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Request by @Cliffordxdrxgs. Bff Pt.10
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"For fucksake!" Michael cursed after he let out a rather loud burp, shoving his face into a pillow on the couch. Him and Rachel had just come home from the mall, they were supposed to be there all day but Mikey's burping was getting worse and he even went into the bathroom because his cramps were so bad he thought he was gonna puke. Rachel sat next to him on the couch, the pale boy removed the pillow from his face and put it behind his head, looking at his girlfriend with a smile. "Sorry, that we had to leave early, this disorder is beginning to give me nausea too." Michael mumbled, "Either that or you're getting your period." Rachel joked and he laughed, but he then groaned a little. Rachel frowned and snuck her hand under his shirt, rubbing his soft tummy. "I hate this." Michael frowned, "I know baby, I know it hurts." She cooed. "No you don't, you don't understand." Michael whimpered as he held a pillow to his chest, "You don't know how painful it is, how embarrassing it is, you just don't get it." He whimpered and started crying slightly, from pain as well as frustration. "Mikey, babe I know I can't understand and I'm sorry." She cooed and he opened his mouth to respond, but then shut it and got up, speed walking to the bathroom and holding his tummy. "I don't feel good!" He cried from the bathroom and Rachel went after him, seeing him staring into the toilet with a tight grip on his tummy. "It h-hurts so bad." He sobbed and Rachel hugged him, "Make it stop." He was pressing his hands against his aching belly, his shoulders shaking as he cried from the pain. Rachel helped him stand, "We're going to the hospital okay? They have to have something for you." Rachel cooed, "Nothing w-works." He sobbed. "We're gonna try anyway okay." She cooed and walked him to the car, when they got there and as soon as Michael got out of the car, he leaned over and let out a wet burp. "I-I think I'm gonna be s-sick." Michael panted as he gagged a little, Rachel was right next to him and rubbed his back, he let out another nasty burp and he threw up everything he ate in the past 24 hours, clutching his belly tightly as he puked. "This has gone too...far." Michael managed in between rounds of sick, he gulped hard and then leaned against the car, wiping his mouth. Rachel helped him inside and he sat down on a chair as she talked to a nurse, then he was taken to a hospital room and changed into a gown. "They have to have something for me. Medecine, surgery, shots, something." He cried and Rachel began crying too, holding his hand. A nurse told him he'd have to stay the night and he agreed, praying that they could do something for him. Michael had fallen asleep whilst Rachel was still wide awake, silent tears running down her face. Michael was her world and seeing him like this made her feel bloody awful, she could basically feel his pain, well emotionally of course. She just wanted the best for him. Michael began stirring and he whimpered in his sleep, Rachel ran her fingers through his hair and shushed him, the boy falling back asleep and relaxing. The next morning, Michael was able to go and he hadn't burped too much, but you never know, it could get god awful in a few minutes. "Rachel? I have a question for you." Michael asked as they laid in his bed together and she hummed in response, "Since I'm almost 18, it's only like 2 more weeks, and you're birthday is next month and you're gonna be 18. I was wondering if maybe you'd like to get an apartment together?" He asked, "Of course you don't have to, I understand if-" He was cut off by her lips on his, "I would love to." She smiled.

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