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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs.

Idk what else to name it lol

And the pic kinda gives stuff away too


Mentions of Mikey's cute chubs

Btw, all I know about Halsey is that she's bi, has wicked hair, and has a few tattoos

I fell asleep a few times so I'm sorry if it sucks and if it's short lol

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{996 words}
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"Uuuuuuuuugh!" Rachel heard Mikey whine as she entered their apartment, then hearing a rather wet burp and she walked into their shared bedroom, seeing Michael laying in bed in just some black skinnies, is little pudgy belly and cute love handles on display. "What's wrong Michael?" Rachel asked, "My tummy feels floopy loopy and I can't stop- BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" He belched, "Burping." He blushed as he put his hand over his mouth. "Your stomach feels like what now?" She giggled, "Floopy loopy. Like I can feel the air bubbles floating around in here and it's.....weird." He grimaced and poked his belly, then putting his hand on it and rubbing it softly, "You ate mexican food last night right?" She asked and he nodded, "This always happens when you eat spicy stuff, babe, how many times do you have to go through it to know when to stop?" Rachel sighed with a small smile, "I'm not gonna stop, it's yummyyyyyyyyy." He smirked before letting out a tiny urp. "Slowly but surely, they're coming up." He mumbled as he rolled onto his belly, shoving his face into the pillow and Rachel rubbed his bare back a bit, kissing his shoulder before getting up, "Can you do me a favor kitten?" She asked and he nodded, "Can you try and muffle your burps? They kinda make me uncomfortable." She mumbled and Michael nodded with a small smile, "If it makes you feel more comfortable then of course baby doll." He smiled and kissed her hand before she left the room as she thanked him and Michael may or may not have stared at her bum whilst she walked off. But, Mikey couldn't exactly keep his promise. He was having a little difficulty muffling the burps and they weren't pretty, mainly loud and wet ones escaped past lips, and Rachel was getting a little pissed off at the blonde boy. "BRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUPPP!" Michael burped for the probably the 20th time that afternoon, "Mikey!" Rachel snapped, she had had enough. "I-I'm sorry-UUUUURRRRP!" He burped and dug his face into a pillow, keeping his hand on his belly and rubbing it gently. "Mike, get up and put on a tshirt." She huffed as she got up from the couch, grabbing her wallet and keys. "Okay, but why?" He asked as he put on a flannel, "I'm sick of your burps, we're getting you some Gas-X or something to make your belly stop." She mumbled as they went to the car, Michael frowning a little that he upset her this much, letting out small urps during the drive and he swore Rachel almost smacked his shoulder. "I'm sorry baby girl." He mumbled as they walked inside the supermarket, "Babe, stop apologizing." She stated and Michael hung his head down, he hated when people were upset or annoyed, especially with him, it made him feel like a burden. Although he was a bit used to it, lots of students in school would easily get annoyed by him and he upset teachers by being kinda loud, but it still made him feel like shit. Rachel was buying normal everyday groceries as well, Mikey thinking it was revenge for annoying her with his burps because he dreaded shopping, they were currently in the cereal aisle and the blonde felt a tap on his shoulder, turning around his face lit up as he saw the blue and pink and greenish haired girl behind him. "Halsey!" He smiled and hugged her tight, "It's been so long since I saw you." He grinned as they pulled away, "Last time I saw you, your hair was red." Halsey smiled, "Last time I saw you, your hair was a brighter pink than bubble gum so don't even joke about my hair." He giggled and she giggled in return, making Rachel get a jealous feeling in the pit of her stomach. They were talking and laughing as she put items in the cart, her jealousy building up inside of her and then Halsey said something that made her snap, "We have to meet more often babe." The tattooed girl smiled and Rachel's heart pounded with jealousy and rage. She called him babe, he was her babe, not Halsey's, but maybe Mikey wanted a new babe.....maybe he wanted Halsey. These thoughts made Rachel run out of the store and Michael stood there a little confused, "I better go check on her, bye Halsey." He smiled before running after her, finding the blue haired girl (you dyed your hair blue right?) sitting in the car, tears streaming down her face like waterfalls and Michael's heart broke. He opened the car door and knelt beside her, "Rachel, what's wrong?" Michael asked, "I dunno, why don't you ask your new girlfriend." She sniffled, "What do you mean?" Michael asked, confused. "You love Halsey!" She scolded and he winced a bit from her tone, "No, babe, I don't. Well, in a friendship kinda way but not like I love you." Michael cooed as he ran his fingers through her soft hair. "You're the one that I love and I never wanna say goodbye to you, never. Fuck Rachel, I have never loved a girl more than you, you're too precious to let go of easily, I don't plan on letting you go though. I'm probably making no sense am I?" He laughed at the end and Rachel giggled, "You're making perfect sense to me you dorkus." She chuckled and he wiped her tears, pecking her lips. "I love you Rach." He whispered with a smile, "I love you too kitten."

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