Freshman 500

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Kinda like the Freshman 15

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Nerdy Mikey


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"I hope everyone likes me." Michael chuckled as he and his 3 best friends walked onto the college campus, "Michael, you're a lovable nerd. They'll love you." Calum smiled as he hugged the lilac haired boy, making the nerdy boy blush a bit. They walked inside and Michael's breath hitched, seeing the students that were attending the college were much bigger than he thought they would be. Everyone was either close to fat or obese, Michael and his friends looked like twigs compared to most of them. "W-wow." Michael mumbled, in complete awe of how big they were and he knew he was gonna be bullied for his small size. "Who's your roommate Michael?" Calum asked as they walked down a long corridor, the pale boy avoiding stares from other students. "This kid named Niall Horan." Michael mumbled and he arrived at a door that said 56 on the front, "Good luck mate." Luke smiled as they each hugged him before going to their own dorms, "Cross my heart and hope to die I guess." Michael sighed and knocked on the door, clutching his comic books to his chest and the door opened. A blonde boy who looked no less than 300 pounds stood in the doorway, he had icy blue eyes and Michael couldn't help but glance at his round basketball belly, almost getting a tent in his jeans. "Are you Michael?" He asked in an Irish accent, "Y-yeah, that's me." Michael smiled nervously, already a mess because of the blonde cutie. "You're a skinny little thing aren't you?" Niall smirked, "I'm 200 pounds." Michael mumbled, "I'm 350." Niall stated and ushered the lilac haired boy inside, Michael went over to the bigger bed as he saw it was made so it must've been for him. "You're gonna need to be a lot bigger to fit in that bed." Niall chuckled as the nerdy boy began unpacking his suitcase, making Michael blush slightly as he put his clothes away, but kept his book bag next to his bed because it was just filled with comic books, his laptop, his 3DS and the games for it. Michael sat down on the bed and pushed his black wide rimmed glasses, looking over at Niall who was laying on his bed, eating some cookies from a box. "How old are you?" Niall asked as he sat up, "19." Michael mumbled, "22." Niall smiled, "How many times have you dyed your hair?" He chuckled and Michael blushed, "I've lost count." He giggled as he pulled his knees to his chest, getting shy around his Irish roomate. They talked for a bit and Michael found himself falling for his new roomate, almost squealing when Niall said he was gay too, now thinking he possibly had a chance with the older male. Niall had fallen asleep and Michael was still wide awake, texting Ashton even though he was done the hall.

Spider-Mike: Ash, I'm screwed

Smash: What do you mean?

Spider-Mike: Niall is hot af

Smash: Ask him out

Spider-Mike: I met him 5 hours ago!!

Smash: Your point being?

Spider-Mike: -_-

Smash: Grow a pair you nerd

Spider-Mike: You suck

Smash: You swallow

Spider-Mike: You're disgusting

Michael turned his phone off and took out one of his Spiderman comic books, reading it for probably the billionth time that year before he went to bed. The lilac haired boy was woken up a few hours later by someone hitting him with a pillow, "Fuck off!" He groaned as he pushed whoever it was away, "No, you gotta get up." Calum grumbled as he continued hitting Michael, "I'm upppppp!" Michael whined as he got up, stretching and yawning. "Meet us down at the food court." Calum smiled as he left the room and Michael got dressed, wearing a Batman tshirt and some skinnies before going down to the food court, his mouth watering as the smell of breakfast foods filled his nostrils and he rushed to the breakfast buffet, piling his plate and then sitting down with his best friends, who also had their plates full. "So, you talk to Niall yet?" Calum smirked and Michael rolled his eyes, "I haven't even seen the guy today." Michael mumbled with a mouth full of pancakes, "Michael, just ask the guy out already." Luke laughed, "He'll say no." Michael shrugged. "Why do you say that?" Calum asked, "Really Calum? We are obviously the thinnest people in this university and it's obvious that it's not a good thing. Niall obviously likes big piggies and I'd need to be obese before I ask him out." Michael explained with pancakes in his mouth, "Just fucking ask him out, you can fatten up while you date him." Luke chuckled and Michael rolled his eyes, getting up and getting more food, might as well pack on some pounds while he's at it. After 5 servings, the lilac haired boy was so stuffed that if he took a sip of water he knew he would burst. "You look pregnant." Ashton laughed and the bloated boy glared at him, "I hope I can get up." Michael mumbled and tried to get up on his own, but no luck, "Help." He blushed and Calum helped him stand, the Kiwi boy also bloated but not as much. "You can walk right?" Calum laughed and Michael blushed, nodding. "Well, I can waddle." Michael blushed as he tugged his now tight Batman tshirt, "I don't think that's gonna fit anymore." Ashton snickered and Michael glared at him, Calum then putting his oversized jacket on Michael so he wasn't too embarrassed. "Now, go find your boy toy." Calum smirked and Michael smacked his shoulder, then waddling off to his dorm and he knocked on the door, seeing Niall on his bed and on his phone. "Stuffed?" Niall smirked as he saw Michael's protruding belly, making the pale boy blush. "Very." Michael chuckled, "Niall, I was just wondering if you, um, would like to maybe, um, go out with me some time?" Michael mumbled, stumbling over his words and looking down at the ground, well his belly kinda blocking his view. "No." Niall stated and Michael froze, "Wh-why?" Michael mumbled and Niall got up, walking over to him. "Honestly Michael, you're not attractive. You're far too thin, you're too nerdy looking, your clothes are too loose on you, you're just not attractive at all." Niall shrugged and you could hear Michael's heart shatter from across the world, "O-oh." Michael choked out and then rushed out of the room, going to Ashton's dorm and seeing his 3 best friends sitting in there. "I told you he'd say no!" Michael cried before tears fell down his cheeks, "What'd he say?" Calum asked, "He-he-he said I was ugly, too nerdy, and too sk-skinny." Michael sobbed into Ashton's chest. "We can change that." Luke shrugged and Michael looked up, "How?" Michael sniffled, "Well, you're already on the right track." Calum smirked as he patted Michael's beach ball belly, making him blush. "Are you guys saying that I need to gain weight?" Michael mumbled, "That and we can give you a whole makeover." Calum smiled. "A makeover?" Michael asked as they pulled him up onto his feet and Calum nodded, "How big is Niall?" Ashton asked, "350." Michael mumbled, "Now, you just need to be 650." Calum smiled. "650?!" Michael gasped, "You want him to like you don't you?!" Ashton exclaimed and Michael nodded, "Then let's get you to pack on those pounds!" Ashton beamed, "I'm not gonna be the only pig, you guys need to gain weight too." Michael mumbled, "Fine, fine." Calum muttered as they left the room, quickly going into the food court and grabbing tons of desserts for Michael and them before running up to Ashton's dorm. "I can't eat all of this! I'm stuffed already!" Michael exclaimed as they came in with all the food, "Relax Mikey, it's not all for you. You eat first and we eat what's leftover." Calum smiled and Michael nodded, a little surprised when he got chocolate cake shoved into his mouth, but ate it anyway. Dozens of desserts were shoved into Michael's mouth, stuffing his belly more and more, "Fuck, I'm gonna explode." Michael groaned as he put his hands on his yoga ball sized gut, it drum toght from how stretched it was. "I didn't know your belly could get this big." Calum smirked as he shook Michael's tummy, making him let out a few burps. "Ugh, don't do that." Michael groaned and laid down on the floor, not wanting to take Ashton's bed and he rubbed his overly stuffed gut, feeling the food coma coming on and he passed out on the floor whilst his friends ate the rest of the food. This became a daily routine for Michael, his best mates stuffing him to his very limit every day so he could reach the goal they set for him, of course they were eating what he would leave behind so they were gaining weight like he was and they were just as heavy as he was by the end of the month, all 4 of them 650 pounds. "So, now all we have to do is the makeover." Calum smiled as he removed Michael's glasses and they rushed to get clothes together, grabbing a leather jacket, very big jeans, and a NWO tshirt. Michael got changed and then they put contacts in to replace his glasses, "How do I look?" Michael smirked as he put his hands in his jacket pockets. "You are no longer Michael Clifford." Calum laughed and Michael chuckled, his beach ball belly shaking as he did so. "Now go ask Niall out and see what he says." Luke smiled and Michael left the dorm, going to his and he walked inside, seeing Niall doing work at the desk. "Hey Niall." Michael mumbled and the Irish boy turned around, his eyes widening as he saw Michael's new look. "How about that date now?" Michael smirked.

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