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Request by I_Luv_1D_and_5SOS.

Mpreg, Mikey is pregnant

Warning, Mikey is gonna have mood swings and gonna be kinda bitchy

And morning sickness and labor, so another warning for those too

So yeah

Plus, this is really long, so its like a little story, because

1) I love Mikey mpreg sorry I just do

2) It's basically his whole pregnancy, like I'm including little milestones (when the babies kick and stuff)

3) I'm including his entire labor

4) Plus a couple holidays and his b-day for extra stuffing moments
(I made the Christmas dinner so so so vague, I'm sorry)

I'm making Michael be called "mummy" because ya know it's cute


{2564 words}
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As soon as Michael and his bandmates got home from the studio, he rushed into the bathroom and threw up into the toilet, feeling sick to his poor stomach. Ashton was soon to follow as he rubbed circles in his boyfriend's back, trying to soothe him in any way possible, "Ugh, my tummy huuuuurts." Michael whined as he flushed the toilet, rinsing out his mouth before resting his head on Ashton's shoulder. "I know baby, let's get you to bed Mikey." He cooed and picked the green haired boy up, feeling his belly press against his side. He laid Michael down and kissed his forehead, making Michael smile before he shut his eyes, Ashton leaving the room. Michael stood up and looked in the mirror, noticing his belly was sticking out a bit and he poked it, biting his lip as lifted his shirt, looking at the small bulge it had. "Mikey, what the hell are you doing?" Calum laughed as he walked into the room and Michael jumped, immediately sitting down as he felt nauseous from the movement. "I'm just gaining weight kinda fast." Michael mumbled, rubbing his little tummy. "Mike, have you ever thought about kids?" Calum asked, "Cal, this is a conversation I need to have with my boyfriend." Michael chuckled. "No, remember when you told me about your.....male and female parts?" Calum asked and Michael nodded slowly, his eyes widening as he did so. "No, no, no. I can't be!" Michael exclaimed, jumping up and then rushing to the bathroom, as his nausea was too sensitive and he threw up what was left in his belly. Calum rubbed his back and Michael let out a small puppy like cry, "Oh no, Mikey don't cry." Calum frowned and pulled Michael into his chest. "He-he-he's gonna leave me." Michael sobbed, "Mikey, you may not even be pregnant. You could just be gaining weight." Calum cooed, "Either way." Michael sniffled. "Look, I'll go to the store and get a couple tests for you and we'll see for sure okay?" Calum cooed and Michael nodded, "But don't tell Ashton yet." Michael mumbled as Calum headed to the door, "I won't, you can do that yourself." He smiled before he left. Michael wiped his tears and walked back to the bedroom, laying back down and eventually falling asleep, waking up to someone throwing a bag on him. "Ow!" He whined as he sat up, opening the plastic bag and seeing a couple pregnancy tests, biting his lip. "You ready?" Calum asked and Michael nodded, the green haired boy got up and walked to the bathroom, taking the 3 tests Calum bought him and he was now sitting on the edge of the bathtub, Calum next to him as they watched the timer tick away on Michael's phone. "I'm scared Calum." Michael mumbled, "What if Ashton leaves?" He whimpered and Calum opened his mouth to speak, but the timer went off before he got a word out. Michael took a shaky breath and stood up, looking at all 3 tests and he sobbed, all 3 had two pink lines on them, positive. "Mikey, no don't cry. It's okay." Calum cooed as he hugged the sobbing boy, "He's gonna l-leave me!" Michael sobbed into Calum's chest and fisting his mate's tshirt. "Mike, how did this happen?" Calum asked and Michael sniffled, wiping his tears and clearing his throat before speaking. "Me and Ashton got pretty drunk one night and I guess he was too drunk that he forgot about protection." He explained, sniffling and his voice cracking, tears were still pouring down his cheeks. "Mikey, baby why are you crying?" Ashton asked as walked in the doorway, making Michael jump and he gulped, motioning Ashton over. "I-I-I'm pr-pregnant." Michael whimpered out as Ashton stared at the tests, Ashton stayed silent and Michael frowned, "I-I understand i-if you wanna l-" Michael began, cut off by a pair of lips on his and he relaxed a little, feeling Ashton's large hand on his small but noticeable baby bump. Ashton pulled away and wiped the tears from Michael's cheeks, "We're gonna have a family." He smiled and Michael nodded, noticing Calum was now gone and he was rather thankful he left. "Do you know how far along you are?" Ashton asked, "No, I'll find out at the doctors tommorow though." Michael smiled and Ashton bent down so he was eye level with Michael's bump, lifting up his tshirt and planting a kiss below Michael's naval. "I love you already." Ashton whispered to the unborn child inside of Michael, making the pregnant boy giggle as his bump was peppered with kisses by Ashton. The following day, the two boy's were at the doctors for Michael's first appointment and the green haired boy couldn't sit still, fidgeting on the chair / bed thingy as they waited for the nurse to walk in. "Mikey, stop moving." Ashton chuckled as he stood next to him and held his hand, "I know, I'm just excited to see our baby." Michael smiled as he put his hand on his tiny tummy, rubbing it slightly and a nurse walked in, "It says here that you are about a month along." She smiled as she read from a folder and Michael furrowed his eyebrows, "So, I shouldn't have a bump already?" Michael mumbled. "Well, you may be having a large baby." She smiled as he put the gel on his tummy and moved the small remote around his bump, "Or...multiples." She mumbled. "Multiples?" Ashton asked as they looked at the screen, "I am getting four separate heartbeats." The nurse grinned as they saw four small circles appear on the screen and Michael let out a suttle cry. "Oh honey, what's the matter?" Ashton cooed, "Th-those are o-our b-babies." Michael sniffled as he pointed asked the screen, then more tears falling down his cheeks as the pitter-patters of the babies heartbeats echoed through the room. "I'll give you two a minute." The nurse said as she left the room, "We're having four babies." Michael sniffled as he looked up at Ashton, "We're gonna have a big happy family aren't we?" He smiled and kissed Michael, both of them smiling into the kiss. As the weeks went by and Michael's belly started to get its round baby bump shape, the green haired boy couldn't help but feel insecure sometimes. He knew getting pregnant would include a big weight gain and especially with quads, he would be 4 times bigger than a pregnant person who was carrying just one. So currently, Michael was standing infront of the full length mirror in his bedroom, rubbing his 3 month baby bump in small circles, his shirt off as he looked at himself. It was obvious he gained weight already, he was getting strong cravings, mainly junk food, and it was taking as toll on him, his cheeks chubbier, hips wider, bum plumper, double chin bigger. He bit his lip and he sighed, going over to the dresser and taking out a pair of jeans, pulling them up and when he tried to pull the tabs together to button them, they wouldn't budge. "No, no , no!" He cried and he started sobbing, pulling his jeans off and throwing the black piece of clothing against the wall, sobbing in frustration. "Baby, what's the matter?" Ashton asked, "My-my pants d-don't f-fit." Michael sobbed and Ashton hugged him, letting him sob into his shoulder for awhile before he calmed down. "Your still gorgeous as ever Michael, I don't care if your belly is the size of the goddamn sun. You're carelessly putting your body through so much to bring life to this world, you're doing going through so much to bring us a family. And it's 4 times more than average. So, you're just even more precious to me." Ashton smiled and kissed his forehead, "Fucking hell, I love you." Michael smiled and kissed him softly. A couple months went by and Michael was now 6 month along, his belly big and round as they babies continued to grow, he was having pretty big mood swings recently and mainly when he was hungry he would get cranky, or sometimes cry if he dropped food. Yes, cry. It was Thanksgiving and Michael was really excited for it, wanting another excuse rather than "I'm pregnant" to eat so much at once. The boys were only doing a kinda small feast for the four of them, well making it bigger than usual as Mikey was eating for 5 this year. The heavily pregnant boy was laying on the couch, rubbing his big belly in soft slow circles through the fabric of his tight sweater, "Mummy loves you and so does daddy and everyone loves you. I promise that nobody will hurt any of you, not on my watch." Michael smiled to his protruding bump, then he felt two hands begin to rub his shoulders and he leaned his head back, smiling up at his boyfriend. "How do you feel baby?" Ashton asked, "Huge. I'm only 6 months and I feel like a whale." Michael chuckled, "You're still precious." Ashton smiled as he pressed a kiss to his forehead, about to walk away but Michael stopped him. "Wait, wait, can you help me up?" Michael asked with a sickeningly sweet smile and Ashton giggled, helping Michael stand up and they made their way to the kitchen, but on their way, Michael froze in his spot. "Oh my god." Michael mumbled as his hands flew to his huge belly, "Ash, feel my belly right now." Michael stated, "Why?" Ashton asked, "Ash, the babies are kicking." Michael smiled and Ashton rushed over, putting his hand on Michael's bump and smiling as he felt the thumps. "Damn, they're really going at it." Michael chuckled and Ashton noticed the discomfort on his face, bending down to Michael's bump. "Give mummy a break you guys." Ashton smiled and Michael giggled, "No, no, let them kick." Michael smiled and they went over to the food filled table, the pregnant boy immediately stuffing his face with the fattening food that he was being served. "Babe, be careful, we don't wanna repeat of your birthday party." Ashton cooed as he watched Michael practically inhale his food, during Michael's birthday party, the green haired boy had too much to eat and the babies didn't exactly agree with the amount he consumed, so they made it come back up the following morning. "I know, I'll be careful." Michael assured him, still shoving food into his mouth even when everyone was done. "Okay, I think I just made another baby from all that food." Michael groaned as he finally stopped eating, rubbing his swollen belly and Ashton helped him up, carrying him to bed as the pregnant boy was practically in a food coma. "I love you Ashy." Michael mumbled sleepily before his head fell to the side and he began snoring, Ashton giggled and kissed his forehead, then his stuffed belly and then going downstairs to clean up. 2 months and a rather moody Christmas stuffing later, Michael was sitting on the couch and rubbing his belly as he looked through a book of baby names with Ashton, finding out that they were having 2 of each gender and they needed baby names soon. "How about Logan?" Michael asked as Ashton played with his green hair, "I like that one." Ashton smiled and got up, getting a drink. Suddenly, Michael felt a stinging pain in his tummy and he gasped, making Ashton rush into the room, "Something doesn't f-feel right, oh god." Michael mumbled, taking deep breaths through the pain as Ashton helped him up and to the car. They got to the hospital and Michael started to panic, he couldn't be in labor right? He was only 8 months along, there was no way....right? They got him into a hospital room and a doctor took his vitals as well as doing a quick sonogram to make sure the babies weren't coming, which they weren't. "Michael, you and the babies are fine. It's just that your uterus is really stretched and the large amount of weight you've put on has made it too difficult on your body to move around." The doctor explained, "And this means?" Michael asked, "You have been put on bedrest here in the hospital until the babies come." She stated and Michael groaned, "At least it's only one month left babe." Ashton cooed as he kissed Michael's belly, causing the babies to kick again and Michael smiled. Well, it was more than a month, Michael ended up being a week overdue and he was pretty snappy. "Get out! Get out! Get out!" He screamed to his protruding bump, groaning as they kicked up a storm, "That's not getting out!" Michael scolded and his bandmates walked in. "How ya feeling babe?" Ashton cooed as he sat next to Michael, "Like a beached whale with swollen ankles." Michael huffed. "Are there ways to induce labor?" Calum asked, "Yeah, but the only ones he can try are food related and pineapple makes him sick." Ashton explained. "I'm gonna rip these kids out of me!" Michael shouted as he gripped onto his hair, "Babe, relax. They'll come when they're ready." He cooed as he played with Michael's hair, immediately making the green haired boy fall asleep somehow. 5 hours later, Michael woke up to pain, lots and lots of pain, making him scream and Ashton jolted awake, "Th-they're coming." Michael panted as he felt the sheets beneath him get wet as his water broke. Ashton called a nurse in and Michael grabbed his hand, "Get them out!" Michael screamed as he was taken to a delivery room, "Shh, babe it's okay. Deep breaths." Ashton cooed and Michael took deep breaths, doctors getting him ready for a C-section. They put a blue curtain up to block his belly and gave him medication to numb the pain, Michael started crying as he heard his kids crying for the first time. "Th-they're finally here. Our babies are here." Michael smiled, Ashton kissing him softly. After everything was taken care of and Michael was back in the hospital room, each band member holding a baby. They weighed Michael after a little while, seeing as he was now 500 pounds, but he certainly didn't mind, he was heavy because of his babies and he was okay with that.

Logan Ruby Clifford-Irwin

Jason Lucas Clifford-Irwin

Summer Emerald Clifford-Irwin

Casey Andrews Clifford-Irwin

Born October 27, 2015

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