belly." Ashton teased as he zoomed the camera in on Mikey's slightly stuffed tummy, it poking out a bit more. "If you think this is big, just wait until I eat that ice cream." Michael laughed, they took about a 2 hour break, filming a little here and there as Michael digested the food and was now starving to death. "Can we get there faster because my belly is completely empty and needs food in it like right fucking now." Michael groaned and they walked up to the door of the ice cream parlor, "Here we are, at Benny's Banana Split (made up name) for me to take on the Phone De Cream challenge. Now, I'm one hungry boy, so let us begin." He smiled and they walked inside, going up to the counter and Michael was taken to a special table that could support the bowl of ice cream's weight, he tied a bib around his neck and a woman walked out with the monstrous sized bowl that was stacked high with ice cream. "How many people have beaten this challenge?" Michael asked, "No one." She stated, "No one?" Michael asked and the lady nodded, "Well, I shall be the first." He smiled and then grabbed a huge spoon, scooping some into his mouth and moaning at the taste. "It's so fucking amazing you have no idea." He moaned as the crowd cheered him on, then stuffing more ice cream into his mouth, he had a glass of warm water to prevent from getting a brain freeze and he continued to gobble it up. He was starting to get full about halfway and the zipper on his jacket was becoming unzipped as his belly was swelling with the more ice cream that was put into it. "Oooooh." He groaned and rubbed his basketball shaped belly, licking his ice cream covered lips. A brunette walked up to him, "You can do this Mikey! I believe in you!" She cheered and gave him a quick peck on his ice cream covered lips, making him blush like mad and then continue stuffing his face, getting more ice cream on his face. He had a couple scoops left and started shoving them in his mouth, feeling the zipper go all the way down as the pressure his gut caused was too much for it, he licked the bowl clean and threw his arms in the air in victory, the crowd cheering. Luke and Calum helped him stand and get to the car after he had taken his prize money, he sat in the the car and rubbed his exposed belly as he leaned back. His jacket had unzipped itself from how big his gut was, his shirt was riding up above his naval, his belly was drum tight, you could see pale pink stretch marks on his belly, and his belly was twice the size of a beach ball. "God, I'm so fucking stuffed with ice cream. I've got damn food babies, babies, I mean look at this gut." He laughed and lifted up his shirt all the way showing his belly that made him look like he 8 months pregnant with triplets. "I have just beaten the Phone De Cream challenge, I'm stuffed to the max, Luke and Cal are probably gonna have to roll me home. This was this week's episode of Mikey VS Food. Where will I go next? Stay tuned for next week's challenge." He smiled to the camera and leaned back in his car seat rubbing large slow circles on his stuffed gut. Luke drove and Michael was leaning on Calum, too stuffed to even sit up straight, Ashton turned around from the passenger seat and turned on the camera, "How are you feeling champ?" He asked, "I'm stuffed like a turkey, I feel like I'm gonna burst and ice cream is gonna be everywhere." Michael groaned, not opening his eyes. "Ugh...." He trailed off and snuggled into Calum, rubbing his protruding gut softly, then as they helped him waddle inside the hotel they were staying at, he was cradling his huge gut with both hands and rubbing his lower belly softly, feeling like he was gonna burst. Michael just laid down on the hotel bed, his huge gut pointing to the ceiling as he slipped into a food coma, out cold already and Ashton laid a blanket over him, "Night Mikey." He smiled and turned off the lights, letting the overstuffed boy sleep in peace.

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