Shame on you

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Mikey is gonna be really rude in the beginning because it's part of the storyline okay?



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Michael grimaced as he saw a curly haired lad with a rather chubby brunette boy holding his hand, eating an ice cream cone. The blue haired boy rolled his eyes, going back to whatever was on his phone and ignoring the outside world. The pale boy only hated a few things; the sun, bugs, slow Internet, and fat people. Yes, you heard me correctly, fat people. Michael grew up with a family who taught him that being fat was purely disgusting and not right, like some people found being gay was wrong, he found being fat was wrong. He was what people call, a fat shamer.
Michael got up and left the small coffee shop, rolling his eyes at any overweight person he passed by, turning the corner and accidentally running into someone, causing coffee to spill over him and he just stood there, "I'm so fucking sorry!" The person apologized and Michael looked up, seeing probably the cutest blonde he's ever laid eyes on. "It's alright, I have other clothes." Michael smiled and the blonde smiled at him, "I really need to know how I can repay you." He grinned, "The power to make anyone fat would be nice." Michael joked and then he felt the boy put his two fingers against his forehead, making the blue haired boy freeze and he heard a high pitched ringing before everything returned to normal, the blonde boy now gone and the coffee stain on his tshirt no longer visible. He walked home and laid on the couch, letting out a sigh and he looked at his phone, seeing his boyfriend online and he smiled, "Wonder what Luke would look like fat." Michael chuckled and put his phone down, only for it to ring and he answered it, hearing Luke crying on the other line. "Lukey, what's wrong?" Michael asked, worried as to why his Lukey was sad. "I-I-I'm so fucking fat!" He sobbed and Michael froze, extremely confused. "Oh honey, no you aren't." The blue haired boy cooed, "I weigh like 400 pounds now! I don't even know how!" Luke sobbed and Michael was close to tears himself, his heart breaking at the sound. "Lukey, do you wanna come over and cuddle? You sound like you need it." Michael cooed, he knew Luke lived at least 2 hours away but the blonde drove to him a lot, not caring about the time it took. "I'm coming over n-now." Luke sniffled, "Okay Lukey, I'll see you soon." Michael smiled, "See you s-soon princess." Luke managed and Michael grinned before hanging up, sitting down and his mind wandered, thinking of his favorite modern musicians fat and suddenly his phone was blowing up, he looked at his texts and saw his friends texting him pictures of each celebrity he thought of, but they were now at least 400 pounds! "Oh my god, what the hell?!" Michael gawked as he stared at the pictures, he was gobsmacked, not believing what he was seeing. He put his phone down and went to the bathroom, splashing cold water on his face and he looked in the mirror, "I must be going fucking crazy." He mumbled and rubbed his eyes, his mind wandering once again and this time it wasn't a good thought. "What if I was fat too?" Michael mumbled to himself and then suddenly, his belly puffed out, his cheeks became rounder, his thighs tripled in size as well as his love handles, his ass became round and plump, he had a big double chin that made some of his neck disappear, and his chest sagged, forming moobs. All his clothes tearing from the sudden pressure. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" Michael screamed and he rubbed his eyes again, freaking out because he felt like a damn whale! Michael waddled downstairs and sat on the couch, sobbing when he heard it creak and he laid down, curling into a ball and crying, eventually crying himself to sleep, dreaming of his boyfriend dumping him as soon as he saw him and he kept whimpering in his sleep.
"Don't talk to me ever again you pig!" Luke screamed at Michael, "No, Lukey, please. Don't go, Lukey please!" Michael cried, but Luke left, it was no use.
"Mikey, baby boy, wake up." He heard Luke whisper and he opened his eyes, seeing his boyfriend hovering over him, but he wasn't the same, he was just chubbier instead of the obese he was describing himself as. "L-Lukey." Michael whimpered out and held his arms out, tears streaming down his chubby cheeks as he sat up, Luke embracing him in a tight hug and the blue haired boy sobbed into his shoulder. "I-I-I don't kn-know how this happened, I-I just got so f-fat!" Michael sobbed and Luke rocked him back and forth, shushing him. "Princess, look at me." Luke cooed and Michael looked up, "You see that I gained weight too right?" Luke asked and Michael nodded, "Am I ugly now?" Luke asked and Michael rapidly shook his head, "B-but, you just gained like t-ten pounds, I'm a fucking blimp." Michael sniffled, "Well, you're my baby boy and I don't care how much you weigh or how big you are....I'll always love you." Luke cooed and pecked his lips. The blonde sat him and Michael down on the couch, holding the heavy boy close and making him feel loved, Mikey eventually learning to love his extra pounds. Although, he never did find out how he gained weight so fast, but he doesn't have to know as long as he's happy.

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